The Ultimate Airdog Air Purifier Review: Read This Before Buying

Airdog Air Purifier Review


Airdog air purifiers are some of the most effective and popular units on the market. They use a four-stage filtration system to eliminate 99.97% of all airborne particles, including dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. Airdog also features an automatic filter replacement indicator that notifies you when it’s time to change the filter. This helps ensure that your unit is always working at peak performance. Additionally, Airdog is one of the only air purifiers on the market with an activated carbon filter, which helps eliminate VOCs and other harmful gases from your environment. If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable air purifier, Airdog is definitely a brand worth considering

  • Quality
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Warranty


  • Reusable filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Ionic Wireframe
  • Removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and particles
  • Smart App
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Auto Mode


  • Only one year of free warranty
  • Pricey 
  • Low Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 

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The air we breathe in matters. The quality of our health and well-being is directly related to and dependent upon the quality of air we are regularly filling our lungs with.

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies and/or asthma, and when the air they are taking in is of poor quality, the severity of side effects heightens. Breathing becomes impaired; eyes become irritated, puffy, swollen, and itchy—the list goes on.

As a result of the millions of Americans and people all over the world suffering from allergies and/or asthma, and having the understanding of how important it is to have clean, high-quality air filtering through our spaces where we spend a big bulk of our time (i.e. our homes, offices, etc.), Airdog collaborated with a group of adept engineers from Silicon Valley to create the most prestigious, top quality, and innovative air purifiers on the market.

In our Airdog air purifier review, we will break down the different air purifiers and let you know all the details to see if it’s worth it. 


Who is Airdog?


The brilliant minds behind Airdog purifiers are a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. They are dedicated to developing innovative air purification solutions based on ionic wind technology.

Airdog’s patented Two Pole Active (TPA) technology is an active filtration technology. TPA creates an Ionic Field that zaps all super tiny, harmful particles that come in contact with it—6 times smaller than other air purifiers!

Not only does Airdog’s innovative air purifier capture these tiny, damaging particles, but they also eliminate them as well!

Airdog ensures that clean fresh air is the norm rather than a luxury.

Airdog’s three layers of washable filters value equate to ZERO dollars in running cost while eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful particles and chemical toxins in the air it filters.


  • Bacteria
  • Pollutants
  • Viruses
  • Indoor Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Odor
  • Formaldehyde
  • Other volatile organic compounds


Airdog is doing its part to help protect our planet and promote a better, cleaner future with developing high-performance air purifiers that eliminate the waste and expense of replacement filters.

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Who is Airdog Air Purifier Good For?

Suppose you are sick of having to remember to change the filter in your air purifier or hate throwing money at new filters for your air purifier regularly. In that case, you should seriously consider looking into and investing in an Airdog Air Purifier. We hope to help you determine which model is best suited for you—the Airdog X3, X5, or X8—within the body of our review.

You may be wondering why it is that you have to buy and change the filters of your current, typical air purifier—and that is a totally fair and just thought!

You have to change the filter in your air purifier every 3-6 months, give or take, because typical air purifiers come with filters that block airflow (like HEPA). When airflow power is blocked, your filter becomes clogged, which results in your air filter not working properly. It is not until you change the filter that you air purifier will start working properly again.

Sound like a familiar, pain-in-the-neck occurrence?

We totally get it, and we empathize with you. However, we come bearing good news!

To solve the problem of trapped pollutants such as pollen and dust in your typical air purifier filter, Airdog designed and integrated their TPA technology —which destroys and eliminates these toxins and chemicals from our air—into their air purifier products!

Not only does Airdog’s air purifiers make life easier by not having to deal with the hassle of changing filters every 3-to 6 months—they even take it another step further!

Airdog’s washable filter solves the problem of nasty odors and hazardous waste that can be released into the air when changing typical HEPA filters.

Due to Airdog’s safe and effective easy clean system (all you have to do is wash the filter with detergent and then use again as if it were brand new), you don’t have to worry about the mold or bacteria growing on the filter that causes the aforementioned nasty odors and hazardous waste.

If you are not yet convinced that Airdog Air Purifiers totally dominate when compared to typical air purifiers, you should also know that when lab researchers compared Airdog Air Purifier filters to typical HEPA air purifier filters, they found that Airdog could take 10x more smoke and stay 50x stronger in cleaning capacity!

This is a DRASTIC, very impressive difference!


Additional Justifications to Demonstrate Why Typical Air Purifiers Pale in Comparison to Airdog Air Purifiers:

  • Saves Money Replacing filters in typical air purifiers can easily cost $500+ per year. With an Airdog Air Purifier, you can cross this expense off the list thanks to its reusable filters! All you have to do is give them a quick wash and you’re good to go! Who doesn’t want to save $500+/year?!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Since you don’t need to change or dispose of filters with an Airdog Air Purifier, you can take pride in knowing that you’re doing your part to help make for a cleaner, greener planet! Typical HEPA filters are made of dangerous fiberglass material that is harmful to our environment, so, when tossing these in the trash, you’re contributing to worsening our environment. We love that with Airdog air purifiers, there’s no harmful waste being ejected into our environment!
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Imagine an air purifier that is so quiet you don’t even notice it’s there. That’s real life with an Airdog Air Purifier! At most, you’ll hear a soft hum!
  • Smart Control
  • Like the idea of ‘Set it & Forget it’?! If so, you will LOVE Airdog’s Auto Mode button. With Auto Mode, you can allow your Airdog Air Purifier to run 24/7 all on its own! Auto Mode automatically modifies the fan speed according to the pollution levels that the Air Quality Index is reading.
  • This also acts as a money-saving feature, as it saves you money on your energy bills! Peace of mind all around!

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Airdog X3



Of all the Airdog air purifiers, the Airdog X3 is the smallest air purifier within the product line.

The Airdog X3 is about 12 pounds, 20.5 inches in height, and 12 inches in width. The X3 is white with a matte shell and a black top and is designed with the ease of transporting in mind, as it has carrying handles on both sides.

The compact, sturdy design of the fans makes the Airdog X3 suitable for accommodating air filtration for a space of 100-200 square feet—making it perfect for smaller areas such as bathrooms, smaller bedrooms, offices, etc.

The Airdog X3 can even filter and clean a 300 square foot room in only 20 minutes!

The Airdog X3 essentially works similarly to typical air purifiers, but the key differentiator is that as air enters it and travels through the filtration system, the air is cleaned using a bacteria-killing electric field as well as a reusable filter that traps any loose debris. Most air purifiers capture and trap pollutants like bacteria, mold, etc., but that is the extent of it—hence why it is necessary to change filters regularly when using typical air purifiers.

With the Airdog X3 and other Airdog air purifiers, the system destroys any bacteria, toxins, harmful chemicals, etc. that cross its path!

The clean air then exits the X3 system through the vents at the top of the unit and is evenly distributed throughout the room.

The controls for the Airdog X3 are displayed in the lower right corner of the unit, where you can read what level the purifier is on.

The following controls and information are included on the X3 display panel:

  • Power button
  • Adjust fan speed
  • Error (an error code is produced if there is an issue with the unit)
  • AQI (Air Quality Index *tells you the air quality level*)
  • Filter (to let you know the filters need washing)


Upon our review of the Airdog X3, we found evidence-backed research, reports, and other reviews that proved the Airdog X3 to be safe with respect to ozone exposure.

Another great piece of information we found during our review was the lab report done by Gmicro Testing, where the lab found that the Airdog X3 was able to remove 99.99% of all flu virus! A major selling point for Airdog to be pushing, especially today!


AirDog X3 Pros and Cons

  • Forever Filter Life (reusable and dishwasher safe!)
  • Energy efficient
  • App-based control option (iOS & Android App compatible!)
  • Super quiet operation
  • Removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and particles in spaces up to 215 sq. ft
  • Eco-friendly (green solution to purifying the air in your home)
  • Cost-effective (due to the primary filter plate being washable & carbon filter can be refreshed in direct sunlight)
  • Optimized air circulation
  • Auto-mode
  • Only one year of free warranty
  • Pricey initial cost


Airdog X5

Airdog x5

The Airdog X5 is another one of Airdog’s high-quality air purifiers and is essentially the great successor of the Airdog X3. The Airdog X5 is a larger air purifier than the Airdog X3 and of course, can clean the air of a larger space than the X3.

The Airdog X5 is 25.6 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and weighs about 24 pounds. The Airdog X5 boats a sleek and modern design, with a white body and a black, thin strip that wraps around the unit, where the display and controls are located.

It is suggested that the Airdog X5 air purifier be used to clean a space of up to 450 square feet, in which we found throughout our review that the X5 can clean the air in a room of that size 5 times per hour!

However, the Airdog X5 CAN clean up to 1400 square feet, but of course, only with less frequency.


AirDog X5 Pros and Cons

  • Reusable filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Ionic Wireframe
  • Removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and particles in spaces up to 450 sq. ft
  • Smart App
  • Very low noise level
  • Eco-friendly (green solution to purifying the air in your home)
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimized air circulation
  • Auto-mode
  • Only one year of free warranty
  • Pricey initial cost
  • Low Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating for the price


Airdog X8

Airdog x8

The Airdog X8 is touted to be the ultimate performance air purifier.

Did that catch your attention? It surely caught ours when beginning our review of the Airdog products, and if you’re interested in knowing what all the hype is about…we get right to it in this section of our review.

The main appeal of the Airdog X8 that we found during our review was the very impressive Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) it provides, which is up to 470 CFM.

If you don’t know what that means or how it is relevant, just know that the Airdog X8 CADR is more than double that of the Airdog X5!

Airdog confidently claims that the X8 may well be the highest CADR among air purifiers, including HEPA!

As you can probably imagine, the Airdog X8 is larger than the Airdog X5. The Airdog X8 is 30 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and weighs approximately 43 pounds.

Aesthetically, the Airdog X8 is sleek and clean with a white body, a. thin black strip across the upper part of it, and a black circle positioned directly above the strip that serves as the controlled display.

The Airdog X8 is not only praised for its remarkable CADR; it also gets a point in our review (and from reviews of happy customers) for its ability to filter and clean a 1000 square foot room in just 20 minutes AND it’s also even quieter than the X3 and X5! The Airdog X8, without a doubt, takes aerodynamic design to the next level!


AirDog X5 Pros and Cons

  • Reusable filter
  • HIGH CADR (up to 470 CFM)
  • Energy efficient
  • Ionic Wireframe
  • Removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and fine particles in spaces up to 1000 cubic feet
  • Smart App
  • EVEN QUIETER operation
  • Eco-friendly (green solution to purifying the air in your home)
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimized air circulation
  • Auto-mode
  • Only one year of free warranty
  • Pricey initial cost
  • Heavy (approximately 43 pounds)

We feel confident with our review that the Airdog X8 is the ultimate air purifier of amazing quality and performance.


Other Airdog Products

Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier

With the Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier, you can drive into the most populated, polluted cities with peace of mind knowing that the air you’re breathing in while on the road is clean and free of the harmful particles and debris that lurk outside your windows.

Features that come with the Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier include:

  • Active filtration technology (TPA)
  • Washable, reusable filter
  • SMART cleaning internal notifications
  • Control display (control airspeed and noise)
  • Small and portable design
  • SMART motion-activated features


You can drive with fresh, clean air that circulates your vehicle with whisper quiet technology for under $200! As of now, the Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier is even on sale on the Airdog purifier website for just $99!


Airdog Aroma Diffuser

This Airdog product provides you an elegant and peaceful aromatherapy experience with the bonus of playing your favorite music.

This beautiful diffuser can be the perfect addition to your living or dining room, home office, work office, yoga studio, etc.!

The Airdog Aroma Diffuser is available for $99 with color options of black or brown. Its usage area is suggested for 320-540 square feet, and the product dimensions are 6x6x3 inches.


Wrapping It Up

Having access to a high-performance air purifier with a reusable, easy-to-wash filter is an exhilarating innovation and is not something that is commonly found when browsing the air purifier market.

Thanks to Airdog air purifiers’ reusable, easy-to-clean collecting plates and filtration systems, you will not only save time and money, but you will also be able to take pride in knowing that you are also helping to save the plant with Airdog air purifiers’ energy-efficient and waste-free design when enjoying your indoor air quality!

Airdog air purifiers are one of the best air purifiers on the market and are well-engineered and come at a fair price point, especially considering the money you save every year without the expense of disposable filter cartridges.

When wrapping up our review, we concluded that Airdog air purifiers and its other products are of great quality and are well worth it. If you are looking for a high performance, attractive, and effective air purifier, Airdog is tough to beat!




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