The Ultimate FIXD Diagnostic Tool Review


Do you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars in auto repair costs? If so, then you’ll love the revolutionary FIXD diagnostic scanner that lets you know when there’s an issue with your car.

I believe we can all agree that one thing every car owners hate is the check engine light. Nothing triggers frustration faster than seeing the check engine light come on when you’re using your vehicle. It signifies that it is time to stop by the mechanic workshop and fully work up your vehicle. But luckily, with FIXD, you now have an alternative to those workshop visits to help avoid car problems before they begin.

FIXD promises to transform your relatively dumb car into its innovative version by sending its diagnostic information right to your smartphone. With this diagnostic tool, you can perform a quick scan of your car to diagnose why the check engine light was on. The whole scan is seamless and takes just a few minutes to complete. After the diagnostic scan displays its exact observations and the parts that need your attention on the app.

One of the most significant benefits you can get to enjoy with FIXD is the ability to use various sensors with each of your cars, accessing each one via a smartphone app. As long as the car’s model isn’t below 1996 and operates on gas, you can use FIXD with it. All you have to do is plug it in, and the FIXD sensor will keep monitoring your car and point out any issues it has. Besides, you can also use this tool to create reminders of your routine maintenance, such as getting an oil change. And the best thing is that FIXD works without any dedicated accessories or tools.

In essence, with FIXD, any car (even your older used car) can be a smart one. With that said, this article covers all you need to know about FIXD, suppose you want to give it a trial. It covers pros, cons, and relevant functionalities you should know about this car sensor.

  • Easy To Install

  • Easy to use App

  • Affordable

  • Instant Alert Notification 

  • iOS and Andriod App

FIXD Review

FIxd Diagnostic Scanner Review

A car is a machine. And as such, just like every machine, any of its components may develop some faults in the long run, the engine inclusive. Anytime the engine has any problem, minor or severe, the check engine light present on your dashboard comes on. This indication may sometimes warn you of potential issues that may worsen as time goes on.

FIXD is a viable option for anyone who wants to save money in the long term. Not knowing what the issue is will ultimately make you leave your engine untreated. And doing this will take a toll on its functionalities, costing even more thousands of dollars to fix it later.

So, if you are someone who has their car’s best interest at heart and wants to maintain and care for this asset, we highly recommend this diagnostic sensor for you.

Besides, it is also a handy tool for new drivers/ drivers of new car models who want to know what their check engine light indicates. Rather than displaying random error codes , FIXD gives you an explanation of what was detected in plain english .

Do you lose track of the regular maintenance your car requires? You’re not alone.

Most car owners, ourselves included, are in this category. FIXD is also a viable option for you. Getting an oil change for you car varies depending on its model or make. However, generally, experts recommend that you change It every 3000 to 6000+ miles.

With this, even if you set reminders on your phone, you may still sometimes lose track or forget to change your oil when required.

FIXD features an app that allows you to create personalized reminders of when your car needs maintenance. Again, anyone who wants the best for their vehicles will benefit from this app and tool.


How Does FIXD Work?

Once you purchase FIXD, you can access a scanner and the FIXD app board diagnostics.

Before running a scan on your car with it, you must plug it in.

This setup is similar to one of those boxes that insurers provide to lower your rates. So, if you’ve ever used them, you’ll know how the setup works.

Now, you’ll need to open your phone’s app store (available on iPhone and android phones), where you purchase and download applications.

Plug in the the FIXD scanner and launch the downloaded app. You can use your smartphone’s Bluetooth to search for the sensor and create the needed connection.

Once you’ve connected, click on your screen and select the appropriate options that inform the app that you want to scan your car.

On completing the diagnostic scan or the first time, the app displays every one of its observations. This informs you about the faults in your car, their possible solutions, or what you should tell your mechanic later.

Below is step-by-step video of how to install and set up the FIXD Diagnostic Scanner:


Is The FIXD Diagnostic Sensor For Me?

Fixd Features

Health is wealth. This quote is also applicable to your vehicle’s overall health. It’s just as important. An issue as minor as loose wire in a car can make your check dash lights come up and remain like that for several days until you address the possible problem.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no guarantee that the check engine light comes on for a minor issue, though, which is where the importance of FIXD, a diagnostic scanning tool, comes in.

FIXD features a sensor that you can plug in and set up within a few seconds. That’s not all! It also has an app that works pretty well with that tool.

One of the significant upsides to this tool is that it doesn’t need you to charge it, neither does it need new batteries.

The power your engine generates is all it requires to function. As long as there’s a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the tool, you can always access the app fully.

Before you can gain full access to the FIXD interface after downloading the app, you must create an account.

Although this is a tool that we highly recommended for anyone who loves to take care of their car, as we go through this review, we’ll show you some of the pros and cons to help you make a confident purchase.



Seamless and Quick Scan 

Although there is an endless list of diagnostic tools you can use for your cars at home, the FIXD mode of operation is faster than a significant percentage of those tools.

Typically, making a full scan and viewing the results on the app only requires a few minutes. Also, FIXD offers the option of conducting a scan on the go or at home.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in your car or standing on a driveway; all you need to do is open the app and start scanning. What FIXD accomplishes within a few minutes might relatively take hours in a mechanic shop.


Presentation of Discovered Issues 

One feature we liked about FIXD is how it clearly presents the issues discovered.

After clicking the scan button, the app automatically opens a new window, where it presents how many issues are found.

It also shows you the gravity of those issues, thereby informing you whether it requires immediate attention or a problem you can manage for a few days before repair.

FIXD uses red, yellow, green colors to indicate minor to more severe issues. In understandable terms, you are able to easily identify what the issue is and determine if your car needs maintenance service immediately or if you can delay your visit.


Several Cars on One Account

Most diagnostic scanning tools available in the market today are only usable for one car.

However, FIXD is taking a step away from the norms. Although FIXD also requires you to use the tool for a car, it also allows you to use an account to monitor every other scanner you may use.

For instance, let’s assume you drive a car, and your spouse and kids have theirs.

You can purchase and install scanning tools on every car and run scans using the app on your phone. Also, you can use this same app to set reminders about potential maintenance they may require.


Identifies a Broad Range of Issues

The most significant reason you’ll ever want to use FIXD is the range of issues it can identify in your car.

According to FIXD, this tool can find over 6,000 problems ranging from minor ones to more serious ones.

It also tells you immediately whether or not you should have a mechanic handle the task.

FIXD can tell you if your air sensor has issues or when you should tighten your gas cap – it sees it all! And once you identify and fix this issue, the app will let you clear out the check engine light.


Clears your Check Engine Light 

Seeing check engine lights come on and staying for days or weeks can be a frustrating experience. You want to know where the issue came from and fix it as soon as possible.

And ultimately, if you later discovered that it is a minor issue like a cracked lid on the gas tank, you may become even more frustrated for leaving the issue to linger for so long.

When you conduct a diagnostic scan but don’t have the time to fix the problems immediately, FIXD offers the option to clear the check engine light.

This turns off the check engine light and keeps it from coming back. Keep in mind, if the issue is a larger one, you’ll want to get it repaired soon to avoid an expensive repair bill down the road.


FIXD Estimates Costs 

Suppose you’ve been involved in a car accident that requires significant repair. In that case, insurers suggest some shops you can get the repair done and recommend that you get estimates from other available options.

This process can consume a lot of time and may go on for an extended period, leaving you overwhelmed.

FIXD has a feature that eases this whole process. This feature gives you estimates depending on your current location.

This app tells you the potential costs the parts may incur and the average labor cost for such a task.


Vehicle History

Apart from clearing check engine lights, it also keeps your vehicle history. Every time you scan your car, it creates a report of its observations. Using these reports, you can access previous diagnostic scans and see everything you need to know about your car’s history.


iOS and Android Support 

Most FIXD alternative tools We’ve reviewed only worked with one operating system. The ones suitable for Android are not available for iOS, and vice versa.

So, if you have an iPhone and believe you may change operating systems as time passes, or members of your family have a different phone, FIXD is a viable option for you as it works well for both systems.

FIXD offers the free app on both the Google Play store and the Apple app store.


Maintenance Reminders 

As mentioned before, generally, experts recommend that you change your engine oil every 3000 to 6000+ miles. FIXD is the only diagnostic tool that allows you to create maintenance reminders. 

FIXD alerts you whenever you need to replace your fluids, change oil, or even check brake pads or tires.

It tells you the exact miles you’ve driven your car and the form of maintenance you may require in the long run. These reminders may go a long way in saving thousands of dollars in repairs.



Most mechanic shops provide diagnostic scans with tools at zero costs today. The concept is that you come in for a free scan and ultimately get to pay for costly repairs on the spot.

Several auto part stores provide free scans, too, because they believe that you’ll buy the required parts from them. But the tools FIXD offers give you the luxury of conducting this scan at the comfort of your home anytime you want.

At the time of this writing, you can buy FIXD on Amazon for $49 for one with a combo pack of 2 for $88 and 3 for $118.


Ideal for Less Experienced Users 

Fixd Diagnostic

Although you can purchase a professional diagnostic tool from various auto shops, most of them are pretty tricky to use.

It would help if you started figuring out where to plug them in, not to mention the complicated codes that pop up later on. These codes require database access before you can use the information they suggest.

FIXD eliminates guesswork from repairs and car diagnosis. Once you conduct a diagnostic scan, you’ll get to see the result in plain and simple English.

You can then opt-in for repairs without having to deal with complex codes or a database.


Data Security 

Whenever we use a wireless device, one thing we all worry about is the privacy of data. When you use FIXD, you don’t have to worry about data breaches.

Although the tool and app connect via Bluetooth, no one can access that particular connection anytime you initiate a connection between them.


Money-Back Guarantee 

With this option, FIXD is telling you, “we are not happy until you are happy,” Anytime you purchase this product from Amazon, you get to have up to thirty days to try it out.

Suppose you decide that the functionality is not satisfactory. Then, in that case, you can always return within that period. And yes, you’ll get your full cash back.

This is an excellent approach to ensure that the tool works for your model and makes while giving you the information you need.


Constant Monitoring 

Fixd feature

Another feature that distinguishes FIXD is its continuous monitoring feature.

If you leave your FIXD plugged in, it will continuously scan your car’s health to ensure that your car runs at optimal health. If an issue arises with your car during the course of driving, FIXD will notify you immediately to ensure you are aware of the issue.

Great Customer Service

FIXD’s customer service is excellent. Located in the United States, FIXD representatives respond to inquiries immediately. If an issue arises that is more complicated, you can expect a resolution within 1-2 business days. You can contact FIXD by visiting the official website or call the number provided with your FIXD sensor.



No Direct Phone Number

If you’ve used other diagnostic scanning tools, you’ll know that most of them feature a toll-free number that you can always call if you need assistance.

However, FIXD only offers the option of using a specific email address. This will require that you browse the net and search for their website. You’ll then check it for the listed email address before you can then send a message to them.


Only Check Engine Light-Related Issues

Although you may already think FIXD can rectify issues in your car, it only checks for problems related to your check engine light.

It doesn’t identify problems related to lights or anything else that would not be part of the check engine light. Although you may sometimes notice that your oil light comes on, the functionality of this app doesn’t cover identifying whether or not you need to replace your filter or change your oil.

As a result, if you encounter any other issues with other areas of your car, you may need to visit a mechanic.


Bluetooth Error 

Establishing the Bluetooth connection is as straightforward as putting in on and searching nearby connections. However, during our testing, we encountered some issues when establishing a Bluetooth connection.

Despite putting their Bluetooth on, their phones and apps were not able to detect the scanning tool.

Note that you may need to move much closer to the tool to establish this connection.

Some customers also discovered that the app lost connection after the connection was set, causing them to re-engage the bluetooth process.


Doesn’t Identify Issues

Before purchasing FIXD, It’s essential to understand how it works.

One of the most significant complaints we saw online was customers who claimed that the tool could not identify any problem with their cars. This was alongside complaints from individuals stuck on the roadside with cars that were no longer moving.

FIXD is an accessible tool with an easy-to-use app that shows you why your check engine light is on and the possible remedial issues.

And as such, it cannot tell you all that is wrong with your car nor give you repair suggestions for issues not related to the check engine light.


FIXD Doesn’t Cover All Vehicles

FIXD is only usable with cars featuring an OBD-II port. You can only find this feature on vehicles made in the mid-1990s and later.

If your car wasn’t made at least in 1996 or later, this diagnostic scanner might not work for you.

We’ve seen claims from people saying it will work on hybrid vehicles. But according to FIXD, it is only usable for gas vehicles. You can use it on any type of car – Vans, trucks, utility vehicles, and of course, cars.


  • Seamless and quick scan
  • Presentation of discovered issues
  • Several cars on an account
  • Identifies a broad range of issues
  • Clears your check engine light
  • Vehicle History
  • FIXD estimates costs
  • iOS and Android support
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Affordability
  • Ideal for less experienced users
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Constant monitoring
  • No Direct Phone Number
  • Only check engine light-related issues
  • Bluetooth Error
  • Doesn’t Identify Complex Issues
  • FIXD doesn’t cover all vehicles


What’s Inside the FIXD Box?

We’ve used a few auto parts and tools in the past, and we can confirm that FIXD is different.

Unlike most of these tools, FIXD ships its devices fast, featuring almost every needed thing in a box. We especially like the shipping mode as the outer box protected the diagnostic scanning tool during transit.

In this package, you’ll see a cardboard box on the outer part, which you can open to access the FIXD box inside.

Lift the box flap to slide out the scanning tool. For additional safety, the device itself was in another soft box which also protects it during transit. Remove the top of this box and bring out the tool.

Although FIXD is the primary component of this box, you’ll also see installation instruction manuals. This manual contains information on how to install the app on your smartphone.

However, note that you need an internet connection to download the app, which will subsequently work via Bluetooth. FIXD also adds info about its money-back guarantees and for anyone who intends to contact its support.


Alternatives to FIXD

Although FIXD is a diagnostic tool that is fast gaining traction in this ecosystem, it’s not the only one in the market. Most of these tools are ideal for you if saving costs is your intention. Typically, local shop charges about a hundred dollars per scan and even charge more for repairs. But, you can get this done by yourself using a diagnostic tool of less than 100USD.


One of the alternatives to FIXD is the BlueDriver tool. It features a plug-in sensor, app, and excellent customer support.

However, instead of showing you the exact issue with your car just like FIXD does, it displays its results in the form of a code.

You can then use this code to find out what is wrong with your car using a database.



Another alternative is the FOXWELL diagnostic scanner.

This is almost similar to what mechanics use. It is ideal for you if you have enough car repair experience – not for those who want to carry out a quick diagnostic scan. 


FIXD Maintenance Club

To add more value to owning a FIXD device, the manufacturer offers the FIXD maintenance club service. 

The concept behind this service is straightforward: you can use the device to identify an issue, but then, instead of having someone else do the repair work, you can send your vehicle’s information to FIXD via this club. The company will then send the required parts you need for the repair. 

Being a member is free. However, the company charges for these parts. The prices may vary depending on the type of maintenance or repair you need. 


Wrapping it Up

FIXD is an excellent tool if you want to take care of your cars and carry out simple repairs at home.

Some issues, such as a loose gas cap, or faulty spark plugs, can make your check engine light turn on. And as such, you may fix these problems on your own.

FIXD conducts a full diagnostic scan and informs you about the necessary remedial actions, whether you need to take your vehicle to a repair shop or DIY in simple terms.

Some of this FIXD best features are its ease of use and the range of issues it can identify. Downloading and setting up this diagnostic tool and its app only takes a few minutes.

With this diagnostic tool, you can carry out a scan at the comfort of your bedroom or while standing right next to your vehicle.

As long as you’ve established a connection between the tool and the app that works with it, you can always perform a scan.

We hate seeing the maintenance lights on our dashboard. If you are also tired of seeing that check engine light every time you get behind the wheel, then you’ll love the simplicity of FIXD.

  • Easy To Install

  • Easy to use App

  • Affordable

  • Instant Alert Notification 

  • iOS and Andriod App



Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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