How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

Alright, you’ve reached that point in your life where you’re ready to start earning more than a $5/week allowance or the dollar your dad offers you for hauling bags of concrete to the back patio.

You’ve heard lots of ideas about how to make money as a teen.  

Your friends are out there flipping burgers, mowing lawns, or babysitting, and you’re here thinking, “I might want something different.” Or “in addition to.” Or simply “more.”

Or you’re a parent of a teenager, and you’re wondering how teens can make money so that yours can start saving up for college, a car, or so that they’ll stop bugging you for the new Playstation.

Whatever brought you to this point, knowing how teens can make money in today’s world is a solid first step.

Think you know everything there is to know about how to make money as a teen? Think again.

How teens can make money is a whole new world with Fiverr.


How to Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

Doing your research around the types of online jobs for teens available will pay off and is a crucial step to take prior to diving into whatever ad for online work jumped out at you first.

In this article, our focus for online jobs for teens is Fiverr—one of the original and most infamously successful online freelance marketplaces in existence.

Read on to learn about the types of jobs (or “gigs,” as Fiverr terms them) a teen can offer on Fiverr that can net serious bank, from the more commonly known to the intriguingly unexpected.

How teens can make money is an ever-growing conversation. If you’re beginning to have that conversation with yourself, Fiverr should be a part of it.


What Is Fiverr? How Does It Work? 

Fiverr was born in 2010 as a fledgling services marketplace based around a simple idea: a service offered, either digital or in person, for five bucks.

You heard me. Five. Dollars. $5. That’s it. See where they came up with their name?

That was the premise, but sellers today charge anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars for a single service.

Its rapid growth in platform participants (sellers and buyers) was an indication that the world was thirsty for such a marketplace—so much so that people were offering a whole lot of service for a mere $5 just to get in on the wave.

The good news is, Fiverr has grown up quite a bit since those early years (much like you, teenager!). The number of services offered on Fiverr is expansive, with new selling categories being added all the time.

Let’s get into some popular ways to make money as a teenager on Fiverr and discuss how teens can make money doing something untraditional or unique.


Best Fiverr Gigs For Teens On Fiverr

Fiverr Gigs

Okay, so you know that online jobs for teens are a great way to make money as a teenager. Now let’s talk about how teens can make money, specifically on Fiverr.

General Service Categories For Teens On Fiverr

Writing, Editing, and Proofreading | Do you have a knack for words? Poetry? Grammar? One of Fiverr’s most popular service categories is writing, editing, and proofreading. Your gig can specify a particular type of content (travel blogs, short stories, brochures—anything!).

Language Translation | If you’re fluent in another language, lots of people could use your help! Language translation is an easy and perfect way to make money as a teen.

Voiceover/Voice Work | You’ve got a voice? Great. That’s how to make money as a teen right there. Voiceovers are used with audiobooks, commercials, and even music. You’ll need to buy a microphone and basic audio editing software.

Commissioned Art/Graphic Design | Every day, businesses, or just regular people, pay to bring art into their lives. A new business might need a logo. A fan of graphic novels might want a customized poster featuring a caricature of themself. If you have an artistic eye, digital or physical, put that talent to use as a moneymaker!


Specialty or Niche Gigs For To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

Not every gig on Fiverr is what you would expect. Here’s where we provide a little insider info on how teens can make money … Ready for it?


Seriously. As long as someone finds it valuable (and it’s safe, not creepy, wrong, or illegal), online jobs for teens can be whatever teens want.  

Check out a few of the more unique yet totally legitimate gigs on Fiverr today.

Share Your Opinion | That’s it. If you can demonstrate that your opinion on any (appropriate) topic is valuable, whether it’s funny, intelligent, or downright profound, someone just might be interested in hearing it.

Custom Puppet Show | Yup. People make money putting on custom puppet shows for anyone who needs(?) one. Think about it, though—a parent might love to gift this to their child for their birthday and could have you write and perform a show with characters of their choosing and a personalized story. Perfect for virtual parties!

Sing A Song | Not everyone is born with pipes that can sing. If you were, artists or everyday Joes and Janes might need someone to sing them their favorite tune or help turn lyrics they’ve written into an actual song.

Create Custom Plans | People love a plan. A meal plan. A fitness plan. A planning plan. The point is if you’re a planner and you have a specialized skill or expertise (in, say, paleo dieting or weightlifting), make a few bucks designing 5-, 10-, or 30-day plans around them.

Be A Coach | Coaching isn’t just for sports. You can become a personal coach/personal trainer for anything, including video gaming, singing, playing an instrument, public speaking, acting, life coaching, and more.

Arts & Crafts | You thought the skills you took from your favorite elementary school class ended with an easy A? Try an easy buck. The Arts & Crafts category on Fiverr is brimming with opportunities to share your skill. Teach it or just make something for someone and make money while you do it.

Now that you’ve seen some of the service categories on Fiverr that might be befitting of online jobs for teens, here is how Fiverr works at a high level and tips you can take to the bank.


Tips On How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

Fiverr has an extensive library of service offerings. You’ve seen some options here that can make money as a teenager.

You can also hop on to and start exploring the categories.

All you need to start selling a freelance service or product on Fiverr is a profile. It’s free, and it’s fast to get the barebones profile set up.

Pro Tip | When setting up your profile on Fiverr, choose your username wisely because you will NOT be able to change it down the line. Really. We’re serious. Take this part seriously. What you lock in is locked in for life (and it is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to create a second account with a different email address, in case you thought that was a viable way out of a poor choice of username). 

After you’ve created and verified your profile, you need to decide (if you haven’t already) what freelance service you want to offer.

Don’t let the word “freelance” freak you out. It might sound too professional or experienced. Trust us; it’s not.

You have marketable skills that can help you make money as a teenager! You do not need to have experience, just a willingness to learn and try. It really is that simple.

Okay, back to the set-up.


Jobs Or Services = “Gigs”

On Fiverr, jobs or services are called “gigs.” A gig is a single service offering, and you can offer multiple gigs from your profile.

Once your profile is verified (Fiverr wants to ensure you’re a unique, genuine person and that you are qualified to earn money on their platform), you can set up and begin publishing your gigs.


What’s In A Gig?

Each gig you create should be a specific service, for example, “I will design your logo.” You can try something broader, such as “I will do your graphic design,” but from research and personal experience and Fiverr’s own mouth, being more specific will pay off more.

A gig consists of:

  • Title
  • Keywords (more on this in a bit)
  • Description
  • Images and sample work
  • Service tiers (e.g., basic, standard, and premium)
  • Pricing
  • Service Specifics (e.g., word count)
  • Delivery Timelines
  • Optional Add-ons
  • Requirements Questionnaire
  • FAQs


You can make each part of your gig as straightforward or as complex as you’d like, and not every field or section is required.

The critical thing to know is that your profile popping up for anyone looking is decided by an automated algorithm that only knows what it can see about you.

We’ve included a more detailed dive into that in this article.

Pro Tip | Start with no more than three gigs. If one or more of them gains traction and popularity (YAY!), you need to be able to manage the work and keep delivering top-notch service. Once you have a handle on your process and how the platform works, you can add more (or not!).


Climbing The Ranks Of Fiverr’s Seller Levels

Climbing ladder on fiverr

Imagine having a job with no boss. You never get that tap on the shoulder, followed by a request to “Please come see me in my office. We need to discuss your performance.”

Bleeeeech. NO ONE enjoys those conversations (adults included).

With Fiverr, you are your own boss. That means you’re in charge of keeping yourself in check, AND your ability to rise in the ranks is up to you!

When you first join Fiverr as a seller, you’re at “new seller” status. After you meet Fiverr’s specified set of criteria (number of days on the platform, amount earned, number of orders completed, maintaining high ratings, not getting dinged for breaking Fiverr’s Terms of Service, etc.), you are promoted to higher seller levels.

This isn’t super complex, however. Fiverr’s seller levels are limited to:

  • New Seller
  • Level One Seller
  • Level Two Seller
  • Top Seller (by invite only)
  • Fiverr Pro Seller (by application only)

Moving from one seller level to the next is all about keeping your stats high, consistent and making sure your gigs and skills are set up to help you do that.


On Fiverr, The Customers Come To You

Alright, you’ve set up your profile, published a couple of gigs, and you’re anxiously awaiting that first order so you can finally make money as a teenager.

… but the order never comes.

Hmm. What went wrong?

We mentioned earlier that Fiverr’s algorithm drives search traffic from Fiverr buyers to your profile. Let’s talk about how to convince that algorithm that you deserve to be seen.


Success On Fiverr Is All About That Algo(rithm)

Just like Google, Fiverr uses an algorithm to determine whether someone’s gigs are worth showing.

To show the algo that you’re the one for a particular type of job, do a bit of research to see what keywords your competitors are using, and make sure to include those in your profile description, gig titles, and gig descriptions.

The other things the algo looks at are your seller stats:

High ratings

Completed orders (and low or no cancellations)

Response time

Level of activity (are you logging on daily, etc.)

On the plus side, that algorithm doesn’t care that you’re only a teenager. It cares about the quality of your work and your ability to keep customers happy.


FAQs Around How To Make Money As A Teen

Whats the difference - 8 Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo for Your Kitchen

How old do you have to be to make money as a teen on Fiverr?

You need to be 13 years old to make money as a teenager on Fiverr.


Is it safe? Does Fiverr monitor how teens can make money on their platform?

Yes, Fiverr monitors its platform for any inappropriate adult-only or illegal content or services. They have strictly enforced policies around buyer and seller conduct, services, and content.

That being said, it’s important to immediately report anything indecent or inappropriate, should you encounter it. Just as in an in-person job, customers can be rude.

It’s your right to say no to them and in your best interest to report ANY instances of harassment, threats, or any behavior that goes against Fiverr’s policy.


What if I don’t have any marketable skills worthy of selling on Fiverr?

Wellllll, ya do. Or, at the very least, you can. 

Ample tutorials and information on how to build your skillsets or structure your services exist for free on YouTube, blogs and articles, TikTok, and anywhere else you might think.

There’s no reason you cannot make money as a teenager through one or more online jobs for teens like the Fiverr services we’ve just discussed.


What if I get asked to do someone’s academic work for them?

Writing or otherwise creating or doing academic work on someone else’s behalf is a BIG no-no on Fiverr.

Doing so, or even flirting with it by discussing it within Fiverr’s messaging app, has been known to get accounts suspended or banned if Fiverr has reason to believe you’re engaging in this sort of service.

As in school, plagiarism and cheating aren’t okay in business.


How should I price my gigs?

This depends entirely on the service you offer and your level of experience (your seller level).

To determine prices for your services, look around on Fiverr at your competition. Within your service category, filter gigs down to those within the same seller level bracket and within the same region.

I.e., If you are a Level One Seller living in the U.S., filter results to those criteria so sellers of lower or higher levels, or in different parts of the world, don’t skew your results.

See what quantities/wordcount/effort they offer at what prices, and price your own accordingly.


What are “add-ons” to a Fiverr gig?

Think of add-ons as a la carte items you can set up to make extra money on your orders, should your buyers be interested in them.

For example, you might create a “Rush Order” add-on for which people can pay extra to get faster delivery on their order (of course, you should be ready and able to fulfill a short order if you plan to offer such a service).


Are there other online jobs for teens I should look into?

Sure! Loads of them! How teens can make money online is a huge topic to cover.

We started with Fiverr because it encompasses so many online jobs for teens and because it’s an all-in-one platform for marketing yourself and handling orders and payments.

But yes, there are millions of avenues online to make money as a teen.


Are You Ready To Make Money As A Teenager (Like, REAL Money)?

Do you feel like you know how to make money as a teen today? Excellent!

There is a whole sea of opportunities to make money as a teenager, and online jobs for teens, in particular, make a whole lot of sense in our digital age.

From global pandemics to broader customer reach to the cost of gas and transportation, working remotely to make money as a teenager is not only a safe option; it can be incredibly lucrative.

Fiverr presents a fantastic opportunity to make money as a teenager. With its wide variety of service categories of online jobs for teens, just about any type of skill can be monetized.

So if babysitting and sandwich-making aren’t your things—or if you want to add something else to your money-making portfolio—make money as a teenager on Fiverr, and see where it leads you. 



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