Pair Eyewear Review: Getting Fashionable Without Paying The Price!

pair eyewear reviews

About one-third of the world’s population uses prescription glasses for any number of reasons. From reading the fine print on a business contract to a birthday card from that long-lost Aunt, you always hear funny stories about, needing a quality pair of eyewear to get by is crucial for adults and kids alike. If you’re reading this review, you are probably in the market for a new glasses.

Our product reviews team is about 55% full of people with prescription glasses, so it was easy to relate and offer our view when we decided to review Pair Eyewear. Not only could we provide valuable insights into the quality of the eyewear company, but we also have the personal featured experience to ensure this is an in-depth review that answers the questions of glasses wearers everywhere.

While many people prefer the local glasses shop for their lenses, Pair Eyewear is an online eyewear supplier that offers all the prescription information, featured frames, and exceptional customer service you need for a better shopping experience.

Let us jump into our review of Pair Eyewear and how it can benefit your prescription glasses with the featured lenses you need to view anything.


Who is Pair Eyewear?

Pair Eyewear overview

Pair Eyewear was founded by two glass-wearing entrepreneurs that wanted a trendy solution to fashionable eyewear over medical equipment that often does not frame the face well. So they interviewed hundreds of men, women, and kids to uncover those high-in-demand design qualities people want in their prescription eyewear and created Pair Eyewear.

The result is Pair, a massive online retailer of premium-featured, budget-friendly, unique eyewear company for all ages of the family. That includes some non-prescription eyewear options for those who want to upgrade their glasses.

All of the various Pair Eyewear lenses are customized to the needs and prescription of the buyer. In addition, pair Eyewear has additional featured options like blue light filter, light responsive transitions, and an incredible range of different colors and styles to fit every taste.

The primary mission of Pair Eyewear is to provide stylish glasses without breaking the bank. Pair Eyewear cuts down on the different production stages and people who handle your prescription lenses, so the featured cost is drastically lower than other significant competitors. We experienced this in our Pair shopping experience and the numerous views from featured buyers online reviews.

One of the most crucial differences between Pair Eyewear over other companies is Pair’s partnership with The Eyelliance. This fantastic organization brings featured prescription eyewear to kids all over the world in developing countries.

It is that Pair partnership that inspired the team on Shark Tank to invest in the brand in 2020. That accelerated Pair Eyewear’s marketing and social media presence, which has allowed the featured eyewear company to grow exponentially.

Our review team loves working with products and features that end up benefiting those less fortunate, especially kids. So our Pair Eyewear reviews process was one of our favorite product reviews we got to fulfill.

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Pair Eyewear Review – Services & Differences


Let us be honest. There are many options for online prescription glasses available in today’s market. However, it can be a bit overwhelming, so it is essential to consider the differences and services Pair Eyewear provides to clients.

Pair Eyewear primarily focuses on selling glasses and feature projects to adults, but Pair’s kids line is expanding practically every week. That is why Pair Eyewear has so many positive view reviews – because of the variety of featured styles, options, colors, and designs.

You also get a trendier look than traditional eyewear suppliers’ boring glasses designs. That is on top of the Pair Eyewear’s featured benefits at a much more cost-effective price than visiting your local eyewear retailer, where prices tend to get inflated a bit.

Pair Eyewear does not focus on basic lenses and hopes for the best. This eyewear company genuinely cares about the quality of Pair’s eyewear products. The glasses company also has featured benefits like:



An advanced coating on the Pair Eyewear lenses prevents water droplets from sticking to the surface. Many members of our reviews team use their prescription lenses while playing in the water with friends and family. Having a pair of quality Pair glasses that can easily wipe off the water makes life so much easier.


Anti-Reflective Glasses

Part of our job as a product review team is to test the items we get based on the features they market. So we took our Pair Eyewear samples out for a spin around town, including at the local water park and on drives. In both cases, you would usually get a ton of glare from the pavement, windows, water, and more, making it challenging to get by. However, the featured anti-reflective coating on the Pair Eyewear makes it easy to move to and from your location without having to turn away or squint like you would with other options.


Scratch-Resistant Glasses

Any parent with kids needing glasses knows scratch resistance is a must-have. Unfortunately, even the most careful adult eyewear aficionado will occasionally drop or misplace their premium glasses and lenses around the house. You want that extra protection for your Pair prescription lenses from a company that understands the needs of someone who wears glasses. Most of Pair Eyewear lenses are polycarbonate, designed to withstand wear and tear.


Variety of Products

Besides exceptional prescription glasses, Pair Eyewear also offers non-prescription glasses. This could be magnetic Pair Sun Tops for glasses, Pair sunglass lenses, and more. You can get single vision, progressive lenses, blue-light protection, ultra-thin lenses, light responsiveness, and trendy designs. This company is fairly prolific in featured lenses and eyewear.

Overall, you get a decent range of options and featured benefits to select for your Pair prescription glasses. In addition, the featured prices are reasonable, and you get a 30-day risk-free trial for any glasses you choose in case they do not fit right or the prescription is not 100% accurate for your view.

Pair Eyewear is Flexible Spending account and Health Savings Account-eligible and has insurance reimbursement options when purchasing from Pair Eyewear. But our review team thinks the featured prices are way more affordable than most other markets for prescription eyewear, glasses, and lenses, considering the online reviews we saw.

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Pair Eyewear Eyeglasses Review – The Products

Now that we have gone into the review of the company, let us take a look at the many glasses and lenses offered by Pair Eyewear. Of course, this is only a small sample of what the Pair Eyewear website featured. Our reviews team tried to provide a decent variety from Pair to give you a good idea before embarking on your own Pair glasses and lenses shopping experience.


Women’s Pair Eyewear Glasses

Pair Eyewear features over ten different base frame styles that can be mixed and matched with the various lens features and top frames designs/colors.


The Kirby Pair

The Kirby glasses frame is designed for those with wider faces or stronger jawlines. They are more square in design and measure 54-17-140 with a lens height of 40mm and frame width of 138mm. If you are a female with a broader facial structure, you want the Kirby from Pair Eyewear because it provides way more space between the frames. You can also quickly change looks with the magnetic toppers that are available at an additional cost.


The Wanda Pair


Many women prefer the “cat eye” look to their eyewear. The Wanda measure in at 53-16-140 with a lens height of 40.3mm and a frame width of 138mm. That means a ton of oversize beauty that will make you feel fabulous. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as far as width over the face. This is a featured option that offers a lot of versatility depending on what type of style you want to match the lenses with from your wardrobe.



The Soto Pair


Many people in our review team love the more modern look in their glasses options. For that, we suggest The Soto. This is a medium-width frame that matches pretty much any face size at 48-20-140. The round glasses work with a more classic look without sacrificing any modern appeal you may want. We especially appreciate the grips along the nose, so you do not spend the day pushing your eyewear back into place.

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Men’s Pair Eyewear Glasses

One of Pair Eyewear’s founders is a man who wore glasses from the age of 8. Part of the reason the company has such a positive view from reviews and online clients is the variety of men’s options.


The Larkin Pair


At 51-17-140, The Larkin are the most popular frames from Pair Eyewear. This is because it is right in the middle of trend, design, size, and fit. It fits anyone from 10 years and up and is made from hand-polished cellulose acetate with spring-loaded hinges for better durability and flexibility. In addition, the lenses are polycarbonate, meaning impact resistant and anti-reflective. In other words, everything a man could want while still looking fashionable.


The Finley Pair


Yes, the measures of 50-17-140 are the same as the Larkin, but the Finley is a bit more rectangular. Think Elvis Costello more than Bob Dylan. It does not matter if you have a round or more square jawline. The Finley allows for a versatile fit that compliments your overall structure exceptionally well.


The Twain Pair


The Twain is one of the glasses options from Pair Eyewear that provides a lot of color and pattern options. They are comfortable on the face and sturdy enough to hold up in most situations. We had one of our review team members purchase a pair of the Twain prescription glasses, and they picked up a number of optional toppers as well for different events and days of the week. That is how much we loved this style. It measures at 47-18-135 with oval frame shapes.

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Kids Pair Eyewear Glasses

Unlike other similar companies, Pair Eyewear makes more than adult frames, your kids will be delighted at the frame color combinations available from Pair Eyewear. There are no boring designs that feel more like a medical device rather than a trendy pair of lenses.


The Otero Pair


Designed for kids aged 8-12, the Otero is stylish and streamlined for a beautiful option. It measures roughly 49-17-140 and fits all styles of face shape. You get the hand-polished cellulose acetate and spring-loaded hinges needed for all the activities kids find themselves losing or dropping their glasses. You also get high-quality prescription polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant and anti-reflective.


The Serra Pair


While all the Pair Eyewear glasses are unisex for kids, the Serra feels more feminine and may be the top choice for your younger girl. It typically fits ages 5-9 and measures 45-18-135 with slightly more rounded lenses. You get all the durable features of The Otero and free shipping and returns in the United States.


The Cedro Pair


This is the compliment to the Serra that feels a bit more masculine for kids aged 5-9. The frames are more rectangle-shaped than oval and measure 46-17-135. Our reviews team tested these Pair Eyewear frames on one of our kids and could not believe how well they held up to the abuse that kid put them through. Definitely worth the price tag!

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Who is Pair Eyewear For?

Soto face

First off, yes, Pair Eyewear is perfect for kids that break glasses all the time. The Pair durability and featured high flexibility of the eyewear allow your kids to play and enjoy life without worrying about breaking another prescription lens. Many of the positive reviews we read celebrated this Pair buying benefit compared to traditional eyewear.

Secondly, Pair Eyewear is excellent for budget-friendly families. Most of the Pair Eyewear pricing our review team saw came in at a fraction of what you would expect to pay at a local retailer or even a big box store for prescription glasses of this quality.

The challenge is getting past the idea of buying Pair glasses online. Many consumers are nervous about getting glasses they cannot physically handle before purchasing. That is why Pair Eyewear has a virtual try-on space and a 30-day return policy. The glasses company does everything possible to make the purchase process as smooth as possible.

Then you need to consider the Pair options. Between blue light filters, sunglasses, and a massive variety of magnetic toppers, you get a far more fashionable eyewear option without going into debt to see at night or when you are behind the wheel.

Best of all, the pricing is appropriate for kids. Our review team has many parents that need to be careful with spending and budgeting, and Pair Eyewear offers a far more affordable option.

Finally, they are fun! Pair Eyewear includes things like Polka Dot toppers or dark green like The Hulk from Marvel Comics. This company knows how to have fun with featured Pair designs and details. Pair Eyewear does not fit into the traditional mold and actively markets to people who want to make a statement with their prescription eyewear.

We highly recommend Pair Eyewear for adults who want a “backup” or second pair of glasses. The lower price is excellent for adults who have already spent their budget on glasses and want something specific for at home, in the car, travel, or out on the boat.

Overall Pros of Pair Eyewear:

  • Convenient shopping experience
  • Little risk of getting the wrong size or prescription
  • Excellent variety of colors and customizations
  • High-quality materials at a low cost
  • 30-day free trial
  • Virtual try on
  • Easy to use prescription upload via picture and more


Pair Eyewear vs. Flexi Gray

There are many online competitors in the direct-to-consumer prescription glasses space. Most have similar options, but only some offer such a good quality product as Pair Eyewear at such an affordable level.

Our review team took a look at Felix Gray to offer a decent comparison for this Pair product review article.

Pair EyewearFelix Gray
Lens OptionsSingle-vision, blue light, progressive, ultra-thin, light response, sunglassesNon-prescription, prescription, and high index reading
CostStarts at $60Strats at $95
Returns Available? Yes, 30-day trialYes, 30-day trial
Number of Frames10+20+
Virtual Try OnYesSometimes
Charitable DonationsYesNo

When you visit the Felix Gray website, you immediately get a more traditional retail feel for their featured products. Right off the bat, that is different compared to Pair Eyewear, which focuses on fun, trendy, and younger audiences.

Everything about Felix Gray is designed to feel more premium because they are actively marketing toward high-income earners that want convenience. That means an easy-to-browse online shopping experience.

You can also get prescription contacts as well as prescription lenses. However, you do not have as many custom choices as you get with Pair Eyewear, and there is not virtual try-on unless you are visiting an affiliate website. That makes it harder to find the exact glasses you would want and increase the likelihood you will have to make a return in the future.

For our time and money, we would stick to Pair Eyewear for a more comprehensive online shopping experience. Our review team did not get any Felix Gray products sent to our reviews office, so we cannot compare materials, but the online information does support blue light and progressive lenses.

All in all, we think Felix Gray is a great company offering some premium products. If you are living alone and prefer a minimalistic style to your prescription glasses, then they would be good for you. Otherwise, the fun and trendy styles of Pair Eyewear is better.


Is Pair Eyewear Worth It?

Pair eyewear items

In our view, yes, Pair Eyewear is absolutely worth the price, especially for kids. They have so many featured benefits and cost-effective materials that offer more durability and flexibility for your lifestyle.

You get a 30-day trial period with Pair Eyewear that lowers the stress you would get from online buying. They also have featured supportive fit guides with exact measurements, so there is not any confusion when you shop.

To give you an example of the Pair Eyewear experience, our review team purchased a pair of men’s Kirby Pair Eyewear glasses. The bottom Pair frame was $60. We got the Winter Plaid topper and Black Sun Top for an additional $55. We also used a review team member’s prescription for single-vision with blue light filtering, which tacked on an additional $49. That put our Pair Eyewear total at $224.

The Pair glasses view company offers a payment plan through Affirm if you need it. Our 4 Pair payments would have been $56.00.

The average cost of frames is $242 in the U.S. That does not include the lenses, additional features, or prescriptions. Overall, Pair is not only worth the price tag, but a way better investment compared to traditional eyeglass purchases.

It can be extremely pricy to keep getting glasses for your kids every time they fall out of a tree or slip on some ice. Not to mention the number of times your kids are likely to leave their prescription eyewear in a park or at a movie theater. Pair Eyewear is a much better alternative to keep the family budget in check.

Our review team also thinks Pair Eyewear is the best choice for those who want a quick backup pair of prescription lenses. You would not want to bring your best glasses on a hike or fishing trip. With Pair Eyewear, you get a much more cost-effective solution to ease your fears of misplacing or damaging your prescription glasses.


Wrapping it Up

This was a fun review from Pair Eyewear. We spent a lot of time putting the various pairs of glasses. We also made sure to read as many online reviews as possible. There is only so much we can do from our own view compared to the thousands of online shoppers looking for quality eyewear.

If you are looking for high-end titanium material frames from a name brand, you may want to shop elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you want a more cost affordable solution to your prescription glasses eyewear, we strongly recommend Pair Eyewear. They give you options for various colors, fun and trendy designs, and quality materials at a much more reasonable price tag than traditional suppliers.

Good luck, and we hope our honest review will help you and your family get some new frames and prescription lenses! To place your first order, visit Pair Eyewear’s website by clicking below.

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