Ridge Wallet Review: Is the Minimalist Wallet Worth It?

Ridge Wallet Review


The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist wallet designed to up to 12 cards and cash. It’s made of a durable, elastic material that expands to fit more cards when needed and then contracts to a smaller size when not in use. The wallet also has a built-in RFID blocker to help protect your credit and debit cards from skimming theft.

The Ridge Wallet is a great choice for people who want a slim, lightweight wallet that can easily hold all their essential cards and cash. And the RFID blocker is an added bonus for extra security protection.

  • Durability
  • Price Point
  • Versatility
  • Warranty


  • Highly durable construction with quality materials
  • Easy to carry wallet that fits easily into your front pocket
  • Featured RFID blocking technology for added cards security
  • Customizable design of the wallet
  • Available in a wide range of colors and material
  • Comfortable wallet design.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Ridge Wallet takes time to get used to.
  • Uncomfortable if you wear it in your back pocket.
  • Only carries up to 12 cards

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For generations, men and women have found way more convenience with a quality pocket wallet. It certainly beats the challenge of searching through a purse to find credit cards, money, and other items we rely upon.

In recent years, more and more companies are offering minimalistic wallets that cut down on the clutter of your life and make it much easier to grab your money, car keys, ChapStick, and mobile before heading to work or out to meet friends.

One of the earliest adopters of this trend is the featured wallet created by the team at Ridge Wallet.

This was one of our more surprising product reviews because we don’t often review something that appears much harsher than it is. The Ridge Wallet may look unforgiving, but it is genuinely easy to use and doesn’t harm your body when placed in your pocket.

In fact, our review team found the featured Ridge Wallet significantly beneficial for many reasons. Read our in-depth user review to determine if the Ridge Wallet is the best money and card carrier for your lifestyle.


Ridge Wallet Overview

Ridge Wallet Review

Alright, this review starts with a trip in the “Way-Back” machine to 2013. Everything about the featured Ridge Wallet began when the founder decided to launch a new Ridge aluminum wallet on Kickstarter.

The initial Ridge Wallet design was quickly funded by users from all over the globe who wanted a more reliable card carrier in a minimalistic style.

Now, you can go online and find hundreds of Ridge Wallet knockoffs, all trying to capture the hype the Ridge Wallet first created all those years ago. Many of the Ridge Wallet reviews from users purchasing a competing product even mention the Ridge Wallet as a better option – that is how well-loved the wallets are.

Besides the incredible featured aluminum and titanium Ridge Wallets, the Ridge Wallet company also offers bags, chargers, and innovative gadgets you may want to check out the next time you are shopping for wallets or digging through Ridge Wallet online reviews.

However, here’s the big kick: all Ridge Wallets feature RFID technology. This prevents scanners from stealing your credit or debit cards information as you walk around. Since 47% of Americans have been subject to credit card fraud in the past five years, having a featured Ridge Wallet to reduce access to your critical cards is essential!

Back to the founding, Ridge Wallet is a father-son team that raised more than $200,000 to create its clip wallet business.

These creative Ridge Wallets are designed to a front pocket wallet. This reduces stress on your spine from bulky back pocket wallets, increases security for your essential cards, and is far more convenient with a Ridge Wallet minimalistic design that clips comfortably into your pocket.


Ridge Wallet Review

Ridge Wallet Overview

Alright, let’s break down some of the more essential features of the Ridge Wallet for your review insights. First off, we want to talk about the Ridge Wallet comfort. Our review team was not looking forward to wearing around a Ridge Wallet carbon, aluminum, or titanium wallets all week long. These featured materials do not necessarily project comfort.

However, the small, minimalistic Ridge Wallet design and ease of use for the front pocket make this wallet far more comfortable than you would expect. Of course, you have to have pockets to make it work, and not all women’s clothing is so forward-thinking, but all in all, our review team found the Ridge Wallet to be an excellent option for carrying around your money and cards.

Other Ridge Wallet featured benefits our review team pointed out include:


Mobile Ready

No, not mobile like your smartphone. We mean portable like you can take the Ridge Wallet anywhere. The first thing you’ll notice is how compact and mobile the wallet is. You can change out the different Ridge Wallet faceplates you want to get a wallet adapted directly to your needs. Everything about the Ridge Wallet is designed to be slim and minimal, so carrying around your cards and money is an easy-to-follow process instead of endless leather compartments.


RFID-Blocking Construction

Even with a variety of carbon, aluminum, titanium, and other optional textures, the Ridge Wallet provides all the RFID protection you could want. This helps you avoid thieves trying to skim your credit card or debit card information while on the go. That way, you don’t get home from a trip to the crowded movie theater only to discover your money has been happily flushed away by a criminal.



Ridge Wallet build quality is made with premium metal and other materials that lend to incredible durability. You don’t have to worry about bending a Ridge Wallet made from carbon, aluminum, and titanium the way you would other cloth materials. The same is true for water damage. We put these Ridge Wallets through the wringer during our review process and found them to be highly durable.



One of the oddest featured aspects of the Ridge Wallet is the way you get cards out of the compartments. There is an included thumb slot in the Ridge Wallet to push cards out of their spacing so you can grab the credit or debit card you need. There were some on our review team that had an endless supply of cards from everything, like a library to the coffee of the month club. In other words, the Ridge Wallet forces you to simplify your life a bit. In total, we were able to fit up to 12 cards in the wallets, but most of us only carried 5-6 crucial cards on hand anyways.



There is a metal clip on the outside of the Ridge Wallet. The way the wallet works is to clip onto the outside of your front pants pocket while the rest of the metal Ridge Wallet sits inside your pocket. This way, the Ridge Wallet is protected, and your money and cards are out of sight yet effortless to get to at a moment’s notice.

As a side note, we don’t live in a highly dangerous area of the world. Our review team couldn’t emulate the experience of walking in a crowded location like Milan, Italy, or New York City, where you may come across thieves willing to lift your Ridge Wallet from your pocket. So we cannot speak to that aspect of the Ridge Wallet.

However, we do live in an area that hosts hackathons and other conventions where it is common knowledge to protect your digital information. So the fact that the Ridge Wallet featured an RFID blocker is pretty impressive to our review team.

Overall, this quality-designed Ridge Wallet featured pretty much everything you could want in a premium and durable method to carry money and cards.

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Ridge Wallet Pros and Cons:

  • Highly durable construction
  • Easy to carry wallet that fits easily in your front pocket
  • Featured RFID blocking technology for added cards security
  • Customizable design of the wallet allows you to change up what you need to carry
  • Available in a wide range of colors and material options
  • Surprisingly comfortable wallet design
  • Free returns for up to 45 days and lifetime warranty
  • The Ridge Wallet takes a while to get used to
  • Uncomfortable if you try to wear it in your back pocket
  • Only carries up to 12 cards


Types of Featured Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet was one of the better-featured companies our product reviews team has ever had the pleasure of working with.

The team at Ridge Wallet offers durable wallets available in:


Ridge Wallet Aluminum

Ridge Wallet Aluminum

This is the company’s featured flagship Ridge Wallet product that was originally used as part of the founding Kickstarter campaign. It is available in carbon fiber, titanium, and the original aluminum Ridge Wallet. The entire minimalist aluminum wallet is extremely slim, meaning you will only be carrying fewer cards (Only the essentials) and money. The price point ranges from $75-$105.

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Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber

Ridge Carbon Fiber

Our review team wanted to point out this Ridge Wallet material option because it is significantly lighter and thinner than pretty much any other option. The carbon fiber wallets means you get a wallet at about 1.6oz – or roughly the same weight as a standard golf ball. That compact size doesn’t compromise the RFID-blocking wallet technology or the durability you want from the Ridge Wallet company.

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Ridge Wallet Titanium

Ridge Titanium

This is the “bad boy” of the Ridge Wallet products because it is available in gunmetal, matte black, burnt, or matte cobalt. It is made to look like you are going to hell and back but still want a reliable and fashionable Ridge Wallet in your pocket, just in case there is a decent coffee shop available along the way.

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Other Color Options

The team at Ridge Wallet developed various color options for everyone’s personal preference. Our review team got an especially big kick out of the multicolored Ridge Wallet tropical option, but others include:

  • Black
  • Gunmetal
  • OD Green (Olive drab, think U.S. Army)
  • Navy (Team Favorite)
  • Desert Tan
  • White
  • Raw (Looks like metal plates)
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Celeste
  • Tropical (Pictured Above)
  • Tiki


Ridge Wallet Cash

We should also include a little about the Ridge Wallet money clip version in our product review. You can carry dollar bills using a cash strap or a money clip. The Ridge Wallet money clip is way sleeker and more practical and comes with an additional $12 to your order. The other option is to use the elastic strap, which does work, but it is not as reliable or easy to remove bills from when you’re on the go.


Best Way to Use the Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet Card Side

The Ridge Wallet is meant for durability, simplification, protection, and convenience. This is intended to be used in your front pocket with the Ridge Wallet clip. That way, you can have easy access your cards or money held inside the different materials (carbon, aluminum, titanium, etc.) Ridge Wallet.

While some users may think the Ridge Wallet is only meant for camping or outdoor activities, our review team thinks this is a great wallet solution for any lifestyle.

You need to have pockets. While our review team always tries to remain gender-neutral, many women-featured styles do not include pockets, so men may see a bit more utility out of the Ridge Wallet instead but only based on that one aspect.

Otherwise, we have plenty of women on our review team who thought the Ridge Wallet carbon was way more efficient than other options. There are certainly plenty of Ridge Wallet reviews from women that enjoy this wallet product.


Ridge Wallet Accessories

As part of our review of Ridge Wallet and how the company provides a heavy-duty alternative to other back pocket wallets that often get worn out, we went a bit deeper into some of the various accessories. These are fantastic compliments of the Ridge line of wallets and would be excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays, or special events.


Ridge Pen

Ridge Pen

With a textured grip and heavy-duty construction, the Ridge Pen is an exceptional addition to the premium products offered by the wallet company. We were happy to look at some of the other aluminum and titanium offerings from Ridge during our review. This is the best pen to bring along if you do a lot of outdoor work or just need a reliable writing instrument that won’t break in your carry-on luggage. The Ridge Pen provides a sleek and professional look with a bolt action mechanism that makes it far less likely you’ll end up with unwanted pen stains on your pants, shirts, or packs.


Ridge Keychain

Ridge KeyChain

If you are going to pick up one of the titanium Ridge wallets, we highly recommend grabbing a Ridge Keychain. Sometimes known as KeyCase, these provide a clean organization of your most frequently needed keys, similar to a Swiss Army Knife. That way, you can easily fold your keys back into the hard case exterior (carbon or aluminum) while the interior rubber keeps your keys safe from dents. As a result, you get way more durability as well as a loop for clipping onto your pants, backpack, and more.


Ridge AirTag

We lost count of how many times members of our review team have misplaced cards, wallets, keys, and more around the house. Many of us have heard of using AirTags to rediscover these items via Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi signal. Ridge provides a hard case for these AirTags to keep them safe that easily attaches to your Ridge Wallet or can be used as a standalone item for your keys, phone case, or other small items. The case is carbon fiber which is a massive improvement on the design of most AirTags that tend to be a bit flimsy.

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Who is the Ridge Wallet For?

Our review team can say with 100% confidence the Ridge Wallet is absolutely helpful for any security-conscious user. The RFID-blocking technology is just as good for the everyday user as someone attending the hacking convention DefCon in Las Vegas.

The Ridge Wallet is also meant for people that prefer a minimalistic lifestyle. It is designed to hold up to 12 cards and folded money but works best with only 5-8 cards. That drastically simplifies what you are carrying around on a daily basis, and many reviews we read about the Ridge Wallet supported this fashion choice.

Our review team highly recommends the Ridge Wallet for anyone doing a lot of traveling. You can store all your essentials in a back or hip pack and keep your essential money and cards inside the carbon, aluminum, or titanium Ridge Wallet in your front pocket. Usually, that means you’ll feel if anyone also tries to steal your Ridge Wallet.


What Do Customers Think?

Ridge Wallet Products

Remember, the Ridge Wallet featured a lifetime warranty. That alone is enough to make the online Ridge Wallet reviews better because customers will see an immediate return on their investment.

With over 19,000 reviews on Amazon, the Ridge Wallet is enjoying a 4.7-4.9-star rating. That is massive!

You do have to be a bit careful when searching for the Ridge Wallet online because there are endless competitors to the original wallets. Anything besides the carbon, aluminum, or titanium design is probably not made by Ridge Wallet.

Our favorite review from a gentleman in the U.S. was:

I purchased this product because someone was able to steal my card information when I was in a big city without taking my card or wallet. I was introduced to the technology of this wallet to prevent card readers from capturing information. Once I saw it, I immediately purchased it, and it has helped me in numerous ways!


To start, it helped me find out what I needed in my wallet and what I didn’t. I was one of those guys with a wallet that stored everything! I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but at the time, I swore when I sat down to drive and had it in my back pocket, I drove towards the edge because I felt lopsided constantly.


The way this wallet is, I only have my essential cards in it. I use the elastic band for cash and no longer place it in my back pocket. Fun fact do not wear this type of wallet in your back pocket with slacks. The corners are not sharp, but after time they will wear out your slacks and create a hole.


This wallet has held up amazingly after owning it for over a year. I’ve dropped it, scrapped it, and even used it to open a bottle cap! I would recommend this product to anyone looking and would repurchase it if I ever needed to.

That details precisely what our review team found about all the featured benefits of using this clip-styled wallet for carrying around cards and money.

As for our review team, we highly recommend the carbon or titanium options. While the aluminum material is nice, the carbon is exceptionally lightweight for a wallet, and the titanium looks like you are straight out of the military.


Are Ridge Wallets Worth It?

Now for the brass tax (or carbon, aluminum, titanium, etc.). We found the Ridge Wallet range from $85 to $140 on Amazon and Ridge’s company’s website. It comes down to your options in your Ridge Wallet design, color, and featured benefits or clip.

That may seem expensive, but remember you get a lifetime warranty. The ROI over time is significant considering the Ridge Wallet material type. Even the lightweight carbon offers exceptional durability options compared to other wallets on the market.

To make this Ridge Wallet even more attractive, you can mess with the design by unsewing the corner-held plates. This means you can get much more value out of the Ridge Wallet to customize it to your cards and money needs. We absolutely suggest you invest in a quality Ridge Wallet money clip. The added $12 is more than worth the cost.


Wrapping it Up

Our product reviews team found the Ridge Wallet to be one of the best wallets available. We think the variety of colors and Ridge Wallet material options (carbon, aluminum, titanium, etc.) combined with the added RFID protection and convenience make this a quality choice over your overstuffed wallet.

If you are considering replacing your traditional wallet, you cannot go wrong with the durability and minimalistic design of the Ridge Wallet product line. This is the best minimalist wallet and with the lifetime guarantee, the last wallet you’ll own even with years of use!

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