Best Light Bulb Security Cameras for Your Home 

One of the more valuable benefits of today’s fast-paced technology-based world is the increase in personal camera security. It is easier than ever to get a home security camera installed so you can see anything happening day or night.

These are not the giant, bulky cameras of yesteryear that looked like they took a crew of people to install and use. Instead, today’s cameras are more pinhole-sized lenses and discrete features a la James Bond. The latest camera creation to hit the open market are light bulb cameras that give you a wide range of vision to keep your home or business safe.

Here are the 7 best light bulb security camera our testing team tried out and think will help you in whatever situation you need to monitor at home or work.


Best Light Bulb Cameras

1) Symynelec Light Bulb Security Camera | Best Overall for Home

This excellent 1080p indoor motion sensor light bulb security camera has a fisheye lens to capture an incredibly wide field of vision. It does require 2.4GHz Wi-Fi instead of 5GHz, but that is why we like it for homes more than businesses because most people are still on the 2.4GHz standard.

You get motion control for 360 degrees that can move and spin based on your manual installation or the included smartphone application.

Everything is stored locally on a micro SD card that you can retrieve in your home without worrying about burglars and two-way talk in case your kiddos need to get back to homework instead of video games.

Camera Features:

  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Includes Motion Detection feature
  • Has an alarm function
  • 360-degree panoramic wide in HD video
  • Night vision
  • 240 volts
  • 1080p image capture resolution


Symynelec Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • We liked the ease of installing and immediately connecting over WiFi
  • The 360-degree angle worked best for harder to reach areas
  • The app is user friendly and lets you see in real-time
  • Does take a moment to come back online after turning off the light


2) TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera | Best for HD Definition

There is no point in using a light bulb security camera if you cannot view the captured footage in a clear, defined video afterward. The Tupeya allows you to actively monitor a camera from your mobile device and supports multi-user sharing for up to five different family members. In addition, there is an easy-to-use 360Eyes app that can show a feed, or you can rely on the 2/47 recording using a micro SD card.

While other cameras on our list have 1080p resolution, there is something just a tad bit better about the daytime recording of this camera. The motion activation is sensitive with five different option levels to select from in case you are in a high traffic area of your home or have shadows that dance on your walls.

Camera Features: 

  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Sensitive Motion Detection
  • 360-degree panoramic view in HD video
  • Night vision
  • 1080p image capture resolution
  • 360Eyes smartphone app


Tupeya Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • 5 unique users can access a stream at once
  • Excellent mobile phone app integration
  • Sensitive motion capture features
  • Does not work on 5G networks


3) Zeus CCTV WiFi Floodlight Bulb Camera | Best Outdoor Camera

If you want a light bulb camera that will scare the pants of any prospective thief, Zeus is your answer. This is a high-quality security camera wrapped in a dazzling bright floodlight that will brighten up any parking area, back porch, or any other setting around your home or business.

Even though this says CCTV camera, it does connect to your WiFi remotely so you can monitor the HD 1080p live video stream. Video can be sent to your PC, tablet, or mobile app. You can also store video on a micro SD card and cloud storage.

The only downside is that cloud storage does cost slightly more. There are three built-in modes, including Day Mode, Night Color Mode, and Nigh IR Mode. The IR mode was our favorite because it could capture video in practically pitch-black environments.

Camera Features: 

  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Excellent motion capturing
  • 360-degree panoramic camera in HD video
  • Night vision
  • 1080p image capture resolution
  • 900 lumens floodlight


Zeus Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • Works as an excellent deterrent to thieves, burglars, and trespassers
  • Crisp image detail with full-color night vision
  • Does not require hardwiring like other outdoor security cameras
  • Customer support takes a while to respond to questions


4) Besdersec Full HD Light Bulb Security Camera | Best for Pets

No one likes to be away from their four-legged friends for too long. Besdersec offers an excellent remote-controlled camera that allows you to see how your pet is doing while at home. The real advantage of this light bulb camera is the AI mode. This will learn your home’s environment so you do not get notified every ten seconds because of a fan.

The light bulb camera also works with E26/E27 light sockets, which is what you want for lower light rooms instead of floodlights on the exterior of your home. You can record to a micro SD card or monitor in real-time with the ICsee app that also allows you to control the light being on or off and has a two-way communicator.

Camera Features: 

  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Excellent motion capturing with alarm detection and notification
  • 360-degree panoramic wide in HD video, 10-meter diameter
  • Night vision
  • 1080p image capture resolution
  • Intelligent AI mode
  • Easy Installation


Besdersec Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • One of the more affordable light bulb cameras on our list
  • Excellent application with two-way communication for pets
  • We liked being able to switch the light off remotely
  • Only works with 2.4G Wi-Fi connection
  • Night vision is not as accurate as you may like


5) Amaryllo 360 Degrees Light Bulb Security Camera | Best Two-Way Audio

Many of our product testers have kids at home and prefer the Amaryllo because it has an enhanced two-way audio feature. That means we could remind our kids when it was time to shut off YouTube and get back to homework or stop hitting their siblings with potato chips.

You still get all the additional features of most other cameras like 360-degree motion tracking and video recording, but there is also built-in 256 MB military-grade encryption to prevent anyone from watching your cameras and unlimited cloud storage available, which is why we like it for families.

Camera Features: 

  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Active auto-tracking
  • 360-degree panoramic wide in HD video
  • Night vision
  • 1080p HD image capture resolution
  • Accurate facial recognition
  • Unlimited cloud storage is available


Amaryllo Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • Love the encryption feature that protects your family’s data
  • Facial recognition identifies particular users as part of the AI system
  • Sends notifications for any kind of unusual movement
  • It might have slight blind spots directly underneath the camera


6) Sengled Floodlight Security Camera | Best for Pools & Backyards

This light bulb camera option is going to be on the higher end of our best-of list because of the unique design and added features. We like this for home use in all weather situations due to its high durability and excellent image crispness. You also get the two-way talking feature which is excellent for remaindering kiddos when it is time to wrap things up and head inside.

There is a floodlight for added security on top of the high-resolution camera. The only reason this camera is a little lower on our list compared to the other outdoor option is that the viewing angle is a little smaller, and the distance is about 2 feet less at night for motion detection. Otherwise, this is an excellent camera for your home’s backyard BBQ and pool area.

Camera Features: 

  • Waterproof casing for all-weather
  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Active auto-tracking
  • 140 degrees wide-angle lens in HD video
  • Night vision
  • 1080p image capture resolution
  • Security flood light
  • Durable construction


Sengled Light Bulb Camera Pros and Cons

  • Deters thieves from coming into your home or yard
  • Great for use all year round
  • Audio is pretty loud for people to hear across your backyard area
  • You get 30 days of recordings. After that, you will need to pay or adopt a different recording system


7) VIMSEAGA 4K Hidden Light Camera | Best Hidden Camera

We wanted to include a more fun option on our best-of list that worked with people who didn’t want a ceiling-oriented light bulb camera but something more hidden like a nanny cam. The Vimseaga fits the bell really well because it is a modern design with alternating color options and a pinpoint camera that captures 4K video.

You still get the motion detection, but in high resolution than most other light bulb cameras at 1920X1080p with a 110-degree wide viewing angle at any elevation, you wish. This is an excellent option for putting up on a bookshelf or using on your entertainment center whenever you have people watching your kiddos.

Camera Features: 

  • Different light color options
  • Camera works best on 2.4GHz
  • Excellent motion detector
  • 4K video resolution
  • Night vision
  • Hides the camera lens extremely well


Camera Pros and Cons:

  • Subtle camera construction, so people will not know it’s there
  • Uses 8M night vision for high-resolution images
  • View in real-time on your mobile app and store with micro SD
  • If the light gets stolen, you may not have the footage of the entire theft


Light Bulb Camera Buyers Guide

The idea of a light bulb camera is an easy-to-install solution that is discreet and uses the power running to your home or business building. Most of the time, these light bulb cameras will run through your home’s WiFi network or via a Bluetooth connection. You can use them inside your home, on the porch, in high traffic areas of your business, or even in those security rooms for a hidden feature that will capture clear images every time there is motion.


Image Quality

Be sure to look at the resolution and amount of time being captured every time motion sets off your light bulb camera. At a minimum, you should have 960p for definition, but the higher the resolution, the better. If you can get HD with a horizontal view, even in night visions situations, you’re doing pretty well. 1080p is the preferred resolution, and anything over 23 fps will work for video. Getting a high quality image is essential to see the details of the video.


Storage Capacity

Some light bulb cameras will upload a live feed to your PC or cloud storage area. Others rely on a micro SD card. The larger the capacity of this card, the better. Shoot for at least 64GB storage capacity, but again, if you can get more, do it. You can pick up secondary cards from a local electronics store or online for pretty cheap and rotate out cards on a schedule as well.


Coverage Area

Field of vision is a primary concern because even the best light bulb cameras are going to be restricted by where you are screwing in the light bulb. Most of the time, these will be overhead lights, and that means a 360-degree feature from the manufacturer. As long as you can get the size of the entire room you are trying to cover in the field of view for the light bulb camera, you should be all set.


Night Vision

Light bulb cameras are popular for use in backyards, front porches, and rooms with the lights off when not in use. That means your light bulb camera needs to capture video or images in low-light or dark areas, and that requires clear night vision.


Motion Capture

A security camera is only as good as the trigger events that start recording. Sometimes your light bulb camera will run 24/7 and monitor an area for you to access whenever you want. Others include a feature that triggers recording based on noise or motion detection. These are our favorites because it means fewer resources being tied up on your WiFi network and doesn’t require endless scrolling through an entire night of footage for a single event.



In general, a basic light bulb camera will run you around $30 to $80. The more features and higher quality the light bulb camera, the more you can expect to pay. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as some of these options include raw materials that are surprisingly durable, so your camera remains in place for years.


Other Features

Everything beyond the items we mentioned above will be added benefits. Some light bulb cameras include a remote control or two-way talk options for rooms like baby nurseries or when you want to reach your pets. We also encourage you to check out any warranties and electrical requirements of the bulbs to ensure you have the correct setup in your home and won’t be wasting money on something that breaks too easily.


Wrapping it Up

We were happily surprised at the fun we had reviewing these different products. Light bulb security cameras are an excellent addition to your home because they help prevent theft and capture any motion from pets, kids, or neighbors returning borrowed items.

The final buying decision for each of us came down more to the corresponding smartphone apps, how the quality of night vision was, and if it had remote features like being able to turn off or on the light bulb. However, we can easily see how business owners may prefer the flood camera options better.

Thanks again for checking out our product reviews, and we hope you come back often for our latest explorations of home and lifestyle products!



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