RinseKit Review – Is The Portable Shower Worth It?

RinseKit review
RinseKit Review


A RinseKit is a portable shower that delivers pressurized water from a reservoir in the kit. It’s perfect for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, or for anyone who wants to avoid waiting in line for the public showers at a beach or park. The RinseKit can also be used as an emergency backup shower during a power outage or natural disaster.

The RinseKit’s pressurized water delivery system quickly rinses off soap and dirt, and can even be used to rinse off your pet dog or cat. The kit includes a detachable hose with multiple spray settings, an on-board storage container that holds up 1.5-4.5  gallons of water, and a quick-connect nozzle.

  • Portability
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost
  • Durability


  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a hard shell case for durability
  • Convenient handle for quick carrying to your camp location


  • Can only take quick showers
  • Heating options cost extra
  • More expensive in the Portable Shower category

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It is almost impossible to explore social media today and not see another young couple out exploring the world in a converted van, RV, or school bus. The allure of living life on the road without the restriction of local HOAs or busy-body neighbors is undoubtedly attractive.

The only problem is how do you stay clean when on the road? A relatively new product from the team at RinseKit provides a simple and easy-to-use water and hose shower system that will give you the portable cleaning experience you need. That way, you don’t have to suffer endless miles without feeling fresh and revived.

Our review team had a blast exploring the features and capabilities of the portable RinseKit shower and water system. Read on to learn our thoughts on this travel must-have gadget.


What is RinseKit Portable Shower?

First off, we have to say this is a highly useful Product. The RinseKit portable shower may seem like a strange extravagance, but think about how many times you have been at a beach or a BBQ with your kids or dog and needed to hose off the family. As the original portable shower company, the road to creation started by solving a problem the founder kept having.

Founder Chris Crawford created the first version of RinseKit in 2014. He is an avid surfer and thought up the self-pressurized portable RinseKit with a spray nozzle because of frustration over not being able to shower off all of the sand after a session. Since then, this has become a travel enthusiast’s method of getting a decent cleaning with surprisingly good pressure, clean water, easy to use hose nozzle system, and a spray that gets all of your body parts.

Although featured on Shark Tank, the company has remained primarily a small, family-owned endeavor, with Chris still at the helm of the RinseKit portable shower and related Products like the Pro, Pad, and Pak.


How Does RinseKit Work?

There are different versions of the RinseKit portable shower system that Provide different levels of constant pressure and spray capabilities. In general, you get a portable POD filled with water that allows you to rinse or shower off while on the road. The RinseKit portable shower can be filled again with little to no hassle, and each level of the product has a different pressure setting that last a long time. The shower head is easy to use and work similar to your gardening nozzle.

If you are imagining you are getting a luxurious spa treatment, shake that thought away. However, you are getting a quality shower that will leave you feeling fresh and clean for the rest of the day. This is more of a rinse, pause the water pressure, soap up, then rinse again, kind of experience. Honestly, that is what most of our review team would want while on the road, on vacation, camping, surfing, or any other outdoor activity.

The range of RinseKit Products goes from 1.5-gallon to 4.5-gallon water tank. That will give you a solid amount of time to get rinsed off and clean before heading to your next travel destination or getting ready for a quick bite at a local restaurant after a long day at the beach.

A small bungee hose is attached that is more than long enough for our review team over 6 feet. You will need to take special care of the adapter for filling up the RinseKit Products. This allows you to snap on/snap off of your home hose or a water spigot on the road.


Portability & Durability

Water is heavy. That being said, you do not feel like you are lugging around a giant container with the RinseKit. Even the largest Pro Pak was easy for our review team members to fill up, store in a car, and grab a quick rinse. You will most likely use the RinseKit as part of your car’s essential gear and not something you would want to store in a backpack while hiking.

We found the RinseKit to be highly durable and made from premium plastic and supporting materials. In addition, the RinseKit is 100% waterProof, which is kind of necessary for a Product that allows you to store a lot of water for later use. 

We only mention this because we have a frequent kayaker on the team who needs to hose off the bottom of their gear before leaving certain lakes in the area so as not to distribute invasive species of plants. He loved that the RinseKit is so durable for riding in the back of a sea kayak.


RinseKit Portable Shower Products

Let’s get into the meat of our RinseKit review and look at the different available Products. Each one of these is rated for a different size, but in general, you get a quality item for use as a portable rinse, spray, or shower.


RinseKit POD Portable Shower

 This is the smallest available portable shower system from RinseKit, coming in at 1.5 gallons. The compact design is known as the RinseKit POD because it is so small and has a convenient handle for portability. This is the option you would take with you to the beach after a long day of surfing or to a family BBQ where there are bound to be messy kiddos.

The RinseKit POD is battery-powered and weighs about 86 oz (5.4 pounds). It includes a 6-foot hose with a 1.6-inch wide shower spray. You get around 60-65 PSI of water pressure, which is more than enough pressure for a quick rinse (about the same as an outdoor faucet). Like most garden hoses, you get a spray with different settings to direct the water in the way you want. With this RinseKit POD Product, you can expect roughly a 4-5 minute shower, depending on the spray setting you are using with the water hose.

The RinseKit POD is an easy-to-use small portable shower that only takes about 30 seconds to fill from your local garden hose. You can heat up the water by leaving the RinseKit POD in the sun for a few hours.


RinseKit POD Pros and Cons

  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a hard shell case for durability
  • Convenient handle for quick carrying to your camp location
  • Probably no longer than a 5-minute shower
  • The heating element costs extra


RinseKit Pro Portable Shower


We are going to skip over the RinseKit Plus portable shower and get right to the RinseKit Pro. The RinseKit Plus is pretty much the same as the Pro, just in a smaller size.

As for the RinseKit Pro portable shower, you are looking at a bit of a price jump. That mostly has to do with the water capacity and form factor. This is a 3.5-gallon battery-powered pressure shower with many options for spray and water use. This allows a much longer shower experience, depending on the spray setting you are using.

You get around a 50 PSI water system, which we like better than the RinseKit POD. That is more than enough water pressure to get rid of grime from your dishes or dirt from your pup. The RinseKit Pro also comes with a 12-volt battery plug that you can use to charge external devices. With a top open compartment, getting water from any source into the RinseKit Pro is incredibly easy. You could theoretically take the whole RinseKit Pro and skim lake water if needed.

When you are done with the RinseKit Pro and want a little extra storage, there is are convenient drain plug ports at the bottom, like in old-school ice boxes, to drain the water.


RinseKit Pro Pros and Cons

  • Much larger water system capacity
  • Allows 6-7 minute showers
  • Charging capabilities
  • Easy to drain and store
  • The larger form-factor is much heavier and meant for cars


RinseKit Pro Pak Portable Shower

 Now for the big boy! The RinseKit Pro Pak provides a larger tank of all the RinseKit Products. If you want a guaranteed shower experience, this is Probably what you are going to want to get. At roughly 4.5 gallons of water capacity, you can get truly clean and relaxed, most likely with a decent shampoo and conditioner experience as well.

The battery in the RinseKit Pro Pak delivers a much more consistent spray than the others. This is what you would want with a lot of sand or mud. If you are an avid RV’er, this is Probably the option of RinseKit you are going to need. The entire RinseKit Pro Pak has EVA foam molding with one-inch thick insulation to maintain the Proper temperature.

The exterior of the RinseKit Pro Pak includes some MOLLE webbing to mount and store different tactical gear. That way, you can keep your toiletries, like soap, toothpaste, etc., without needing another bag. You also get the 12-volt external device charging a 7-foot-long silicone hose that is sure to void kinks.

The only thing we want to be sure to mention about this giant portable shower is that the RinseKit Pro Pak weighs about 60 pounds when it is full of water. So make sure you account for that before you fill it up as it will be different to move by a single person.


RinseKit Pro Pak Pros and Cons 

  • A superior portable shower experience
  • Long-lasting spray due to high water capacity
  • Plenty of storage
  • External charging of devices
  • Extremely heavy when full
  • A bit pricy compared to the other options


RinseKit Accessories

As part of our RinseKit review, we were treated to three of the models available but not the accessories. However, we wanted to point them out because they expand on the capabilities of this incredible portable shower experience.


Water Heaters

If you want to warm shower, different versions of RinseKit Products have water heating systems. There is a RinseKit Pro immersion heater that sinks into the cold water inside the kit or even a hyperheater for instant results.


Pressure Pumps

You will get anywhere from 50-65 PSI from the RinseKit water system, but if you want a boost, there are pressure pumps that can increase that number. Just be aware the more pressure you are using to spray water, the quicker you deplete the water level inside each RinseKit Product.



There are hose bib adapters and hot water adapters, so you can hook on to practically any water source with the quick connect coupler. If you are going to pick up the RinseKit POD, we highly recommend you spend the extra $6.95 and pick up a second hose bib adapter, just in case.


RinseKit Shelter Shower Tent

This is our favorite RinseKit accessory. For around $180, you get a standalone tent with 13 different storage pockets and a nozzle mount that allows pretty much anyone in your part to take a shower. There is a two-compartment system, one dry and the other for the shower. That way, you can change without getting wet.


RinseKit Portable Shower Uses

The fundamental value Proposition of the RinseKit portable shower system is that you can rinse off anything from your messy child to the dirt on your shoes after a long run anywhere you want. This is a highly portable solution to getting water when you need it most for cleaning.

Our review team used one of the RinseKit Products for everything from camping with the family to giving a dog a quick freshening up after rolling in some ash from a dormant campfire (yup, that was fun).

Most likely, this is a device you will keep in the trunk area of your car for use when you go to a beach, local park, or other water areas. This is because the RinseKit makes it easy to spray away dirt, sand, and grim from places where it would usually be trapped, only to fall into the deep crevasses of your car later on.

We also want to ensure all of our RV and road warriors out there hear about the RinseKit portable shower. The RinseKit Pro Pak is perfect for filling up at a docking station and then having a shower anytime you need it for the rest of the day.


What are RinseKit Customers Saying?

RinseKit has positive reviews on most sites, including Amazon, with a 4.0 out of 5 stars. The significant complaints had to do with the smaller RinseKit versions like the RinseKit POD not having enough shower time beyond 5 minutes or needing an accessory to heat up faster than with solar panels or natural light.

Otherwise, consumers seem more than happy with the versatile capabilities of the RinseKit portable shower system. A lot of people liked the fact that the RinseKit hose is long enough to really use compared to others, the water pressure was surprisingly good, and the accessories available made for a wonderful at-home or on-the-road shower experience.

We wanted to point out two different user reviews that outline the portability and versatility of the RinseKit POD:

We bought the system to use as a hand wash station for our youth football Program. As we welcomed back football during Covid, it was important to add a hand wash station on top of our other sanitizing stations. We were told by our expert that washing hands is the best way to stop the spread. This system allowed us to wash our hands anywhere, which was a perfect fit for us.


My sons have been surfing for many years and always kept a gallon jug w warm water for rinsing themselves and boards… the rinse kit had a surfer/ camper/ or any outdoors type who needs to clean up!!

Is this a miraculous spa treatment at a luxury hotel – nope. What the RinseKit portable shower Provides is cleaning and rinsing after a long day at the beach or some other outdoor activity. It is convenient and easy to use for practically any application. 

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Is the RinseKit Portable Shower Worth It?

The simple answer – yes! The RinseKit portable shower is going to become an essential part of your van life or outdoor activity travel. If you think about how annoying sand and dirt can be in your car or on your person when you want to go from the beach to the restaurant, then this is a fantastic solution.

We especially suggest the RinseKit portable shower for anyone that enjoys van life or frequent road journeys. Even long-haul truckers can appreciate having a portable shower available after a long shift going across America’s highway system.

The RinseKit Pro Pak is a bit pricy but a good idea for on-the-road travelers. For our money, we liked the RinseKit POD for backyard needs and local travel to lakes or family BBQs. 

We were able to find some deals online at Amazon and other retailers that offered anywhere from 10-15% off of the RinseKit line of portable showers compared to the actual website of the RinseKit company.

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Wrapping It Up

Anyone that enjoys outdoor adventures for extended periods should invest in a RinseKit portable shower. You get excellent water pressure, ease of use hose, and a simple, portable device to take anywhere you and your family get dirty. The build quality of each of their products will last for years regardless of the adventure you choose. We especially think the RinseKit is an excellent solution for avid surfers, van lifers or anyone who needs a good camp shower.

Depending on how much water you need, there’s a RinseKit for your needs. So pick up a RinseKit today and experience the incredible refreshing joy of a quick shower when you need it most anywhere you go next.




Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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