Fizzics Review: Is the DraftPour Dispenser Worth it?

Fizzics Review
Fizzics Review


Fizzics is a technology that can enhance the taste, aroma and mouthfeel of beer. It does this by using sound waves to create micro-bubbles, which improve the beer’s head and body. The result is a smoother, more enjoyable experience when drinking beer.

Though it might seem like witchcraft, the science behind Fizzics is actually pretty straightforward. When sound waves are directed at a liquid, they create cavitation – tiny bubbles that form and collapse in rapid succession. This process can improve beer’s head and body by giving it more active bubbles that help release aromas and flavors as you drink.


  • Usability
  • Build Quality
  • Price
  • Variety


  • Quickly intensified aromatics and flavor
  • Results are a creamy, rich mouthfeel with plenty of head
  • No accessories required to Operate
  • Cleans quickly 
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Works with a wide array of craft beer sizes


  • Requires cleaning after each use
  • The micro-foam feature takes a little bit to use well
  • You can end up with a lot of head 

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Every once in a while, we get a product review to test out that makes all of our team members put on a smile, and the Fizzics DraftPour is the best example of such a craft product. This is a system that allows you to transform your favorite craft bottle or favorite cans of beer into poured delights through a dispenser system similar to old-school pubs.

Most of our review team would be considered social drinkers, meaning what we enjoy the most is sharing the atmosphere of a good pint, great friends, and the best small-town bar culture. Several members of our team are avid beer drinkers and can be very particular to the quality of the beer taste. So this is the best home accessory to get similarly poured craft beers at home to share with your friends.

We will go through the Fizzics DraftPour system in detail, but we’re going to be ambitious and say upfront – this is the best craft beer system worth the purchase, especially if you share your favorite craft drinks with friends. Let’s dive in!


Fizzics Overview


When you go to your favorite bar and watch the barkeep use an oversized craft beer tap, you will like the Fizzics DraftPour beer dispenser. The entire system makes your countertop feel like the best home craft beer bar in the world to share with friends.

The Fizzics DraftPour has high mobility and can be poured using a USB cable or standard AA batteries. That means you can share craft beers freshly poured with friends at home, at a local BBQ, at a birthday party, or while tailgating. Talk about the best system dispenser to elevate your tailgating game!

This iteration of the Fizzics DraftPour is actually the third-generation product of the best home craft beers accessory. The dispenser system aims to take any craft beer and convert it into a smooth and creamy “nitro-style draft flavor” poured drink you can share with friends.

Brewmasters approve of the Fizzics DraftPour because of the technology and efficiency of the home system. That is also why the Fizzics company was featured and approved by the sharks on Shark Tank for additional funding with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

The Fizzics DraftPour is also an excellent way to enjoy and share the best craft beers without using a ton of extra plastics. Everything can be run through the dispenser system with ease. That way, you can keep a supply of favorite mugs and glasses for your friends to use when you share the craft beer experience from this system.

With so many of us now focusing on improving our homes, backyards, and fun hangout spaces, the Fizzics DraftPour makes an excellent addition to enhance your relaxing area of preference.


Fizzics Beer Dispenser Review

First off, our review team wants to say a big thank you to Fizzics. This was truly one of the more enjoyable review experiences we have ever had in our home office. We transformed our space into a Cheers-styled bar with a few of the Fizzics DraftPour dispenser stations around our desks. The number of extra hours our team spent hanging around and chatting during this review was because this system creates the best at-home relaxing atmosphere.


What does the Fizzics DraftPour Do?


Okay, back to the science. This dispenser system recreates freshly poured craft beers precisely as you would get at a local pub house. You open your bottle of beer or can of beer, set it inside the Fizzics DraftPour, and pull the tap handle. The dispenser does the rest.

There is a way to get micro-foam from the Fizzics DraftPour, which is what you want for the best craft beers to share. The system uses sound technology process that sends sound waves to the beers, resulting in a uniform smaller bubble similar to beers on nitro at a bar instead of using CO2.

That creates a creamier mouthfeel for dark beers and brown ales. For lighter beers, you get a unique impression that brings out the beer’s flavor profile of the craft maker. When you share these craft beers with your friends, you’ll immediately see the surprise on their faces. It is like tasting your favorite craft beers for the first time.


Are We Talking Carbonation?

No, the Fizzics DraftPour does not introduce carbonation into your craft beers. This system is not designed to carbonate flat or still beers and ciders. Instead, it adds a richer and softer mouthfeel to beers that make them noticeably softer as you would enjoy in a traditional Irish or British pub. You still maintain your beer’s natural carbonation.


What Beers Does the Fizzics DraftPour Work For?

We were able to get everything from a 12oz bottle of our favorite IPAs to 22oz bombers and even a few 750ml bottles of cider through the Fizzics DraftPour system. The manufacturer and product designers went out of their way to make this best dispenser system widely adaptable for at-home use.

We should note that ciders are not recommended for use when you want to share the benefits of the Fizzics system. That is because they are a bit harder to clean up after use.

That includes cleaning the Fizzics DraftPour. With so many craft beers passing through the system to share with friends, you would think it would get dirty quickly. Luckily, the base and tower of the Fizzics DraftPour come apart quickly, so you can wipe them down and rinse out the intake tube quickly when you want to share a variety of drinks over a single session.

We would reassemble the Fizzics DraftPour after cleaning it and then run a glass of water through to be sure everything was cleaned out.


Complete Portability

We loved how small and compact the Fizzics DraftPour is in our review office. It easily fits best onto any countertop and only weighs about 3.5 pounds, making it light enough to carry wherever you want to go and share craft beers.

The dispenser system also looks sleek. We have a member of our review team that has a backyard bar and purchased two of the Fizzics DraftPour dispensers for his own craft beer that he makes. From what he reports, it has made his beers a bit richer in flavor and adds the right amount of foam. This made drinking the homemade craft beers way more exciting than straight from the bottle.

The trick we found was to release the handle and wait a moment for the flow of the craft beers to stop when your glass is about two-thirds full. This way, the Fizzics machine will pour out a more intense sound before shooting out a sizable amount of head that sits perfectly atop your poured craft beer to share.

For example, we have a review team member that loves Dogfish Head’s Namaste white ale. That is the one with coriander and peppercorn spices. When she ran the beers through the Fizzics DraftPour dispenser, she was able to give them an attractive and frothy head that settled over time. The result was the best picture-perfect pour that you could share on Instagram.

You just have to remember that Fizzics is not a kegerator, and it isn’t trying to be. This is a method of producing craft beers at home to share with friends, all through a compact and portable system. As long as you keep that expectation in mind, the Fizzics DraftPour will be an excellent purchase.


Different Models

DraftPour Colors

You can purchase the Fizzics DraftPour in colors of Carbon, Ice, Copper, Pub, Pub Special, and Carbon Case Pkg. We highly recommend the Copper or Pub Special as these look the best on your counter. They wipe down easily to maintain that finished look you would want.

Fizzics does have a few accessories like a set of craft beer glasses, a Fizzics growler, and a hard shell carry case, but this company does not go out of its way to separate from their prized product. This highly specialized dispenser can easily rest on its own successes instead of having hundreds of complementary products to confuse a buyer.

The prices we saw ranged from $124 to $149, depending on the type of model you picked out. There are numerous discount codes available online, including on the Fizzics store itself, for anywhere from 10-15% off the purchase price. Again, this is a company putting all of its craft beer eggs in a single basket, and it has worked out well.

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Fizzics DraftPour Pros and Cons

  • Easy set up with a USB plug or AA battery power
  • Quickly intensified aromatics and flavor profiles of various beers
  • Results are a creamy head
  • No accessories are required for operation
  • Cleans quickly and takes up a small amount of counter space
  • Reasonable pricing with excellent customer service
  • Available on their home website, Amazon, and most retail websites
  • Works with a wide array of craft beer sizes
  • You really should clean it out after each use session to ensure it doesn’t get clogged or gross
  • The micro-foam feature takes a little bit to understand and use well
  • You can end up with a lot of head if you are not careful


What Do Customers Think?


Fizzics enjoys a high rating on most review websites. With over 1,600 Amazon reviews, it ranges from 4.4-4.7 stars out of 5, which is nothing to shake a stick at. In addition, it is currently ranked number one in Beer Brewing Kegs and Kegging, which is a bit ironic because it isn’t a keg at all, but we’ll take it!

You also should note this was a massive success by the sharks on Shark Tank. The product was able to wow people who are experts in business and had done very well with online brewmasters.

Basically, everyone seems to agree this is one step shy of a professional bar keg, but about as close as you could want for at-home use without spending a great deal of money or investing in systems that require a ton of maintenance. For example, one buyer said:

“It gets most of the way to a draught pour. Honestly, it’s the most anyone could hope for without actual kegs. Great investment for the price. It’s not perfect, but it’s still well worth it for a beer enthusiast who doesn’t want to break the bank.”

This is also the perfect Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday present for the craft beer fans in your life. Not knocking on women. We have plenty of proud females on our review team that loves a good pint. Just that the Fizzics DraftPour fits the mold of “to buy” Father’s Day items perfectly. For example:

“I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband, and he couldn’t be happier!! Loves this thing! Tried the beer side by side straight from the bottle and poured from the Fizzics, and it makes a wonderful difference! He got my dad hooked, and now he needs one too, lol. Great purchase!!”

The only complaints from consumers seem to be because you need to clean the Fizzics DraftPour dispenser system after each session and the price tag.

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Is the Fizzics DraftPour Worth It?

Yes! Our review team believes the Fizzics DraftPour to be an excellent investment for your home. This allows you to easily share delicious craft beers with the perfect head without needing to spend $10 per beer at a local pub overcrowded with tourists.

We did end up purchasing Fizzics for our review office, for only party use, of course (wink, wink). While the initial price tag may seem a bit much, when you go look at your local bar’s costs and tipping suggestions, you’ll figure out quickly that this is more than worth the price.

That is especially true if you share a lot of events, food, and drinks with friends at your home or local BBQ location. The portability and ease of use make this a popular accessory for picnics and tailgating.

Speaking of which, we all need to head out to a local community baseball game and will be bringing along a Fizzics DraftPour, just in case, so let’s wrap this up.


Wrapping it Up

The Fizzics DraftPour is an exceptionally easy method of bringing pub-quality craft brewery into your home as your personal beer tap to share with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. It is easy to move around and can run on a USB cable or AA batteries. The compact design and sleek styling look perfect in a wide array of applications, and you can use practically any kind of can or bottle you enjoy in the growler.

Regardless of your beer styles, the Fizzics draft beer dispenser will provide an ideal micro-foam head with a taste that will impress even the harshest beer snob with that fresh tap taste.

We think this is more than worth the price and encourage anyone who enjoys the best beers to give it a shot. We hope this review helped shed some light on the Fizzics DraftPour system, and from all of us at our review team, raising a glass to all of our readers out there, please drink responsibly.

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