5 Easy Methods for DIY Blackout Windows

DIY Blackout Window

Homeowners who are looking for a way to block light from entering their homes frequently choose blackout window treatments. Blackout curtains are beneficial and well-liked by people who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day or for people who are woken up easily on bright mornings.

You might be asking what further advantages there are in selecting blackout shades or blinds, though, given the extensive range of treatments for windows that homeowners can select from. In addition, there are many other benefits to considering blackout treatments for your home, such as noise control, privacy, and saving on electrical bills, in addition to the ability to completely darken one’s bedroom for sleeping. Here are a few other advantages that blackout window coverings can offer you.


Benefits of Blacking out Your Windows

Darkens Light

Darkness is necessary for humans to sleep soundly. The hormone melatonin is produced and released by the pineal gland in response to complete darkness and aids in body relaxation for sleep. Nothing beats a dark room when you want to sleep!

Blackout curtains can block out streetlights and sunlight because they are made from exceptionally densely woven black fabric. This is especially crucial for individuals with young children, sick relatives, or who work night shifts and require sleep during the day. In addition, blackout curtains ensure that the space is as dark and cozy as possible by obstructing nearly 99% of light.


Lessens the Noise Pollution

Your sleep may be disturbed by outside noise. Thankfully, blackout curtains do a good job of keeping it out and providing a quiet environment.

Before the sound enters the room, it is dampened and absorbed by the thick blackout fabric and additional blackout lining. This is useful in busy neighborhoods or cities with heavy traffic where there is a lot of disturbance.


Aids in Energy Bill Saving

A home loses about 30% of its heating energy through its windows.

This increases the amount of energy used by the heating and cooling system. Blackout drapes manage your home’s insulation, managing thermal loss. In addition, the curtains serve as a protective barrier separating your home from the outside.

The curtain traps warm air inside throughout the winter, reducing the need for your HVAC system to work as hard to keep your room warm. These curtains block the sunlight out of your home during the summer, keeping the interiors pleasant and cozy. This greatly lowers your carbon footprint and energy costs.


Provides Complete Privacy

Blackout curtains serve as a shield from the prying eyes of the outside world with their dark, opaque-lined panels. These curtains, which are typically made from woven, thick fabrics like velvet, felt, or suede, block the entry of all external light and provide complete privacy even during the day.

When privacy is a top priority, blackout curtains are the best option for bedrooms and bathrooms.


A Wise Investment

Blackout curtains endure longer than conventional curtains because they are made from thicker fabrics. You can choose to have them customized or purchase them already made. They are undoubtedly more expensive than other drapes and curtains, but they are worthwhile.

Blackout curtains enhance the appearance of your home in addition to acting as insulation and reducing your energy costs. Blackout curtains are a fantastic investment because of their adaptability and attractive qualities.

Both the appearance of your home and the comfort of the occupants are greatly influenced by the window treatment or window frame you choose. Several drapery shops sell blackout curtains, but not all of them are trustworthy. A true drapery expert will assist you in making an informed decision between pre-made and custom blackout curtains. They’ll assist you with everything from installation to measurement.


Made For All Year

By preventing sunlight from entering your home and controlling heat, these curtains can keep it cool during the summer. Blackout curtains also can keep the cold outside and the warmth inside during the winter. They are perfect for single-glazed windows, which are typically found in historic homes. You can use them all year round thanks to their adaptability.


Energy Efficiency and Proper Insulation

The conversion and creation of heat through the windows account for at least one-third of all energy loss. This, therefore, results in an increase in energy use by your home’s heating and cooling system.

The home’s insulation can be managed by blackout curtains, reducing thermal loss. According to many manufacturers, it can cut thermal loss by up to 25%, which can drastically lower your electricity bill.


Uninterrupted Multipurpose Room

Working from home has become commonplace in the post-pandemic world. You may create an inclusive, tranquil environment at home with the newer innovation: motorized blackout blinds. They can also be used to completely block out any undesirable light so that you can watch a movie in the afternoon.

While having natural light in our homes is something we all enjoy, keeping the sunlight out when necessary is just as important.


5 Best DIY Methods to Black Out Your Windows

Does the bright morning sun interfere with your beauty rest? Here are some creative ways to block out the light without blackout curtains.


Use Window Blinds

This method of covering a window in darkness is fairly common. Window coverings may be set up easily and look beautiful in practically any room.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this solution, therefore it is possible to debate whether it is realistic.

Unquestionably advantageous is the ease with which the blinds’ inclination can be changed. By turning the blinds at a specific angle and using a special mechanism—adjustment mechanisms can vary—you can regulate the space between them. The farther apart they are, the more sunlight passes through the blinds and vice versa. Unfortunately, this is also where the benefits stop and the issues start.

First, using window shades to open and close windows can be a hassle. Second, they are challenging to keep up with, and many of them don’t look very appealing in a home. Third, they no longer shield you from the sun when you open a window for air unless you cover the window and stop the breeze and cool air from coming through. Last, window blinds don’t keep the room completely dark since sunlight still seeps through the cracks in the blinds.

Benefits of Window coverings

  • Compactness
  • Wide selection
  • Minimizing space
  • Prolonged useful life
  • Blocks out most sunlight
  • Easy to adjust and handle


If you’re interested in getting window blinds, there are many options to choose from on Amazon.


Blackout Curtains

As this article mentions, blackout curtains are perhaps the easiest and most practical choice. In addition, practically every room has curtains by default, with the possible exception of the kitchen and the balcony.

This makes it an easy switch to replace the curtains with blackout curtains.

You don’t need to make any unnecessary gestures to stop sunlight from entering the room. If you are looking for the right blackout curtain, we recommend picking heavy drapes that ideally have multiple layers.

In this case, practical considerations may be more important than aesthetics.

Despite all their benefits, traditional or blackout curtains don’t always fit the room. Sometimes they can be more of a hassle when hanging behind a desk or dresser. There are certainly both pros and cons when choosing the right curtain. If you’d like to look through, you can search for various types of DIY blackout curtains here on Amazon.


Get a Mesh Liner

Although employing a mesh liner won’t keep your room dark, the good news is that it allows for airflow. This very affordable solution can be set up quickly and without any issues. Mesh cloth, which is semi-blackout, works nicely when placed in between two blackout window coverings. The mesh liner’s ability to let in little light and let fresh air into your room is a plus.

To install it, cut the mesh liner to the window’s measurements. Ensure that everything fits precisely in your window. Use the hooks to install it as an additional curtain and attach it for permanent use.

On the other hand, if you only intend to use the mesh blackout liner for temporary solutions, tape it down. On Amazon, there is a good selection of mesh liners.


Use Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is one method you can use to darken your room completely. You can use painter’s tape to attach aluminum foil to the window, making it a fairly affordable way to cover a window. In addition, mirror-like aluminum foil is excellent in reflecting sunlight.

In not being able to pass through aluminum, the sun’s rays are reflected off of it, which significantly lowers the room’s temperature. It works as an excellent insulator, retaining between 80 and 90 percent of the sun’s rays, as well as ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Aluminum foil is a DIY idea that will almost always be sufficient to prevent the room from overheating. Who knew tin foil could also block out the sun?


Get a Window Tint Film

If you want to cover windows, tint film is a fantastic option. You can completely enclose the window pane using window film. Windows can be easily and effectively darkened with tint film, and they come in a wide variety, vary in light transmittance, and even have various colors. This substance is a thin laminated layer that is either glued on the inside or outside of the glass.

It is challenging to see tinting on your window if it is adhered well, which can be a significant advantage for privacy. Also, the window’s view stays visible. They effectively deflect the sun’s rays, making your space darker. View additional window tint film models here on Amazon.


Wrapping it Up

There are a variety of solutions to choose from when it comes to blacking out your windows that wont cost you a lot of money. These include window tint film to aluminum foil. We understand how frustrating it can be to continually wake up early in the morning due to bright sunlight or suffer through extremely hot days.

For those looking for an easy solution, We recommend looking through the ideas provided in this article to find the best way to go for your home. You’ll find one of these to be a great option for a DIY method. The most important thing about blackout windows is to ensure the solution provides you with a darker room for your needs. Wether its for media rooms, bedroom, or office you can purchase manof the products on Amazon, Home Depot or even your local fabric store.



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