HoomBand Review: Does the Sleep Band Work?

HoomBand Review
HoomBand Review


The HoomBand sleep band is a wearable device that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The HoomBand Sleep band is a great tool for people who want to improve their sleep quality and quantity. It can also be helpful for people with sleep disorders or who have trouble sleeping through the night. The HoomBand Sleep band is comfortable to wear and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for people who are looking for a better way to manage their sleep.

  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • App Content
  • Warranty


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective
  • Free App with lots of content
  • Easy to travel with
  • Washable


  • Headband not adjustable
  • Needs to be charged multiple times a week

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We all know that sleep is one of the most essential parts of our day. However, getting a good night’s sleep or enough sleep for many of us can prove challenging and frustrating.

One of the primary reasons many people say they suffer from insomnia is that they simply feel too distracted to fall asleep fast. As a team of insomniacs, we can definitely relate to having those moments when our mind just doesn’t shut off enough to lull us into sleep.

Over the years, numerous companies have tried to address this problem by developing products designed to help ease you into a restful night of sleep or clear your mind to help you fall asleep faster. The HoomBand Wireless Headband Headphones is one of those products.

When our team heard about how these Bluetooth-enabled headband-style earphones use audio stories and sound to guide you to sleep gently, we had to give them a try. After all, anything that could help us sleep better had our complete attention.

If you’re a light sleeper or suffer from sleep issues, keep reading to discover the findings of our team’s review of the HoomBand Wireless Headphones and whether they are worth the hype.


What Is HoomBand?

LivLab is a French company that started in 2012 to provide products designed for proven sleep solutions. It manufactures the HoomBand as part of its suite of products. The company’s founders say they are “self-described insomniacs” and wanted solutions to help their own sleep problems.

The HoomBand is a fabric headband designed with flat, Bluetooth-enabled wireless flat speakers wrapped inside and fits any head size. The user wears it on their head like a regular headband, giving a comfortable way to listen to music, white noise, or other types of audio experience during sleep while blocking out external noise.

HoomBand connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device and comes with a specially-designed HoomBand app. The app provides users unlimited access to sleep-inducing immersive content such as hypnotic stories, guided deep meditation, soundscape, white noise, ASMR, endless ambient loops, and relaxing different sounds. HoomBand regularly updates the app with new audio, and users receive the new content for free. They even include stories such as science fiction. the length of stories will vary depending on what you listen to.


We like that the company used the input of hypnotherapists, sleep experts, sound designers, and more when developing its sleep-related audio products and its specialized HoomBand app because it shows that they’ve backed up their content with science and expertise.

Today, LivLab is the leader in Europe for sleep solutions and in addition to the HoomBand, also makes the Dodow and HoomBook. Customers can purchase these products worldwide.

Although HoomBand’s primary function is to help people get to sleep faster and sleep better, our team found many other uses. One of our reviewers does yoga regularly, and she reported that she loved how comfortable HoomBand was when listening to her guided audio routine. Another of our reviewers said he couldn’t wait to try it on his next long-haul flight.


HoomBand Features

Although HoomBand is not the first and only product designed as headband-style earphones, our reviewers noted that HoomBand does have many unique and useful features worth calling out.

  • Breathable Fabric. The 3D mesh that the headband is made of keeps your head cool by regulating temperature. It is also very flexible, durable, and hand-washable. Our yoga tester found she did not feel sweaty when wearing it during her workout.
  • Comes in different sizes. The headband comes in two sizes to allow customers to find the one that most comfortably fits their head. Choose size S if your head measures less than 22” and size M/L if your head measures greater than 22”. The company says that M is the most common size. All of our reviewers found the M/L size comfortable.
  • Ultra Flat Headphones. The earphones in the headband are ultra-flat to provide the user with maximum comfort. We were amazed that we really couldn’t feel them at all. Where regular headphones can fall out or feel uncomfortable during sleeping, the HoomBand’s headband felt natural, and it was easy to forget you had headphones on your ears.
  • Comfort 3D Foam. To make the headphones even more comfortable, they are enclosed in a special foam lining the headband, providing even more comfort and cushioning. The foam is removable to allow the user to adjust the position of the earphones and make them the most comfortable for their individual ears.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Module. A hidden Bluetooth 5.0 module allows you to connect to the audio content without needing a cord. Many people find that a cord gets tangled or in the way when wearing headphones to sleep, and the HoomBand headband removes this inconvenience. Since the module resides inside soft foam within the headband, the wearer cannot feel it during use.
  • Customized HoomBand App. All HoomBand users receive access to the free customized HoomBand app that works with Andriod and IOS. The HoomBand App includes over 100 hours of specialized audio content, including hypnotic stories and guided meditations, soundscape, white noise, ASMR, and relaxing sounds. Our testers loved that HoomBand made this various audio content available entirely for free (no subscription, no credit card required). We also liked that HoomBand updates it regularly and pushes the new content out to all HoomBand users.

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HoomBand Pros and Cons

When our HoomBand reviewers compiled their notes after a week of wearing the headband earphones to sleep, they agreed on these primary pros and cons.


  • The headband and app audio content was designed with the help of various sleep specialists, so the audio content provided really helps you get to sleep and sleep better.
  • The headband has an “offline” mode that allows you to still use the HoomBand in areas where you do not have access to WiFi and can’t connect to Bluetooth or if your phone is in airplane mode when traveling.
  • HoomBand’s audio content via the app does not require a subscription of any kind. HoomBand’s app and audio content are entirely free for all HoomBand users.
  • The HoomBand App is available on both Android and iOS systems for mobile phones
  • Users can try the HoomBand headband free for 100 nights. If unsatisfied, the user can return it to HoomBand for a complete refund.
  • Two hours of charge time provides the user with 10 hours of listening time, enough for a whole night of sleep.
  • The headband’s breathable fabric provides more comfort than competitors’ fleece options and keeps you cool while sleeping.
  • The headband is hand washable.
  • Since HoomBand connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, users can play numerous audio content (i.e., music library, Spotify App, Calm App, etc.) and are not limited to just the HoomBand App.



  • The headphones are not designed to be noise-canceling, and you can’t expect to use them for that purpose.
  • Although the HoomBand headband comes in two sizes, HoomBand is not as adjustable as other sleep headphones.
  • Some users say that the band is a bit snug, even when they purchased the right size, and would prefer that the earphones inside be more adjustable.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Even though we really liked the HoomBand, its app, and everything that the headband offered, we wanted to ensure that other customers were on the same page. We checked out a bunch of reviews on Amazon to gauge what others were saying about the HoomBand.

Overwhelmingly, the HoomBand received positive reviews, with more than half of them being 4-or 5-stars. Most customers liked that the headband was way more comfortable to sleep with than earbuds, corded headphones, or other earphones they had tried and that they could connect it via Bluetooth.

They also, like us, really enjoyed the HoomBand app and the different types of free audio content. Most of the positive reviews indicated that the content was exceptional, and they found something that helped them sleep within the HoomBand App.

Here are a few of our favorite positive reviews:

“Love it!!! I work late nights in our local ER. I get home at 7:30A, and I’m sleeping straight through until 10:30a (Mondays). Every Monday I’m awakened by gardeners around 10:30a this blocks out all the sounds of the mowers, blowers, and then some. LOVE IT!!!!! I recommend this product. I want to say the APP is great as well.”

“I need music or white noise loop to be able to sleep, and this is much more comfortable than headphones. It does not interfere with my sleep, and I can sleep on my side with no problem.”


Most of the negative reviews had to do with technical issues with the headphones, such as the Bluetooth connection disconnecting at various times and having to reconnect it.

Some purchasers also found it difficult to remember to charge it in the mornings, which is not a problem with corded headphones. Others thought the price was a bit too expensive for the sound quality (although we thought it was reasonably priced given the free app and various audio content included).

Finally, a few users had issues with the fit or comfort of the earphones. These customers said that although they purchased the right size, they just couldn’t get comfortable while using the HoomBand headband at night. We found this criticism to be more of a personal preference. If you don’t have a problem wearing regular headphones on your head, you should not have a problem with HoomBand.


HoomBand vs. SleepPhones

Easily the biggest competitor to HoomBand is SleepPhones, another type of headband with earphones designed for wearing while sleeping to listen to audio. To help provide the best comparison for you to decide which ones are right for you, we tested and reviewed these as well, and here’s what we found.

SleepPhones, like HoomBand, also have some science-backed experience around their development, as a doctor and her video game developer husband developed them. If you look at the two products from the outside, they are relatively similar. Both products are headbands with earphones inside them and can be worn comfortably by the user when sleeping.

SleepPhones come in two different options. SleepPhones Classic is a corded option designed for users to plug the headband directly into devices with a standard headphone jack. The SleepPhones Wireless connects to devices via Bluetooth, just like the HoomBand.

Regarding cost, the wireless option of SleepPhones costs a bit more than the HoomBand. The SleepPhones Classic costs considerably less than both HoomBand and the SleepPhone Wireless option.

The SleepPhones also come in various colors and two different fabrics (fleece and Breeze fabric), whereas the HoomBand has only one available color and fabric option for the headband. In addition, the SleepPhones earphones are completely removable, allowing users to swap out the headband for different colors of fabrics as desired.

HoomBand comes in two different sizes, and SleepPhones offers customers three different sizes. Although not a huge difference, it means that SleepPhones customers may find a slightly better overall fit.

SleepPhones also has a product called RunPhones, specifically designed as a fitness headband. The RunPhones have a microphone option that allows the user to take phone calls while wearing them when running or doing other physical activity. HoomBand focuses more on solving sleeping problems, although users can also wear their product for other activities.

One of our reviewers tried the RunPhones while exercising and found that they weren’t necessarily any better for taking calls than her regular earbuds.

On the downside, SleepPhones do not have a compatible app like HoomBand does, which limits users of these earphones to only playing content from their device using other apps.

Our testers found that the content in the HoomBand app worked better for enabling sleep because it was explicitly designed for that purpose. When using the SleepPhones, most of our testers simply listened to music from their library, and it didn’t always have the intended sleep effect.

As far as warranty goes, the SleepPhones offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty that covers any defects in the product. It does not cover improper use or wear and tear. HoomBand does not offer a similar warranty, but they do have the 100-night risk-free trial, which SleepPhones does not.


HoomBand vs. Moonbow

Another competitor to HoomBand that we tried was Moonbow Bedphones. The Moonbow competition is a bit different because, unlike HoomBand or SleepPhones, they are not headband-style earphones.

Instead, Moonbow brands itself as the world’s thinnest “on-ear” headphones. These headphones, like the HoomBand, also lay flat against your ears while in bed. However, a headband does not cover them.

Therefore, they make a good option for people who like traditional earphones or don’t like the idea of wearing a headband across their forehead. They also seem more comfortable for some users with larger-sized heads.

As far as the fit goes, the Moonbow earphones have numerous adjustment options, so they theoretically should fit all ears. Some users might find this option more comfortable than the HoomBand, in which, although the user can move the earphones, the adjustments are limited.

We also reviewed the Moonbow Bedphones and found they worked well when sleeping. However, one of our reviewers said that the earphones fell out during the night, whereas the HoomBand stayed secure from the moment they fell asleep until they awoke.

Like the SleepPhones, Moonbow Bedphones come in both a wired and a wireless option that connects via Bluetooth. Customers who don’t like dealing with a Bluetooth connection or feel uneasy about using WiFi might enjoy having the option to choose.

However, the drawback to Moonbow, like SleepPhones, is that they do not have the customized app or specialized audio content that HoomBand does. With Moonbow, the customer must choose their own content or subscribe to another app, like Headspace, Calm, or Tuck.com.

As far as trial and warranty go, Moonbow Bedphones offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-Year warranty. The warranty proves similar to SleepPhones, but the trial period is significantly less than the 100-night trial provided by HoomBand.

However, Moonbow offers a referral bonus that allows customers to get a free set of Moonbow Bedphones when they refer a friend and the referral makes a purchase totaling $50 or more on the Moonbow website.

Finally, Moonbow tries to upsell its headphones with additional accessories such as a sleep mask, adjustable memory foam pillow, and weighted blanket. At first glance, these options seem pricier purchasing through Moonbow than they would cost if purchased through another vendor.


Is the HoomBand Worth It?

Overall, we say YES! We definitely recommend purchasing and trying the HoomBand headband if you need assistance with getting to sleep quickly or with the quality of your sleep. Our first night one our tester tried the HoomBand, she reported not hearing any unwanted noise and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. We love that the customized app comes free with the purchase of the HoomBand. We found that this feature is the one that sets the HoomBand apart from the SleepPhones and Moonbow the most, as neither of them has a specialized app.

All of our reviewers found something of interest within the curated audio selections included in the app. After a few days of using the HoomBand, we felt more rested and attributed it to the deeper sleep we received by using the device.

Although the cost can initially seem expensive compared to other types of regular earphones, we feel like the app makes up for the upfront cost. Additionally, it’s comparable in cost to both the SleepPhones and Moonbow, and neither of those devices came with free sleeping apps. If you purchase a cheaper set of headphones, you may spend more money on audio content to use with them, and with HoomBand, that isn’t an issue.

Since all of our reviewers wanted to keep their HoomBands at the end of the testing period, we feel it says a lot about the quality and function of the product and would not hesitate to recommend HoomBand.

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Wrapping It Up

We love testing and reviewing products designed to help us sleep! Of course, many products we’ve tested over the years are big on promises and fall through on delivery and function. Fortunately for us, the HoomBand headband is not one of those products.

These earphones truly stand up to the competition and provide features that no one else on the market currently offers, making it so much more than a set of headphones. We’re willing to overlook a few minor details that need tweaking because it provides science-backed content that genuinely leads to better, more quality deep sleep.

If you’re someone who has insomnia and nothing else seems to be working, we definitely suggest giving the HoomBand a try. for an improved quality of sleep. This may end up replacing your current audio devices next to your bedside table.

If you order on Amazon, you’ll get free shipping and free returns, thus you can try this product risk free. Sweet Dreams!




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