Cubii JR Review – Does the Under the Desk Elliptical Really Work?

Cubi Jr Review


The Cubii JR Elliptical is a great way to keep your exercise routine fresh and focused no matter what’s going on in the outside world – whether it be rain, snow or just hot summer sun! This machine has been specially designed for use both seated at home right beside you TV armchair as well as underneath your desk.

  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Effectiveness


  • A great way to keep fit while you have to be in the office each day
  • Burn additional calories as part of your everyday routine
  • Low impact workout machine
  • Eight resistance levels to choose from
  • LCD display tracks your progress


  • The machine may slip on hardwood floors
  • A heavy machine to carry to and from the office
  • No option to use this elliptical standing up

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With many of us still working from home, we are all looking for ways to keep active during our long days at work. We’re all leading far more sedentary lives, so the idea of sneaking some exercise into our workday is an exciting thought.

In our Cubii JR review today, we’re going to look at this under desk mini elliptical and see if it really lives up to the hype.

For fitness fanatics, at a first look, you may feel this device isn’t going to do anything, but it helps them burn hundreds of extra calories a week for many people. Multi-tasking through your workday is a great way to keep fit during those long days in front of the computer.

As you’ll see from this Cubii JR review, it’s the type of machine that could be used by almost anyone. When you do return to the office, you can even bring this back in with you to keep active each day at work.

Today we’re going to share our full Cubii JR review with you, so you can decide for yourself if this under desk elliptical would be worth adding to your office setup this year.

  • Compact Elliptical

  • Rehab and Fitness Exercise Peddler

  • Built-In LCD Display

  • Portable

Cubii JR Review

Cubi Jr

The Cubii JR is an under desk elliptical, which is sometimes referred to as a seated elliptical. It looks like a small footrest and will simply sit under your desk when you are at work.

We love the compact size of the Cubii JR, which is why it’s become so popular with individuals working from home this year. You’ll see it has two oversized pedals and a small screen where you’ll track your workout statistics.

Of course, the machine doesn’t do all the work for you. You’ll have to keep pedaling your legs to get a workout in!

The Cubii JR is nothing like an elliptical that you’ll see at the gym. There’s no upper body movement involved, and there aren’t even straps for your feet.

It’s often considered to be a tool for seniors or anyone recovering from an injury. You can’t stand on the device, and you need to be seated in your office chair or another chair in your home to use it.

Of course, to get the same results as a standard elliptical, you would need to use this for a few hours each day. It’s designed just as a low-impact cardio machine that will keep you moving during those long days in your office chair.


 Cubii JR Features

Cubi Jr Features

While this innovative design may look like a small and compact device, you’ll be surprised by the number of features that are packed into it. As you’ll see from this Cubii JR review, it may look like a basic piece of equipment, but it does have some excellent tracking and resistance features.

  • LCD Monitor – The LCD screen is built into the Cubii JR, and allows you to track your strides, distance (in km or miles), time, calories burnt, and RPM. You’ll keep motivated to use this elliptical all day long with this built-in monitor.
  • 8 Resistance Levels – One of the reasons this elliptical is so popular is the ability to progress as you increase your fitness levels. With eight different resistance levels to choose from, you can start at level one and work up from there as you build strength.
  • Built-in Handle – If you think you may be returning to the office this year, you’ll be able to carry your Cubii JR with you thanks to the built-in handle.
  • Sturdy Construction – As we mentioned in this Cubii JR review, while you can’t stand on this device, you’ll be pleased to know it’s made from highly durable material just as other gym machines would be.
  • One-time Purchase – You won’t need to purchase a subscription or membership to use this device after the initial purchase. They even offer free classes on their Facebook page each day to keep you motivated.
  • Compact Size – Measures just 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches and weighs 25 lbs. You’ll need only a small gap under your office desk and space between your knees and desk to use this elliptical.
  • Almost Silent – You can barely hear the device as you use it, so you could still be on the phone or on a Zoom call while pedaling.

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Check out the video below to see the Cubii JR in action:

How Do You Use The Cubii JR?

When you first receive your new Cubii JR, you’ll simply have to add the two pedals onto the machine with the included screws and screwdriver. From there, you’ll be ready to see if it lives up to everything we’ve covered in this Cubii JR review.

Make sure you have enough space for your knees when you put it into your office, and you’ll be ready to go. The ease of use is one of the main reasons why the Cubii JR is so popular.

You’ll need to select your desired resistance level, and from there, you can track your progress on this under desk elliptical. To get the best results, you will need to pedal your feet for multiple hours a day.

This isn’t a device that should just be used for fifteen minutes a day, as you won’t see much change from such a short workout. For a good workout, aim to have an active time of two to three hours a day.

If three hours a day seems too daunting, start with one hour a day and work your way up. Any movement is better than no movement at all.

You can track your statistics and calorie burn under your desk, and you’ll soon start competing with yourself each day to beat the previous day’s efforts.


Who is The Cubii JR For?

Cubi Jr Multi purpose

Up to this point, our Cubii JR review has focused on the work-from-home user, but this under desk elliptical is suitable for a wide variety of individuals:

  • Under desk while working – This under desk elliptical was designed for those who have to sit for many hours a day. If you find you struggle to fit exercise into your daily routine while working, it’s a great tool to burn some extra calories while still completing everything on your to-do list for the day.
  • Seniors – For seniors who may be looking for a low-impact workout that puts little pressure on their joints, this Cubii JR review is for you. You can sit on your couch and enjoy your favorite TV show while burning a few extra calories each day.
  • Recovering from Injury – For anyone who has limited upper-body mobility due to injury, this is a great tool to keep fit while recovering. You’ll feel much more confident in yourself for still enjoying some exercise each day without putting too much strain on your body while you are recovering.

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Types of Exercises You Can Use the Cubii JR For

The Cubii JR is primarily used as an elliptical machine, so it involves you pedaling your legs. As it’s only going to work your lower body, you could also consider adding upper body exercises into the mix.

Consider adding light arm weights or a resistance band on your top half during your lunch break while still pedaling below. This will give you a full-body workout instead of just focusing on your lower body.

Ultimately, the Cubii JR is created for low-impact cardio exercise. You’ll undoubtedly warm up while using this device all day, but don’t expect to be covered in sweat.

On their Facebook page, they offer hosted free workout classes. You’ll learn new moves which can improve your core strength and overall flexibility, and you’ll find new ways to use your Cubii JR.

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Cubii JR Review – Pros and Cons

  • A great way to keep fit while you have to be in the office each day
  • A compact elliptical that will fit neatly under your office desk
  • Burn additional calories as part of your everyday routine without having to go to the gym
  • A handle is included for carrying this device between your home and office
  • Low impact workout machine, which is great for seniors or those with limited mobility
  • Pedals are designed to fit any foot size
  • Eight resistance levels to choose from
  • LCD display tracks your progress
  • LCD display is not as modern as you would find on other similar elliptical machines
  • The machine may slip on hardwood floors
  • A heavy machine to carry to and from the office
  • No option to use this elliptical standing up


Does Cubii JR Really Work?

Cubii Jr Does it Work

Depending on what you are looking to achieve from your new Cubii, most users find the Cubii JR to be an effective low-impact workout option. However, if you are hoping to burn hundreds of calories in a short amount of time, this isn’t the device for you.

Compared to other ellipticals or workout machines, the Cubii JR takes a much longer time to burn calories. Of course, if you have to be at work all day long, you’ll appreciate burning some calories rather than nothing during the day in your office chair.

By increasing the resistance, you can push up the calorie burn each hour. Most people burn between 100 and 200 calories an hour; however, there are claims it can burn 500 calories an hour. Results will undoubtedly vary depending on a variety of factors.

However, when you are also focusing on your work, it’s unlikely you will be pedaling at the rate and intensity compared to a typical gym workout.

Ultimately, it’s an effective tool for a low-impact cardio workout when used for two to three hours a day. While it may seem like a large amount of time to commit each day, you can easily include this in your current daily routines. This can be accomplished while at your desk job or even while you watch TV.


Can You Lose Weight with Cubii JR? 

Losing weight with the Cubii JR will be very subjective to how you use this machine. As mentioned above, you’ll need to use it for a minimum of two or three hours a day to start making a significant difference.

If you used the Cubii JR for three hours a day on a moderate resistance level, expect to burn 200-500 calories. This will certainly help towards your weight loss goal, but you’ll need to be consistent with the pedaling to make a change.

The machine isn’t going to bulk up your muscles, but it’s a good option for anyone who finds themself in a seated position far too much but wants to get their heart rate going.

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Alternatives to Cubii JR

If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this Cubii JR review, there are also other desk ellipticals you may want to consider. These are some of the top elliptical trainers on the market today.


Cubii Pro

If you like the style and design of the Cubii JR, you may want to upgrade to the Cubii Pro. The two models are very similar, but the Cubii Pro also has bluetooth connectivity.

These desk cycles allow you to sync your data with the Cubii app, for easy tracking. You can also add it to your fitness tracker, but there is also the option to use it in the same manner as the Cubii JR


DeskCycle Ellipse

This under desk elliptical offers a similar function to the Cubii JR, although it has a more chunky design. It’s a high-quality and well-built machine that also has eight different levels of resistance levels.

The features are very similar to the Cubii JR, with a display monitor and handle for carrying. It comes with a web app to help you track your progress and statistics.


jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical

As we mentioned earlier in our Cubii JR review, the Cubii JR is only suitable for seated use. The jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical also offers the option to stand up, which makes a huge difference to this machine’s ability.

You’ll enjoy larger wheels and a quiet ride while also being able to track your statistics on the LED display. It doesn’t have the sleek and modern design of the Cubii JR, but the option to exercise standing up is a huge plus for many people.

Of all the under desk fitness products we reviewed, the jfit was the lowest price, making this a great value.


Vive Pedal Exerciser 

The Vive Pedal Exerciser has quite a different design to the other options on our Cubii JR review today, but you’ll find it’s not suitable for more heavy-duty exercise.

It’s an excellent beginner-friendly option for low-impact workouts. However, it’s not designed for use under the desk. Due to the higher placement of the pedals, you need a much higher clearance than a desk would offer.

This machine can be used for both arm and leg workouts, so it’s a good option for anyone recovering from injury.


Cubii JR Review FAQs

What’s in the Cubii JR Box?

When you first receive your Cubii JR, you’ll receive two pedals, four screws, two chair wheel stoppers, and a screwdriver. You’ll need to attach the pedals yourself, then you’ll be good to get started with your under desk workout.

Where can I buy the Cubii JR?

The Cubii JR is sold both online and in stores. Amazon is the easiest place to purchase due to the fast delivery and easy return policy.

Is the Cubii JR okay to use if I have knee pain?

The Cubii is ideal for anyone with knee pain, but of course, if you experience any discomfort when using the device, you should stop immediately.

As it’s a low-impact exercise machine, you’ll find it doesn’t put pressure on your joints in the same way as a standing machine or elliptical would.

Can you use the Cubii JR standing up?

No, unfortunately, you can’t use this machine standing up. It’s not designed to withstand the weight of someone standing up, and so we only recommend using this under your desk.

What muscles does the Cubii JR target?

The Cubii JR offers a lower body workout. While it won’t necessarily bulk up your muscles or make a huge difference to your muscle tone, it will engage the lower body muscles.

Expect your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads, and hip flexors to be activated in each session. It will also target the core and abs during a workout.

Does the Cubii JR make a noise when you use it?

One of the great things about the Cubii JR is that it’s whisper-quiet. You can place this under desk elliptical in your home office, and no one will know you are using it.

If you find yourself on endless Zoom calls bored out of your mind, it’s a great way to use this time productively to increase your fitness levels. No one will even know you are pedaling away unless you tell them.

Is a warranty included with my purchase?

Yes, the Cubii JR comes with a one-year warranty with any purchase. You can purchase this elliptical machine with peace of mind knowing you are protected for a year.


Wrapping it Up 

For anyone who has found they’ve become far more sedentary this year working from home, we believe the Cubii JR is an easy way to sneak in some extra movement into your day.

From this Cubii JR review, you can probably tell that the device will not turn you into an athlete overnight. However, for anyone looking to burn a few hundred extra calories while they are working each day, it’s a great option.

Seniors who have limited mobility will also benefit significantly from the Cubii JR as the low-impact exercise will allow them to keep moving without causing pain.

This elliptical is a discreet and compact device that you can add to your home office with ease and takes just minutes to set up. Seniors, office workers, and anyone recovering from an injury can benefit from this simple workout machine this year.

  • Compact Elliptical

  • Rehab and Fitness Exercise Peddler

  • Built-In LCD Display

  • Portable



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