The Xtra-PC Ultimate Review – Does it Really Work?

Xtra-PC Review

Do you have an old personal computer laying around the house? Maybe you want to give it to your kids, but it’s too slow. Or perhaps your current computer lacks the speed you need, but you’re not ready to commit to spending the money on a new system. For anyone struggling to use an old computer, slow pc or even a dead computer, the Xtra-PC may be a solution to consider. The Xtra-PC takes a slow computer and turns it into a device that runs just as quickly as a new PC helping you avoid major problems with your PC.

This low-cost thumb drive can be plugged into any old computer and will increase your computer’s speed and give you additional storage.

By bypassing your computer’s current operating system, you’ll enjoy a more reliable and effective device without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new PC. This is especially helpful for people that have faulty hard drives.

In this article, we’re going to give our full Xtra-PC review to help you decide if this is a device worth the investment. We’ll share the Xtra-PC pros and cons so you can see what benefits it will bring about to your old device.

Xtra-PC Review

The Xtra-PC comes in three different models, but they all ultimately offer the same primary function.

Prices will vary depending on the Xtra-PC model you choose, but in this Xtra-PC review, we’ll give you an overview of the product and share the different features the three options offer.

The Xtra-PC is a usb flash drive stick that transforms your old PC model into a like-new PC with a new operating system. You’ll then enjoy quicker speeds, making it easier to download and stream material online.

The Xtra-PC bypasses your current operating system and makes your computer run on Linux OS. Xtra-PC is quick and easy to install. While you could download this online yourself, many inexperienced computer users find the Xtra-PC much easier to use.

The device also offers additional storage space, which can be used to remove photos, music, or movies from your PC, which may be slowing it down. It’s an excellent value for money solution for anyone not ready to invest in a new PC.

Xtra-PC can be plugged into any PC and allow you to use the pre-installed Linux Operating System, bypassing your computer’s current operating system. You’ll need an available USB port and access to your internet service provider the first time you use this device.

There are three different models available to choose from, all of which offer slightly different benefits to users.

When you purchase any of the models below, you’ll enjoy a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Xtra-PC works on any computer with Windows XP, 7, or Vista and was made after the year 2004.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16GB

This is the smallest Xtra-PC model available with just 16GB of storage. This model offers a tiny USB drive that you’ll barely notice sitting in your device.

This model is ideal for anyone who wants to surf the internet. If your needs require you to store a large amount of files, you can either uses Google docs and store them on the cloud, or consider purchasing one of the other models that can accommodate your storage needs.

Xtra-PC Turbo 32GB

The 32GB model offers up to 1.5 times the speed boost of the 16GB model and a larger amount of storage. It has a more familiar look to a traditional flash drive. It’s a little more pricey but will significantly improve the speed of your computer.

You’ll benefit from additional storage with this model, so it’s great if you have a lot of videos or photos on your computer to save.

 Xtra-PC Pro

If you are willing to invest in the Xtra-PC Pro, you’ll experience the most benefits from this product. You’ll enjoy all the features mentioned in this Xtra-PC review, as well as 64GB of storage. The extra storage allows you to run your computer with the comfort of knowing you’ll have enough storage for all of your photos, files, music and movies.

Along with the large storage capacity, the Xtra-PC Pro offers file rescue software, allowing you to restore and copy old files.

Pros and Cons of the Xtra-PC

  • Cost-Saving
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Additional Protection for your PC
  • Storage
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Small USB Stick
  • Doesn’t work on all computers
  • Disrupts Files
  • Linux is usually free
  • Not a replacement for a new computer
  • Easy to Lose

Pros of the Xtra-PC

  • Cost-Saving: If you can’t currently afford a new computer, this is one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your current PC.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Even the most inexperienced computer users will find this device easy to use. Everything is already installed on the USB stick you receive, and you’ll find the instructions are clear to set up the device.
  • Additional Protection for your PC: You can surf the internet anonymously with this device, and it offers you protection from malware. It can help keep your PC safe from viruses, and Linux OS stops you from downloading unsafe files.
  • Storage: If you are struggling with storage space on your current PC, you’ll benefit from additional storage with the Xtra-PC.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Buy with confidence thanks to the included 30-day money-back guarantee with all three of the models in this Xtra-PC review.
  • Small USB Stick: This product is very compact so that you can use it on the go without issues.

Xtra-PC Cons

  • Doesn’t work on all computers: Ensure your computer is compatible with the Xtra-PC before purchasing the device.
  • Disrupts Files: Some users find it takes over and hides files on their PC.
  • Linux is usually free: You can download the free software as you’ll find on the Xtra-PC for free online.
  • Not a replacement for a new computer: It’s essential to understand this is not a complete replacement for a new PC and won’t compete with the latest models on the market.
  • Easy to Lose: If you travel a lot, this is a tiny device that could quickly get lost or fall out if knocked.


What Causes Computers to Run Slow?

Xtra-PC - Slow Computer

If you are struggling with a slow computer currently, you may be wondering why this occurred in the first place.

Most old computers are short of RAM (Random Access Memory) or disk drive space, which causes them to slow down significantly.

If you have an old hard drive, this can also slow the speed of your computer down. A PC with too many background programs will also have difficulties with speed.

Anyone who has ignored updates to Windows or their operating system often results in a slow computer. Another key area of concern is a previous virus, which can severely disrupt your computer’s regular operation.

When your computer is on, try and avoid running too many programs or having too many tabs open, which can slow down your computer if it’s unable to cope. Slow computers usually struggle with special effects and too many graphics.

While there are some DIY resolutions to minimize the troubles you may be facing, ultimately, after a certain point, your computer either needs replacing or the assistance of the Xtra-PC.


How to Use Your Xtra-PC

The Xtra-PC is incredibly popular due to how easy it is to set up on your PC. After receiving your purchase, you’ll insert the USB stick into the port on your computer or laptop.

You’ll need to boot or start your computer to use the device. Once on, you’ll select Xtra-PC on your desktop.

You’ll then see a series of on-screen prompts to follow, which will guide you through the setup process. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to use the Xtra-PC and enjoy the benefits it offers to you.

The best thing is, you’ll only need to follow these steps the first time you use the device. After you’ve completed the set-up, you’ll start your computer as your normally would.

Below is a helpful video to demonstrate the process:


Who would benefit from Xtra-PC

There are many reasons a PC owner would choose to use the Xtra-PC. Primarily, it’s used by people who are struggling with a slow computer. If you aren’t ready to purchase a new device for any reason, this is an inexpensive option to consider.

You may feel your computer needs an upgrade as it’s not old enough to consider replacing it yet. Anyone whose job or studies require a quick and efficient device can benefit from the Xtra-PC.

If you are struggling with storage space on your slow computer, this is another excellent reason for investing in this device. The 32G and Pro models offer a good amount of additional storage, which will speed up your computer.

If you have outdated operating systems, the good news is Xtra-PC will refresh your computer with the latest Linux downloads to ensure you have the latest version.

Another common reason for using the Xtra-PC is you have an old computer that was wiped and now doesn’t have an operating system. The Xtra-PC offers a quick and inexpensive way to add an operating system without any technical knowledge needed.

If you have a computer that you stopped using after it had a virus, you can also benefit from the Xtra-PC and start using the device again safely.


Xtra PC FAQs

Where can I buy the Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC is available by purchasing directly from them, or by visiting Amazon as they are the recommended retailers for this device. Click here to be taken directly to Amazon’s product page.

The official Xtra-PC site and Amazon offer fast shipping and easy returns.

How long does the Xtra-PC take to install?

The time to set up your new Xtra-PC will vary depending on your home or workplace’s internet speed. On average, the process should only take a few minutes to complete.

However, if you have extremely slow internet at home, it can take at least an hour to download. You’ll need to be present during the whole process as you’ll have to answer various questions throughout the installation.

You’ll know the installation is complete when your homepage or current screen changes. This means Linux has downloaded, and you are ready to enjoy a quicker computer.

What programs can I use with Xtra-PC?

You’ll be able to enjoy using any of your favorite apps and programs while experiencing all the benefits listed in this Xtra-PC review. Work on documents in Office, enjoy playing games on your PC, or edit photos in Photoshop.

You’ll love how fast it is to stream Netflix on your old computer, and you can also enjoy listening to your favorite music apps. Xtra-PC works with any internet browser so that you can enjoy faster internet browsing.

Can I use Xtra-PC with any old computer?

It’s important to note that some old computers won’t be compatible with the Xtra-PC. You’ll need to have a microprocessor of 700 MHz or higher.

The device will work best if you have at least 2 GB of memory, 512 MB of RAM, and a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port. You’ll also need a graphics card that can support either DVI, HDMI, or VAG.

You’ll need an internet connection for your initial installation to give you the most updated Linux version.

What will happen to the files currently on my computer?

Everything that’s currently located on your computer is safe when you start using the Xtra-PC. They won’t be altered at all during the installation or use of this device.

You’ll still enjoy full access to any files, videos, or images on your computer. You’ll be able to access the hard drive of your slow computer, and then you can choose to do anything with your current files.

Does your computer need a hard drive?

Even a computer without a hard drive works with the Xtra-PC usb device. It only runs from your USB port so that an old computer can benefit from this product without a hard drive.

Will I need an internet connection to use this device?

You’ll need an internet connection for the initial Xtra-PC setup. After that, you can use this tool any time you like without an internet connection.

Of course, any online activities such as surfing the web will always need an internet connection in your home to complete.

Wrapping It Up

Xtra-PC is an incredible tool for anyone who is struggling with an old computer. While it may not completely replace the need for a new device, it’s an excellent temporary solution for anyone working with a slow computer or a lack of storage space.

The Xtra-PC installation is so quick and easy, and even those who are not technologically savvy will be impressed with how quickly their computer speed is improved.

For anyone with an old PC hanging around their home, it’s the perfect way to give an old computer a new lease of life.

As you can see from our Xtra-PC review, there are some considerations needed when purchasing this product. However, with three models to choose from, you’ll find a solution for your budget and needs with any of the Xtra-PC devices and be one of the many satisfied customers who have brought new life to their aging PCs.

Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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