Oliso Iron Review – Is the Smart Iron Worth It?

Oliso review


The Oliso Smart Iron is a high-tech iron that features patented iTouch technology. This technology allows you to control the temperature of the iron with just the touch of your finger, making it easy to get the perfect results every time. The Smart Iron also has a self-cleaning system that keeps the soleplate clean and free of wrinkles, so your clothes always look their best.

  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Versatility


  • iTouch Technology
  • Extra Large Fill Tank
  • 30 Minute Shut Off
  • Fast Heat Time
  • Excellent ironing experience
  • Pressing with steam
  • Dry pressing
  • Decent warranty


  • Fill cup takes a couple of fills for the tank
  • Little squeaks that can get annoying
  • Emptying the water reservoir after use

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The global pandemic forced us to reevaluate how we spend our free time. What started as a weird social lockdown ended up being an excellent opportunity for people to try out new hobbies. That includes working with so many different fabrics, from quilting to making your own clothes. The only problem is keeping all those new projects nice and neat.

Enter the Oliso Smart Iron. The Oliso TG1600 Smart Iron is a home iron with phenomenal reviews about keeping your clothes, blankets, sheets, and freshly pressed steam ready to go. We have not handled many reviews around irons or ironing, so the Oliso Smart Iron was a fun home experiment for many on our team.

We even had one home tester, who will remain anonymous, that had never ironed before in his life (cough, cough, Ted). Either way, we had a fun time testing out this great iron, and hope our comprehensive reviews and notes give you a great idea if the Oliso Smart Iron is suitable for your home.


Oliso Smart Iron Reviews

Osilo Review

 The first thing you will notice about the Oliso Smart Iron is that this piece of home equipment is not just for clothing. Instead, Oliso took care to create an iron that could handle more types of materials than a traditional iron you would find at your local big-box store.


What are the Features of the Oliso Iron?

The Oliso Smart Iron is a home iron made for quilting enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you have a small hobby at home or are part of a quilting collective, the Oliso Smart Iron offers all the advanced features you want in a quality-made product. That includes:


Extra Large Water Tank

Oliso water tank


The Oliso Smart Iron features a water tank about twice as large as traditional irons at a generous 12.7oz of fill space. Oliso was even kind enough to throw in a filling cup with a spout matching the iron water input.

You do not have to travel to your local grocery store and stock up on filtered or distilled water. The Oliso Smart Iron can handle home tap water perfectly fine.


Automatic Shut Off

Everyone has experienced that fear of thinking they left on something in their home. Many of our reviews team has done the same in our office or at their home from the different products we test out.

Oliso updated their iron with an automatic 30-minute shut-off system to ensure you do not burn down the house. Do not worry. That does not mean you will not have plenty of heat to get the job done. The Oliso Smart Iron works by going into standby after 30 minutes of use. All you need to do is touch the handle, and the Oliso Smart Iron begins to reactivate again.


Speedy Heating

Oliso Top View

Speaking of outdated features, you will not have to wait forever for the Oliso Smart Iron to heat up at home. We were able to get high temperatures in a little over 1 minute from when we turned the Oliso Smart Iron on to when we used the iron-on clothing. Of course, this could be different depending on your home circuit situation, but we are using a commercial building for our reviews and usually do not have power regulation issues.


Abundant Steam Feature

The Oliso Smart Iron has steam holes all the way up and down the bottom plate. The high volume of steam you get between the four different steam button settings is impressive. That helps destroy those mineral buildups commonly found on older fabrics. Again, the Oliso Smart Iron has a safety feature that as soon as you release the handle, the legs pop out, and the steam function shuts off so you will not ruin any fabric at home.


Easy Wire Management

Oliso Wire Management

We wanted to point out an Oliso Smart Iron feature that is often overlooked, yet is an important feature. Many traditional irons come with too short cords that are always getting in the way when you are trying to get the ironing done at home.

The Oliso Smart Iron comes equipped with a 12-foot long cord and swivel end, so you do not have to keep struggling with where your home outlet is placed. We deeply appreciated this feature when we conducted our Oliso Smart Iron reviews because of our office’s odd placement of outlets.

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Why is the Oliso Smart Iron a Smart Iron?

The main feature that makes the Oliso Smart Iron “smart” is the legs and iTouch technology. This essentially makes the Oliso Smart Iron significantly safer to use at home for any project you may have.

The Oliso Smart Iron legs work by popping out the second you let go of the handle. This lifts the iron away from the table and prevents any accidental burns or potential fire hazards while also keeping the Oliso Smart Iron in a horizontal position that will not fall off your counter.

The more your Oliso Smart Iron can stay flat against whatever home surface you are ironing on, the better.

There are a bunch of similar more minor features that increase the “smart” factor of the Oliso Iron, like ergonomic design, anti-drip system, and auto-shutoff feature


Oliso Smart Iron Pros and Cons

  • iTouch Technology
  • Extra Large Fill Tank
  • 30 Minute Shut Off
  • Fast Heat Time
  • Excellent ironing experience
  • Pressing with steam
  • Dry pressing
  • Good warranty
  • Fill cup takes a couple of fills for the tank
  • Little squeaks that can get annoying
  • Emptying the water reservoir after use


Why Do Quilters Love the Oliso Smart Iron?

Oliso Iron

The Oliso line of smart irons comes equipped with specific features that eliminate regular issues with quilts and other custom fabrics. For example, the little feet that pop out on the Oliso Smart Iron prevent burning. This also saves a bunch of time trying to rest the Oliso Smart Iron back every time you use it while adjusting your fabric underneath the iron.

The extra thick stainless steel soleplate on the Oliso Smart Iron is another feature quilters will love. This is a scratch-resistant surface on the Oliso Smart Iron that, as far as we could tell during our reviews, will not rust. The smoother that iron soleplate stays, the easier it is to glide the Oliso Smart Iron over fabrics.

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Oliso Iron vs. Traditional Irons?

Hands down, the Oliso Smart Iron is better than your old iron. You do not have any of the tangled cord issues with a traditional iron that can lead to accidents around the home. You also get way more steam out of the Oliso Smart Iron.

The Oliso Smart Iron comes equipped with four steam settings – none, low, medium, and high. Each of these iron steam settings is designed for a different challenge, like calcium deposits or pesky wrinkles.

We tried the Oliso Smart Iron with numerous steam or press on products from a local department store and had a blast creating fun clothing accents for an entire afternoon. It looked like an 80s party in our reviews office.

The real difference between the Oliso Smart Iron and older traditional irons is, hands down, the pop-out legs. Being able to keep an iron in the horizontal position without having to worry about too much steam or the plate burning through the fabric is a huge advantage and probably why the Oliso Smart Iron is so popular online.

We can 100% say the Oliso Smart Iron is not a gimmick. This is a well-designed response to the common issues and safety hazards of traditional irons that plagued the industry for decades. The Oliso Smart Iron is honestly trying to improve a product that many in the home use daily.

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What are the Reviews Saying about the Oliso Smart Iron?

Whenever we do a reviews project, we always consult the mighty power of Amazon to see what the popular opinion of the product really is. The Oliso Smart Iron TG1600 Pro Plus has over 200 ratings and enjoys a 4.5 out of 5.

The main point people seemed to focus on was the weight. This is a heavier Oliso Smart Iron than traditional irons, but that is also because it holds more water and has high power steam options. Other than that, the Oliso Smart Iron reviews were highly positive. Here is one that summarized the Oliso Smart Iron well:

“I have been putting off buying this for a while due to the cost. I was gifted some cash for Christmas and my birthday, so I figured I’d splurge on myself. I was a little nervous because I thought I was hyping myself up too much and was going to be let down because it’s an iron, how good could it possibly be. Well, I’m pleased to say I was definitely not disappointed! This iron is leaps and bounds better the Chi iron I had been using! It gets so hot, and the steam is amazing! It cuts my quilting prep time in half. It looks nice and works incredibly well! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

As you can see, the big advantage and reason why the Oliso Smart Iron is so popular is that the steam, heavy pressing, and iTouch features all make it the number one choice for quilting hobbyists.


Is the Oliso Iron Worth It?

The Oliso Smart Iron TG1600 Pro retails for around $189 USD. Of course, that is significantly more than a typical traditional cheap iron you would get at a local big box store, but the peace of mind from the iTouch Technology and safety features on the Oliso Smart Iron make up the difference. The Oliso iron works well with any ironing board, so you won’t need to replace what you currently have.

There is simply no worrying with the Oliso Smart Iron. We have done a lot of reviews, and very few items or products are designed to eliminate concern. Most people that do the ironing in the home probably have hundreds of other thoughts rolling around their heads or lists of things to get done for the day. Having the peace of mind to not worry about potential danger from the Oliso Smart Iron is a big relief.

We think the Oliso Smart Iron is a “smart” (see what we did there) choice for your home and a great gift for family and friends who do many quilting, ironing, or other home projects. If you are part of a quilting collective or group, the Oliso Smart Iron will make a fantastic While Elephant or swap gift.

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Oliso Iron FAQ 

Can I turn the Auto-Lift System off?

Yes, you can turn the Auto-Lift System off by pressing the blue “Auto-Lift” button and holding it for 3 seconds.


Can I use tap water in my Oliso Smart Iron?

No, we recommend using distilled or demineralized water to avoid mineral build-up that could damage your iron.


Can I use my Oliso Smart Iron outside of North America?

Yes, your Oliso Smart Iron can be used anywhere in the world. Just be sure to use the appropriate voltage (120V-240V) for your electrical outlet.


Is the Oliso Smart Iron safe to leave plugged in?

The Oliso Smart Iron has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn the iron off after 8 minutes of inactivity. This feature is designed to prevent the iron from being left on and potentially causing a fire.


Can I use my Oliso Smart Iron to press clothes while they are still on the hanger?

The Oliso Smart Iron is not designed for this purpose. We recommend using a traditional steam iron for this application.


How often should I descale my Oliso Smart Iron?

We recommend descaling your Oliso Smart Iron every 3-6 months to prevent mineral build-up and keep your iron working its best.


What is the warranty on the Oliso Smart Iron?

The Oliso Smart Iron comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


Should I be concerned about the amount of plastic in the Oliso Smart Iron?

The Oliso Smart Iron is made of BPA-free plastic and is safe to use.


How do I clean my Oliso Smart Iron?

We recommend wiping the soleplate of your Oliso Smart Iron with a damp cloth after each use. For a more thorough cleaning, you can fill the water tank with equal parts white vinegar and water and allow the iron to steam for 5 minutes. Then, empty the water tank and wipe the iron dry. Do not submerge your Oliso Smart Iron in water.


Is the Oliso Smart Iron difficult to use?

No, the Oliso Smart Iron is easy to use. Just fill the water tank with distilled or demineralized water, select your desired heat setting, and begin pressing. The iTouch Technology will automatically adjust the heat and steam output to provide the perfect amount of pressurized steam for your project.


Wrapping It Up

With the Oliso Smart Iron, you are paying a higher price point for more intense steam features and iTouch Technology that increases the safety factor of the iron. 

On top of that, you get a heavy-duty and durable piece of home equipment that will last you for years. We think the Oliso Smart Iron is one of the best iron and had a blast testing it out on so many things around our reviews office.

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  1. I bought my first Oliso about 4 yrs ago for my quilting, shop. I loved it from the beginning. However, we had a bad electrical storm and the power was disconnected to the shop. Next day, it would not heat up.
    So I bought another one & 8 mos later same problem. Today I discovered by accident, that allowing the iron to sit overnight and then restarting it, worked and both irons are perfectly fine. Yay!! Now I have two.

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