GoHenry Debit Card Review: Is the Kid Debit Card Legit?

Click to Visit GoHenry   Teaching your kids financial responsibility is essential.  For many years, parents have used the system of an allowance to give their kids practice with saving and spending responsibly. However, in today’s increasingly mobile and digital world, finding time to stop at an ATM or the bank to get your kids […]

How to Get an Apartment with Bad Credit

How to Get an Apartment with Bad Credit

Are you looking for an apartment but have bad credit? You’re not alone. Many people are in the same boat as you and need to find a way to rent an apartment with bad credit. The pandemic impacted millions of Americans’ employment causing them to miss several months of rent or bills, and when the […]

How to Rent to Own a Home with Bad Credit

Renting to Own with Bad Credit

Renting to own is a smart way to purchase a property if you have bad credit. Many people are interested in the rent-to-own option because they know that it’s practically impossible to qualify for a traditional mortgage with their current credit score. Renting to own is an excellent alternative for those who want to buy […]

How to Dispute an Eviction on your Credit Report

how to dispute an eviction on credit report

Evictions are a very serious matter that can have long-lasting adverse effects on your financial well-being for you and your family. If you want to fix the problem as quickly as possible, knowing what steps you need to take right away is essential. That way, you can start repairing your credit score immediately after being […]

How Much Rent Can I Afford? Calculate Your Rent Cost Here!

How Much Rent Can I Afford?

When looking for your next apartment, there is much to consider.  You’re asking yourself:  Where do I want to live?  How much space do I need?  How much rent can I afford?  Nobody wants to be stranded at home on a Saturday night because their rent check is breaking the bank! Careful planning and a […]

How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

How To Make Money As A Teen On Fiverr

Alright, you’ve reached that point in your life where you’re ready to start earning more than a $5/week allowance or the dollar your dad offers you for hauling bags of concrete to the back patio. You’ve heard lots of ideas about how to make money as a teen.   Your friends are out there flipping burgers, […]

10 Budgeting Tips for Living Below Your Means

10 Budgeting Tips for Living Below Your Means

If you are looking to gain control of your finances this year, one of the best ways to achieve this is to begin living below your means. There are many benefits of living below your means, and it doesn’t mean you have to live a wholly frugal or restricted life. Whether you are stressed about […]

20 Ways to Save for Unexpected Home Repairs

20 Ways to Save for Unexpected Home Repairs - Water Heater

Buying a home is a massive responsibility, and over time, you are likely to encounter maintenance issues or damage that needs repairing. There’s nothing worse than needing to pay thousands of dollars when you are short of cash and struggling to make ends meet. Taking the time to put aside some money and save for […]

5 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points Quickly

5 Ways to Raise your Credit Score 100 Points Quickly

Are you looking to buy or refinance your existing home at attractive rates? Perhaps you are in need of a new family car? How about taking advantage of some of those zero interest promotions for your home appliance purchase? If any of these things are something you are planning in 2021, you’re probably going to […]

7 Best Budgeting Books for 2021

7 Best Budgeting Books for 2021

Let’s face it; we don’t budget the way our parents did. Budgeting sounds like a boring, tedious task that limits us from enjoying and experiencing the things we want in life. That’s why it’s not surprising that over 40% of Americans don’t have a budget that they can consistently stick to. Furthermore, unexpected costs such […]