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Budgeting Product Reviews For Families Ready To Build The Lifestyle Of Their Dreams (Or Maybe Initially Just Stay Afloat)

DIY finances and family budgeting don’t have to be scary! Our Family Budgeting and Finance product reviews include facts that will change how you look at money and straightforward steps you can take to OWN your budget.

You’ll find …

  • Information on keeping your credit score in good health. Did you know credit card payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score? Dang. Translation: Making even the minimum monthly payment on your credit card accounts will save your credit score from a steep drop.
  • Products and books to make you and your entire family more money-savvy. Most high schools and colleges require students to take English, math, and science courses yet have absolutely no requirements for students to learn about personal money management. The earlier you address this gap, the better.

We regularly post financial product reviews and family budgeting tips because you should feel good about how and why you spend your money.

Understanding The Money You Spend On Home Products Is As Important As Researching The Products Themselves

Every My Home Dojo Family Budget product review is by real people facing the same financial and budgeting challenges as you. The products we recommend are useful, practical, and will help you reach your financial goals—even if, in the short term, that’s as basic as climbing out of instead of deeper into debt.

Our dollar nerdery really shines through on our Family Budgeting page, all to your benefit! We want you to feel like your home product purchases aren’t a financial strain. To do that, you need to feel confident in your budget and the methods and services you use to determine it.