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The Ultimate LegXercise Review (2021) – Is The Leg Machine Worth It?

Legxercise Cover

Suppose you are looking for a leg machine that will help to promote healthy circulation, increase flexibility and strength, and reduce leg pain in the lower extremities. In that case, the LegXercise leg machine might be worth your time.

It provides resistance through its natural movement, so it’s perfect for people who want to tone their muscles and leg circulation through constant movement.

LegXercise is perfect for the elderly, people recovering from injury, or any situation that makes it challenging to exercise through constant leg movement such as walking or running.

In our LegXercise Review, we’ll dive into what this machine is and the benefits, so you can decide if this is the right product for you or someone in your home.

  • 2-Speed Setting & Quiet Motor

  • Electronic Foot Plates

  • Ergonomic Design 

  • Easy to Use


What is the LegXercise Leg Machine?

The LegXercise is a leg machine that can be used in the comfort of your own home. With modern technology, you won’t need to go to the gym working on traditional exercise routines.

This device will help promote blood flow and flexibility while providing an intense workout for all four major muscle groups in your legs at once. The lack of movement from the rest of the body helps focus the activity on just the legs.

Perfect for people who want toned leg muscles or those recovering from injury, this equipment provides resistance through its natural movement, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to get into shape without needing the extra space and expense of going to a local fitness center. 

For people recovering from injuries, LegXercise is a great way to supplement the physical therapist.


How Does It Work?

Lexcersise Knee

LegXercise is a walker and fitness product combined into one that is designed to be used by anyone, in any condition or location; all you need are your two feet!

The automatic leg mover works with natural continuous movement, so there isn’t much stress on your knee joint and muscles. In addition, it uses resistance through its motion instead of added weights from other exercises that may cause injury over time. 

This passive exercise technique allows for longer workouts. Because there is no resistance, you can go longer without any side effects. 

It also provides cardiovascular benefits while giving an effective workout for four major muscle groups: hamstrings, quadriceps, hips/buttocks & calves at once.

Operating the LegXercise leg machine is straightforward:

  • Remove your leg machine from the box
  • Find a comfortable seated position
  • Plug in the LegXercise leg machine
  • Select Speed
  • Get your steps in!


The Benefits of Using the LegXercise Machine

Legxercise Use

This product provides many benefits beyond just toning your legs (it tones all four major muscle groups). It can help with circulation while making sure you’re not overdoing it too quickly or going to extreme soreness levels, so everyone should be able to use this machine without any problems!

For many seniors, this can be an excellent solution for exercise if walking is not an option. The Legxercise leg machine offers a full-body workout for seniors or anyone who doesn’t want to do any heavy lifting. The only downside is that it’s not designed for people with arthritis in their knees because there are no knee pads included, putting them at risk of getting injured.


Who Can Benefit From Using LegXercise

While anyone can use the LegXercise machine, those that have challenges with regular exercises can significantly benefit from this product.

LegXercise can be used for those who have osteoporosis and spinal cord injury. If someone suffers from these conditions, they’ll be able to continue working out without putting themselves at risk by doing more traditional exercises such as running or using weights while sitting down on the floor.

For example, someone with an arthritic joint will also have difficulty participating in leg extensions like other weight machines on the market today, which can help alleviate some.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a perfect exercise machine for seniors. The low impact to the body and excellent blood circulation helps promote great health if used daily.


LegXercise Pros and Cons

While conducting our test on the LegXercise leg machine, we noted some great benefits, but also noted some draw backs. Below are our observations that you should consider before buying.

  • Versatile machine that anyone can use
  • Perfect for the elderly or anyone suffering from any mobility condition
  • Low impact to the body
  • Great blood circulation benefits
  • Easy to Use
  • Only two speeds available
  • Limited to 55 steps max per minute
  • Weight limit of 200 pounds


Does LegXercise Really Work?

With the various exercise machine available to consumers, we found that this machine is perfect for those who desire to stay in shape while reducing the impact to your body. In addition, seniors will love this leg machine as it will remove the pains of working out while providing the same benefits of walking.

Another reason why we love this leg machine is the ease of use. LegXercise comes fully assembled. Simply take it out of the box, plug it and select your speed. It took us less than a minute from the box to use.

Overall, depending on your desired goals and physical abilities, the LegXercise leg mover does an amazing job.


LegXercise Max and Pro

For those interested in the same low-impact workout but want to increase the workout load, we recommend going with either the LegXercise Pro or Max.

Both of these leg machines provide the same great workout as the original Legxercise but increase the movement of the exercise to ensure you get more steps in.


LegXercise Max

The LegXercise Max provides 23% more movement than the original and can support up to 70 steps per minute. With a more powerful motor, your exercises are guaranteed to increase that heart rate!

The LegXercise Max also comes with a step counter so you can keep track of your workouts and set daily, weekly or monthly goals.


LegXercise Pro

Similar to the Max, the LegXercise Pro provides up to 23% more movement than the original. Its main difference is the concave track that leads to a more natural walking experience that sits inclined to where you are seated.

When testing the Pro, we noticed a more natural walking experience versus the original and Max.


Wrapping It Up

The LegXercise leg mover machine is an excellent choice for older adults who want an easy way to stay active. If you are recovering from an injury, LegXercise makes a great complement to physical therapy. 

While everyone has different needs, physical conditions shouldn’t get in the way of everyday life. Whether you have achy legs or have a more severe condition, the LegXercise product is a piece of great exercise equipment to consider.

With the simple to use functionality, free shipping, and a 30-day return policy when you purchase on Amazon, we would recommend this product if you’re interested in keeping your heart healthy with low impact exercises while getting some exercise as well!

  • 2-Speed Setting & Quiet Motor

  • Electronic Foot Plates

  • Ergonomic Design 

  • Easy to Use



Please note: This article contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 
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