My Magic Carpet Review: Is it a Scam?

My Magic Carpet review
My Magic Carpet Review


Have you ever had to clean up after your dog or cat? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for them not only learn their lesson but also get rewarded, too! Introducing the My Magic Carpet – machine washable single-piece non slip rug that is lightweight and perfectly fits into any washing machnie. From wine stains from spilled drinks in addition to spills on carpets when adults forget about them (yes people do), these rugs can come off without leaving behind even one speck of dirt thanks its amazing design which fits easily in your washing machine

  • Easy to Clean
  • Price
  • Size Variety
  • Design


  • Affordable
  • Great Designs
  • Easy to Clean
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Limited sizes
  • Cannot Customize

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Rug shopping can be a real challenge. Maybe you are one of those shoppers that enjoys visiting antique stores to find unique rug sizes full of artistic patterns and historical value. You finally find a prized rug to bring into your carefully curated home and quickly realize the best place for your new purchase is going to be in the room with the least traffic.

The fact is, between kids, pets, and frequent visits from your neighbor who doesn’t seem to take a hint when it comes to the word “occasionally,” you need a floor solution that is designed to get frequently walked on in sizes that won’t break the bank.

It is times like these that you need a more sensible solution that doesn’t sacrifice the look and feel of a high-quality rug. That is where My Magic Carpet washable rugs come into play. My Magic Carpet has a line of incredibly attractive washable rugs in various sizes to fit anywhere in your home.

Place a My Magic Carpet rug in front of your front door for any of those afterschool kiddo-inspired stomps after a fresh rain outside. Or maybe you’d prefer this fantastic washing machine-safe solution by your sliding back door where you are constantly letting your pets in and out. Between the stain-resistant feature and waterproof inner liner, My Magic Carpet has a design and sizes option for you.

The point is, My Magic Carpet washable rugs are excellent solutions for those high-traffic areas of your home that bring in a lot of dirt, mud, debris, and dust. Check out our review of these incredible rugs to help you decide if My Magic Carpet is a good solution for your living situation.


My Magic Carpet Review

Our product testing office is located in a relatively busy section of the city where our testers are likely to track in all sorts of unwanted materials. As a result, it is not uncommon to get a “special note” from our janitors to take off our shoes at the entrance more often, which none of us follow.

We actually gave our cleaning crew a call to help test out the different washable rugs from My Magic Carpet for a more expert opinion and were pretty impressed by the results. Almost all of our testers and guests thought these washing machine-safe My Magic Carpet washable rugs were an excellent solution to our entry lobby and backdoor exit areas.

The My Magic Carpet washable rugs material was durable and looked like it would last long after our two weeks of testing. We put our My Magic Carpet washable rugs in a washing machine cycle at least four times during the two weeks and did not see any water or machine damage of any kind. Before going further, let’s give you a few more details about My Magic Carpet washable rugs and their features.


What is My Magic Carpet?

My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet is a relatively young company in the textile and home goods industries that offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional rugs. My Magic Carpet’s primary product is the namesake My Magic Carpet line of washable rugs that use a patent-pending lightweight material made from 100% microfiber polyester.

Every My Magic Carpet washable rugs includes a waterproof lining made from polyurethane that easily fits into a standard-sized washing machine and will not come apart. The actual benefit My Magic Carpet washable rugs is that you do not need any special cleaners or systems to keep the rug clean. All you need to do is occasionally send My Magic Carpet washable rugs through a washing machine cycle, and you’re good to go.

There are no separate layers that you have to attach or remove from My Magic Carpet washable rugs. The nonslip backing works on all wood and hard surface flooring and doesn’t require any additional cost at checkout. You also get a level of stain resistance that held up well to our testing. My Magic Carpet is a single-piece rug that doesn’t break down in your washing machine.

We put our My Magic Carpet washable rugs through the wringer, spilling everything from a Venti Latte to one of our tester’s tuna noodle casseroles that had been in the office fridge for about a week longer than it should have been.

The My Magic Carpet washable rugs held up exceptionally well in every test, regardless of the different sizes and materials we tried.


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Why You Should Consider My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet washable rugs are the best solution we have ever seen for high traffic areas besides those unattractive rubber mats that hold water too long. My Magic Carpet washable rugs come in a wide variety of colors and designs, are more eco-friendly than traditional rugs, and quickly get cleaned in a washing machine.

These My Magic Carpet washable rugs are designed to take a beating. My Magic Carpet knows how important keeping your home is when you have a busy household. So once we heard that byline, we wanted to test the exact sales pitch My Magic Carpet has for different uses.


My Magic Carpet and Kids

We put a makeshift sandbox in our lobby and three different sizes of My Magic Carpet washable rugs for kids to run across between the bathroom, snack table, parent seating area, and the sandbox. This meant hundreds, possibly thousands of little footprints tracking sand, juice boxes, fruit snacks, and more across the top and never once had a leak under the My Magic Carpet waterproof matting.


My Magic Carpet and Pets

This was fun. We packed our boss’s office with four different sizes of My Magic Carpet washable rugs. We then released six dogs for the entire workday after a play date at a local park with fresh mud from the rain. When we say it got messy in there, we are not kidding!

The aftermath looked impossible to clean, but one cycle of My Magic Carpet washable rugs through a washing machine, and they were like brand new.

My Magic Carpet is a great choice to combat pet accidents and paw marks as they all washed off very easily.


My Magic Carpet and High Traffic

We are directly next door to a coffee shop and across the street from a nightclub. We asked both of them to help us out with this My Magic Carpet review. We placed different sizes of these fantastic My Magic Carpet washable rugs in their entryways during business hours.

In every case, we were able to quickly send the washable rugs through a single washing machine cycle and have them come out looking like they had just arrived from My Magic Company headquarters.


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How Do You Wash My Magic Carpet?


My Magic Carpet tests each design by running the washable rugs through at least a 30 washing machine cycles system before approving the new item. That is why My Magic Carpet is so confident and adamant about mentioning how their patent-pending nonslip bottoms don’t degrade through washing.

To wash any My Magic Carpet washable rugs, simply place it in your washing machine with your favorite detergent and start a delicate cycle in cold water. My Magic Carpet suggests using a mild detergent. We tried just water, mild, and an industrial-strength version and had no issue, but you should probably stick with the instructions on the specific washable rug you purchase.

To dry any My Magic Carpet washable rugs, place it in your dryer on low heat or air-dry on a warm day. Try not to use high heat settings as that can lead to creases, and do not use an iron. Unfortunately, we made that mistake for some reason and were left with a lot of creases on the edges of our My Magic Carpet washable rugs.

We should mention that you need to wash the My Magic Carpet washable rugs separately from themselves and anything else you would normally place in your washing machine.

We had no problem fitting the different sizes of My Magic Carpet rugs we tested into a standard washing machine.


What Sizes does My Magic Carpet Come In?

This part of our My Magic Carpet washable rugs review is what we are really excited to report on. When we tell you each of these washable rugs looks amazing, we’re talking high-quality furniture showroom amazing.

The first time we considered testing My Magic Carpet washable rugs, we were worried the products would look bland and industrial. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each My Magic Carpet rug comes in:

  • 2.5” x 7”
  • 3’ x 5’
  • 5’ x 7’


Are these My Magic Carpet washable rugs going to fill a ballroom – probably not. They will fit in most entryways, lobbies, living room , bedrooms, offices, RVs, truck conversions, and any other place normal area rugs would go. You get to choose from runners or area rugs that are in incredible designs. These styles include:

  • Geometric Design
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Moroccan
  • Solid
  • Floral & Bohemian


And they offer their designs in a wide array of options to ensure you can get your colorful rug. Every single one of our testers and guest janitors was able to find a style, color, and size combination of a My Magic Carpet washable rugs that would work in their home.


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My Magic Carpet vs. Ruggable

Now for our showdown section of this My Magic Carpet washable rugs review. A few companies like Ruggable compete with My Magic Carpet in the washing machine-ready washable rugs industry.

We were able to get our hands on some Ruggable products and thought they were pretty comparable in look and style. The main difference between Ruggable and My Magic Carpet is that Ruggable uses a two-part rug system while My Magic Carpet sticks to a one-piece solution.

The top part of the Ruggable brand product is removed and then washed, while the bottom part of the Ruggable rug is not. That means you don’t get as thorough a cleaning with Ruggable as you do with My Magic Carpet.

Ruggable also has a slightly thinner top layer feeling that we associate with a slightly less durable product. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to test out that durability but made an estimation based on the amount of foot traffic for each of our tests.

Ruggable does have one advantage, and that is the variety of sizes. Ruggable offers round carpets, doormats, and larger sizes than My Magic Carpet. This could be better for those homes or RVs with really challenging spaces to fit with washable rugs.

Ruggable has a decent selection of styles and comes in at a higher price value than My Magic Carpet.


Is the My Magic Carpet Worth It?

Yes, a thousand times yes! If you have an RV, pets, or kids, this is absolutely the right solution for your home. The waterproof backing ensures you don’t end up with unsightly spills or animal accidents that can damage the flooring.

These are lightweight rugs that are incredibly easy to manage. This way, you can quickly pick up a My Magic Carpet and take the washable rugs from the floor into your washing machine without having to lift the equivalent of a small appliance in the case of more traditional rugs.

My Magic Carpet washable rugs are highly durable. The cost is more than worth the price tag because they will last you a very long time. One of our testers owns and operates a couple of beachside Airbnbs purchase some of the My Magic Carpet washable rugs for his own properties because of their durability.

With so many people going in and out of our office, it was easy to see the durability of these lightweight rugs would hold up. Of course, we would like to see more sizes in the future, but we loved the variety of styles, colors, and designs offered through the My Magic Carpet website.

The air-drying solution seemed to work better in our climate than the dryer mode. That may not be the case for everyone else but it does speak to an advantage for those customers living in RVs or rental properties where they don’t want to run the dryer all day long.


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My Magic Carpet FAQ

Can I use a My Magic Carpet washable rug outside?

The manufacturer recommends the indoor only use for the primary washable rugs. There are other outdoor-ready designs available on their website that may be better suited to your application. That being said, it’s not going to damage anything if you put one of the indoor washable rugs outside on a covered patio, for example.


Is shipping included?

My Magic Carpet provides free shipping on all orders.


What is the return policy?

My Magic Carpet guarantees total satisfaction. They offer a 30 day return or exchange if you’re not satisfied with your product.


How much are the rugs made from recycled material?

The company reports to use post-industrial materials that are typically disposed of . That means a significant percentage of their products are made from recycled materials, usually plastics found in tires and other common household goods.


Who is this for?

Anyone with pets or kids. These washable rugs are designed for repeat use on the flooring in your home or on an RV or camper.


What makes this washable?

My Magic Carpet features a unique technology that uses another material, usually cotton or wool, to absorb the liquid that falls onto the rug. This allows you to simply wipe up spills or to take them into your washing machine for easy care.


Are these washable rugs 100% waterproof?

Yes, most styles available with My Magic Carpet offer 100% protection against liquids that may fall onto the rug. It does not offer protection against spills though. That will eventually soak through even these highly developed materials. However, with proper care, you can extend the life and use of your rug significantly longer than traditional flooring in your home or RV. And if you do manage to spill something on top, it’s easy enough to take the entire rug into the washing machine for a thorough cleaning!


Where can I buy a My Magic Carpet?

You can purchase a My Magic Carpet online through the company website. They do ship internationally, but you may have to pay an additional fee based on your shipping address. It also ships from the United States, so if you live outside of the country, you will probably have to pay for increased shipping costs as well. \


What comes with these washable rugs?

The rugs themselves are lightweight and come vacuum-sealed in their packaging. They are easy to fold out flat once you get them out of the package and ready for use. Most rugs will come with simple instructions on how to clean and dry them based on your washing machine, but if you need more information, you can contact the manufacturer directly at their website


Are these high quality?

That’s a matter of opinion. When reviewing this product for our site we found that some people absolutely loved it while others felt like they were lacking in quality materials and low in durability over time. That being said, most customers who purchase one of the washable rugs from My Magic Carpet were quite pleased with their purchase after using it in various locations.


Where are they made?

My Magic Carpet is an American company that manufactures its products right here in the United States of America! We think that this speaks volumes to the company’s commitment to creating a higher quality product that will hold up better over time.


How are these washable rugs cut?

While some of the designs are digital prints, most of them are actually woven using an ancient process called hand-knotting. It allows the pattern to be fully customized for each rug, giving you more flexibility in choosing something that fits directly into your home or RV without difficulty or distortion of the image on the weave. The knotting work is done by skilled artisans throughout Nepal and parts of India where they have been weaving tradition patterns for centuries.


Can I use My Magic Carpet on my camper?

Yes! They specifically make products designed to fit well into an RV or camper. Their rugs are easy to roll up and store in small spaces when not in use.


How long do they last?

The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on their products, which protects against any defects with their craftsman ship for one year after purchase date. Depending on how much traffic comes through the area you plan on placing the rug, its should last for quite some time well beyond the warranty.


Wrapping it Up

The really good thing about checking out any of the washable rugs from My Magic Carpet is you aren’t restricted to only an online shop. My Magic Carpet washable rugs are so popular that you can easily find them in your local Walmart, Big Lots, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Home Depot. That way, you can check out some of the sizes and styles in person instead of just through a computer or mobile screen.

My Magic Carpet offers a 30-day return and exchange policy if you don’t like the style or sizes you received. As long as your My Magic Carpet rug is in “like-new” condition, you’ll be able to return it without issue.

We strongly encourage anyone who does purchase any of the My Magic Carpet washable rugs to remember they are stain resistant, not stain-proof. You still want to be sure to avoid giant bowls of cranberry sauce or some other heavily colored food/drink being ingrained into your product.

We had no problem vacuuming over our My Magic Carpet washable rugs product testing during our review, but we absolutely say no to using bleach in or out of your washing machine. Unfortunately, we tested a small corner, and that did not end well for us.

If you do get any wrinkles after an entire washing machine cycle and air drying session of your My Magic Carpet product, just use a little fabric softener on the next wash, and you should be good.

All in all, we think this is an excellent product, especially for those homes with a lot of foot traffic, kids, and pets. We strongly suggest My Magic Carpet for anyone living or using an RV on a regular basis as they make a quick solution to keeping your space clean while adding a lovely touch of personalization you will appreciate.

Visit their website today and check out any of their sizes or latest styles. In addition, they frequently have discount codes or special promo codes, so don’t be afraid to explore for any events that may lower the price tag.

As always, if you enjoyed this product review, be sure to come on back in the future. We are constantly posting new reviews from our latest products, services, and experiences, especially in the tech and home use areas. Thank you for reading our My Magic Carpet washable rugs review today. Be sure to check them out and let them know we sent you over! Happy decorating.


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