8 Best Thermal Phone Cases – Do They Work?

An excellent thermal or weatherproof phone case is an essential part of your phone, especially in this day and age. If you just got a new phone, you will likely want to keep it safe by getting a good case.

From waterproof cases to thermal cases for heat management, there are all sorts of options out there for anyone who wants to protect their iPhone, Galaxy S, or other branded phone.

Our review team took some time to consider the latest weatherproof cases and best thermal options to protect your phone no matter the weather outside. While we came close to losing a few phones along the way, here are eight of the best thermal phone cases we have found.


What is a Thermal Phone Case

A thermal phone case is a temperature-protective case designed to encapsulate your phone best from extreme weather conditions. It is also commonly used to prevent moisture and dust damage and damage caused by dropping your device.

A thermal phone case protects your smartphone by preventing it from overheating or becoming too cold. In addition, it prevents moisture from entering the inside of the phone, which can cause corrosion.

Most thermal weatherproof phone cases are designed from a wide range of specialty materials. The best thermal case we used also reflected light to help a phone stay even cooler.

Many outdoor enthusiasts use thermal phone cases when traveling. Whether you are snowboarding, hiking, boating, or simply enjoying a picnic in a faraway destination, having a thermal phone case with you amps up your ability to best protect your favorite mobile device and prevent unwanted damage.


Why You should consider getting a Thermal Phone Case

A thermal weatherproof phone case is a must-have if you live an active lifestyle. An excellent thermal case will protect your phone from the elements and damage.

It is also great for those times when it is too hot or cold outside to hold onto your device for exceptionally long—your hands are better off stuffed in your pockets instead of having to grip an uncomfortable piece of metal that makes it hard to check notifications or take selfies.

Thermal phone cases are also optimal for preventing some overheating. For example, if you play a lot of mobile gaming or stream endless Netflix shows, you probably want a thermal phone case to reduce heat by keeping your iPhone or Galaxy cooler.

Anyone living in extreme temperatures will want a thermal phone case. That includes learning to prevent frost from accumulating on your iPhone phone case in Alaska or stopping harsh UV rays from hitting your Galaxy phone screen in Arizona. 

It all comes down to protection from thermal activity with quality material case protection.

Remember, phones are expensive. So having a way to keep them better protected is like paying for the iPhone or Galaxy warranties without spending the high extra cost.

Let’s dive into the various thermal phone cases our review team found to be the best workable solutions for getting quality protection to prevent damage and overheating.


8 Best Thermal Phone Cases

PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Pouch

Phoozy Apollo

The Phoozy Apollo Series Thermal Phone Pouch is an excellent option for those who want to protect their phone from the elements. This thermal weatherproof case keeps your phone safe and helps it maintain its temperature during colder weather and heat in warmer conditions.

It features qualities that resulted in an award-winning design from CNET. In addition, Phoozy is well known as a fantastic thermal weatherproof phone case alternative for people who enjoy skiing or winter outdoor activities.

The shock-resistant thermal phone case by Phoozy does not interfere with any Wi-Fi, cellular or Bluetooth signals, so you can maintain your iPhone or Galaxy phone’s connection all day long without worrying about dropping your phone from up to six feet.

While the Phoozy is not waterproof, it is water resistant, splashproof, and floats well in case you drop your phone on the water.

This featured thermal phone design showed up on an episode of Shark Tank and fits most iPhone and Galaxy modern phone models.

The weatherproof pouch comes in assorted colors—black, white, blue, and mint green—and has reviews praising its ability to keep phones safe even after being dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. It also folds into an easy-to-carry shape when not in use, so you can store it easily in your bag or pocket while traveling.


PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Large form factor that fits most modern phone models
  • Award-winning thermal phone case design
  • Uses NASA spacesuit technology for thermal barrier protection to prevent overheating
  • Includes impactor core 1.0 military-grade drop protection
  • Extends your battery life in frigid conditions by up to three times

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5Oaks Thermal Phone Case Smart-Phone Pouch 


The 5Oaks Thermal Phone Case Smart-Phone Pouch Cellphone Case Cover is made of thermal fabric, providing the best phone protection from extreme temperatures. In addition, it is water-resistant and sweat proof, making it perfect to use in places where the weather can get hot and humid.

This weatherproof case also stays freeze proof, so you will not have to worry about getting your phone wet when you leave it out in the rain or snow (although we still recommend keeping your phone in a plastic bag). 

Finally, this thermal phone case is dust proof as well as shockproof. Best of all, the 50aks thermal phone case makes your iPhone or Galaxy phone look like it is hibernating inside of a thermal sleeping back, complete with a drawstring and various color options.

If you want something that will keep your phone safe from all kinds of damage, consider purchasing this product!


5Oaks Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Works with both iPhone and Galaxy phone models
  • Measures roughly 2 X 1.3 X 1 inches when packaged and weighs only 0.02 kilograms
  • Includes an easy-to-use carabiner to hook the thermal phone case to your best backpack, waistband, or other items
  • Made from layers of premium thermal resistant interior materials with a nylon exterior in the design of an outdoor sleeping bag

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PINGTEKOR Thermal Phone Case


The PINGTEKOR thermal phone case is the perfect choice if you want your phone to be protected from all angles. This model offers triple-layer protection, which includes a soft shell and a thermal lining.

In addition, it has an extra soft microfiber interior that prevents scratches and dust from getting into your device’s interior. The PINGTEKOR also comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

What we loved about this thermal phone case is the way it looks a little spaced-aged. Many of the tech nerds (yes, we lovingly call them nerds) wanted this thermal case to make their iPhone or Galaxy phone case feel like the best science fiction tool.

This thermal phone case also brings back memories of the soft pouches Oakley glasses used to be delivered during the 1990s and 2000s. It is a fun play on retro product design with way more modern temperature, weatherproof, and thermal protection to prevent damage.


PINGTEKOR Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Fits all modern best iPhone and Galaxy phone models
  • Only available in a limited number of colors – we prefer the silver thermal phone case color option
  • Not a lot else is known about the specifics of the phone case design, but the reviews were pretty fantastic considering the minimal information.

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PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra Rugged Thermal Phone Case

phoozy xp3

The PHOOZY XP 3 Series Ultra Rugged Thermal Phone Case is an all-around great case that will protect your phone from all sorts of damage. The weatherproof case can withstand a drop from up to six feet, meaning that it is perfect for sports or outdoor activities.

It is also waterproof to an extent, making it ideal for water sports or just walking around in the rain with your phone in your pocket. This is achieved through SinkProof technology that essentially ensures your thermal weatherproof case floats on top of the water if it accidentally falls into a lake, river, pool, pond, or puddle.

It even has dustproof and shockproof features, so you will not have to worry about damaging your device with regular wear and tear. That includes the Phoozy NASA technology to reduce thermal output that increases the temperature while using your phone.

Moreover, this thermal weatherproof phone case comes with a strap over the top that makes it extremely easy to put in/take out your phone from the thermal case. That also helps with sizing compared to the various Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models on the market.

There is a wide variety of colors, which is a staple of the Phoozy brand.


Phoozy XP3 Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Large form factor that fits most large phones model
  • Award-winning thermal phone case design
  • Uses NASA spacesuit technology for thermal barrier protection to prevent overheating
  • Includes impactor core 1.0 military-grade shock protection
  • Extends your battery life in freezing conditions by up to three times
  • Has SinkProof technology and an adjustable strap across the top to match the various color options

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 SAFACUS Thermal Phone Case


With the SAFACUS Thermal Phone Case, we are back to a fun sleeping bag thermal case design. This sleek and stylish option offers protection from extreme temperature changes. Designed to keep your phone cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this thermal weatherproof phone case is a smart choice for those who want an additional layer of protection for their best mobile device.

The SAFACUS Thermal Phone Case has been tested against water damage to ensure quality weatherproof benefits if you’re roaming around in the rain, snow, or sleet.

The color options for this thermal weatherproof phone case are a bit more limited. We saw only five color options: blue, orange, brown, yellow, and white. Still, that is plenty of variety if you have a basic white or black iPhone or Galaxy phone model.


SAFACUS Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Incredibly lightweight thermal weatherproof phone case design at only 0.02kg
  • Uses 90% white goose down feathers for added thermal protection and to prevent shock or fall damage
  • Helps maintain a phone’s standby time longer than other options on our list, especially in bitter cold weather
  • Works with most modern iPhone and Galaxy phone models as well as Pixel, LG, and Huawei.

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PHOOZY Apollo II Series Thermal Phone Case

Apollo II

All right, we know we have thrown quite a few Phoozy weatherproof thermal cases at you. The primary difference with the new Apollo II series is the upgraded insulation and weatherproofing.

The Phoozy Apollo II Series Thermal Phone Case is a good option if you want to keep your phone safe and warm. It is designed with a blend of materials that protect the device from both heat and cold conditions, including neoprene, nylon, and polyester.

The Phoozy Apollo II Series Thermal Phone Case comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, so you can be sure that the case will last long enough for its price tag.

This particular Phoozy thermal weatherproof case made it well beyond Shark Tank. It was also featured on the Today Show, GMA, Cosmo, Forbes, and more.


Phoozy Apollo II  Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Large form factor that fits most modern phone models
  • Award-winning thermal phone case design
  • Uses NASA spacesuit technology for thermal barrier protection to prevent overheating
  • Includes impactor core 1.0 military-grade shock protection.
  • Extends your battery life in wintry conditions by up to three times
  • Has SinkProof technology and an adjustable strap across the top to match the various color options
  • Increased insulation that helps extend battery life up to four times the normal range

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ClimateCase Insulating Cell Phone Case


We wanted to include this particular weatherproof thermal phone case because it feels like an old-school Velcro wallet, and we mean that in a good way.

The insulation on this thermal phone case is incredibly impressive. So whether you are in a freezing cold temperature or experiencing a heatwave, this is a fantastic way to protect and prevent unwanted temperature problems with our iPhone or Galaxy phone operating systems.

This protective weatherproof layer is also compatible with all the best iPhone models and offers unique color combinations. In addition, it keeps your phone protected from extreme temperatures and water damage and prevents overheating or overcharging. 

So while it might not have any fancy bells or whistles like some of the other weatherproof cases we have talked about in this article, it will keep your phone safe and sound in all conditions—and that’s something everyone can get behind!


ClimateCase Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Exceptional insulation standard that protects in extremely cold temperatures
  • Works with every iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, and Huawei models
  • Preserves battery life when you are enjoying outdoor winter activities
  • Includes a removable carabiner to attach your thermal weatherproof phone case to your beach bag, winter gear, belt, keyring, backpack, and more

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Omio Thermal Sensor Case


Our review team loves a quality iPhone product. Nothing against Galaxy users. We just have a few more Apple iPhone acolytes than Galaxy followers.

We also have some team members that prefer thinner weatherproof thermal case options. A lot of the other best choices on our list of thermal weatherproof phone cases are a bit bulky.

With that in mind, if you are looking for a thermal sensor case that can fit your iPhone, Omio’s is the one to get. The key element with this thermal phone case is how the exterior changes temperature when things are getting too hot. However, the downside is that this is only for an iPhone 11. 

Omio took the time to ensure the case works with wireless charging devices. Many of the other thermal cases are too thick and block out the technology between wireless charging.

The base of the case also has some padding so that if you drop your phone on its corner, it will not hurt as much and does not show any scuff marks or scratches. Plus, there are cutouts for all ports and buttons as well as sensors (making sure they are not blocked), so nothing gets damaged while using this case.


Omio Thermal Phone Case Features: 

  • Temperature change case technology so you can see when it is overheating
  • Shockproof protection specially designed for the iPhone
  • Allow you to continue using wireless charging platforms
  • Easier to use your iPhone with the cutout design.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Thermal Phone Case

When you are shopping for a thermal phone case, there are quite a few things to consider. First of all, they’re not cheap. You are going to have to pay at least $25 for one of these things—and some of them go as high as $100! So before you spend that kind of money on something, think about how much you really need it.

If your phone is not waterproof and/or shockproof, then maybe the best thing for your phone would be a regular old plastic case instead of an expensive thermal model.

Sure, some people like their phones without thermal cases because they feel naked without them, but if we are being honest with ourselves, all that matters is whether or not our devices stay safe from harm!

Many of our team members experience phone overheating frequently or enjoy the great outdoors in cooler temperature settings. That is why we think picking up a thermal weatherproof case is not only a clever idea, but a sure way to prevent future damage. 

With that in mind, use these buying tips:


Verify Your Phone Model & Size

You should consider the size and shape of your phone. Some models are more susceptible to heat than others, so it is important to pay attention when purchasing a case. If you have an older iPhone device, for example, its performance may be affected by extreme temperatures.

It is also worth noting that larger iPhone and Galaxy devices tend to best dissipate heat more slowly than smaller ones (and, therefore, will be less affected).


What Activities Do You Do? 

When you are deciding which kind of weatherproof thermal case to buy, it is crucial to think about your lifestyle. If you are a professional athlete, for example, you may want to consider a weatherproof case that is more rugged and can withstand the daily abuse of being thrown around in gym bags.

If you live in a cold climate and use your phone on subzero days as your primary navigation device, an insulated case might be the best choice for protecting against frostbite.


Learn What Materials Are Used

Thermally conductive phone cases are made of unique materials. The Phoozy brand is an excellent example of this. Where a lot of thermal cases are made of silicone and plastic, Phoozy goes with a spacesuit-type cloth material that both insulates and reflects heat.

You have to do a little research, but knowing the material goes a long way to what kind of thermal weatherproof case design you will want to purchase.


Is a Thermal Phone Case Worth It?

It is not enough to have the best iPhone or Galaxy phone model. You also want it to be protected from the elements, especially if you are out in nature or traveling somewhere far away from home. Thermal cases are just the right solution!

These handy accessories can help protect your phone (and its sensitive parts) from exposure to extreme heat and cold, making them ideal for those who live in hotter climates or tend to be on the go during winter months.

Additionally, they can help prevent overheating—which is something that can happen with any cell phone model when used for an extended period of time or when placed under heavy strain by apps running at once—as well as provide some protection against dropping damage.

As for the purchase price, it depends on your lifestyle more than anything else. The cost to replace your iPhone or new Galaxy is pretty high compared to any of the thermal weatherproof phone cases on our list. 

For us, it makes way more sense to have the protection available in case we want to prevent freezing or ice damage when on vacation.


Wrapping It Up

In the end, it is your choice whether or not you want to invest in a thermal phone case. If you do, we hope that this article has helped you find something that will be right for your needs! 

There are so many options out there, and it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one.

Take your time to explore the different benefits of each model and find a weatherproof phone case that matches your lifestyle and daily use. You could save time and money by picking up any of these fantastic thermal weatherproof case options.



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