An Honest Review the FlexiSpot Standing Desk: Are They Worth It?

FlexiSpot Standing Desk
FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review


FlexiSpot offers a wide range of Sit-Stand Desks, each with their own unique set of features and benefits to ensure that you find the perfect desk for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a manual or electric sit-stand desk, they provide options to suit any budget and workspace.

Manual sit-stand desks are a great option for those who want an affordable way to incorporate ergonomic principles into their workstation.

  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • Several desk heights choices
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Excellent warranty
  • Spacious and elegant designs


  • Accessories cost extra
  • Drawers do not come standard

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As a product review office, our team members are more than aware of the research on sitting down for too long. In between reviews of household items and fun gadgets our readers enjoy, we also spend a great deal of time handling social media and speaking with different companies seeking our expert research.

That often means more time sitting than standing. Luckily the experts at FlexiSpot make a quality standing desk that we could review and offer an honest opinion if it made a difference in our work day. Read on to learn more about this excellent review of the FlexiSpot standing desk for your work or home office.


FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

FlexiSpot review

Only about half of our review team had ever tried a standing desk before. They are a little intimidating because none of us want to experience a slowdown in work productivity. The idea of how you position your upper body and if you can lean on anything often conflicts with comfort and standing for hours on end.

However, once we were able to give these well-made standing desks by FlexiSpot a try, we had a different experience. All but one of our team members enjoyed the benefits of a standing desk, and that is because our single holdout has some back injuries from a previous car accident. So let’s get into the details.


FlexiSpot Overview

There are many reasons why you might want to use a FlexiSpot standing desk. For example, if you have common back problems, the FlexiSpot standing desk can be an excellent option as it allows you to adjust different heights of your work surface.

Other people choose this type of adjustable workstation because they find sitting at their desks for long periods of time problematic, and they prefer an active lifestyle.

FlexiSpot began in 21016 by supplying standing desks to companies like IBM, Google, and Starbucks. They have international offices and engineers working with different cultures to capture the optimal work conditions for those that use desks the majority of their day.

The FlexiSpot standing desk has many other benefits as well. It’s easy to assemble, move around, and store. It offers plenty of space for organizing all your items, and it’s very affordable compared with other similar products on the market today.


Double the Storage Space

FlexiSpot standing desk drawers are a great way to store office supplies and laptops on a standing desk. This can be particularly helpful if you’re using your laptop as a second monitor, as it allows you to keep all of the computer cables out of sight.

Instead of a single oversized drawer running the length of the standing desk, FlexiSpot has two drawers a little over 3” in height and about 12” in depth. As a result, there was more than enough room to store anything we could want, including other mobile devices and laptops.


What about Ergonomics?

A standing desk is a great way to boost your productivity, but it’s essential to consider ergonomic considerations for your unique needs before buying. If you don’t, you might be working at an unsuitable height and/or uncomfortable posture.

The only downside we found to the line of standing desks from FlexiSpot was the depth of the overall surface space. These desks are meant more for laptop users than desktop-focused work. There is not as much room as you would like for an ergonomic keyboard.


Is the Standing Desk Stable?

Yes! When we first opened the FlexiSpot standing desk from the packaging, we were worried it would not be solid for our review work. To our delight, these standing desks offer excellent stability and have varying weight limits that are more than enough to handle what you may place on top. While weight limit is a concern, none of our testers had any issues with weight during our testing.


Easy to Assemble

FlexiSpot Box

Our reviews team always pays close attention to assembly because we get so many products in the mail. The entire FlexiSpot standing desk comes in a single box that is easy to unwrap. All you need to do is attach the legs to the desk frame with some bolts, and you are pretty much good to go. Pay close attention to the foot installation, so you are sure you get an equal quality height for a level workspace.

FlexiSpot Assembly

In total, it only took us about 25 minutes to assemble the FlexiSpot standing desk. Of course, it would have taken less time, but we had a debate about whether or not we should move around the control box that manages height.


Height Controls

FlexiSpot Height Control

Most of the FlexiSpot standing desk products come with a sit-to-stand feature. With only a touch of a button, you can make the desk raise or lower to the specific height you wish. If you are curious, the best height for a FlexiSpot standing desk is so your arms are at a 90-degree angle to the desktop.

Different FlexiSpot standing desks have varying load capacities and adjustable height ranges. For example, the bamboo version can hold up to 275 pounds and adjusts in from 23.6” to maximum height of 49.2”. That covers most of our review team, with a couple of exceptions that are incredibly tall.


Cable Management Options

FlexiSpot does a great job of including cable management features on their standing desks. There is a built-in groove to hide most of your power cables, and you have the option of purchasing a power supply socket-outlet add-on that includes USB connections. We highly recommend this add-on because it will make your work productivity so much easier to have everything right there that moves in height with the desk instead of separately.

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FlexiSpot All-In-One Standing Desks

FlexiSpot offers a range of standing desks for everything from home office use, professional designers for career work, and even gaming standing desks for those that stream. We tried three different models as part of our FlexiSpot review and found each one to offer the added benefit of increased circulation and more energy from standing instead of sitting all day long.


FlexiSpot Standard Standing Desk E1

FlexiSpot E1

This is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum at about $239.99. It comes with Chipboard as the material of choice, but we think the bamboo would elevate the quality nicely. This is a more modest standing desk model without any drawers.

It does include an electric height adjustment control unit for sit-to-stand motions. Our model was 55 inches, but there are other sizes available that include dark and lighter colors/finishes.


FlexiSpot Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk


This is probably more aligned with the traditional standing desk you are picturing right now. The frame is simple but has the durable quality you would expect and that long single drawer most workstation desks are known for.

There is a FlexiSpot height controller on the right built into the frame with a range of 28.3” to 47.6” and available USB charging ports. The nice thing about this FlexiSpot standing desk is that you can add wheels. We absolutely had to give this a try during our review process. Anyone working in a free-form office setting will appreciate the wheels feature.


FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk UD4

FlexiSpot ED4

This was our favorite FlexiSpot standing desk option and what we based most of our review on. You get the two drawers we mentioned above and easy installation. There is plenty of space on the desk top as long as you are not working with oversized ergonomic keyboards.

We like this FlexiSpot electric standing desk model the most because of the added storage and smooth electric motor controls that easily help you go from sitting to standing throughout your day. It is on the more expensive side at around $529 without any added accessories.


Pros and Cons of FlexiSpot All-In-One Desks

  • Easy height control panel
  • Several desk heights choices
  • Optional bamboo top desktops
  • Ability to add castors to the bottoms
  • Excellent storage space
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Plenty of color options to outfit a professional office setting
  • The more accessories you want, the higher the price tag
  • Drawers do not come standard on all of the desks


FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters

Not everyone wants to work with a new desk when considering a standing desk option. There are standing desk converters for those buyers that can be placed on current work desks, a kitchen table, or any other flat surface you may prefer to work from. Our reviews team was pretty impressed by the wide variety of options FlexiSpot has for desk converters. Here are our top 3 options we liked the most:


GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2 by FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot Go Riser

If all you are looking for is a simple platform riser to add to your laptop or tablet, then this is a cost affordable solution. It comes in at $99 with a simple straight up and down movement for smaller workstations. There is a clip on the side to raise or lower the converter, and it can hold up to 26.4 pounds because of the durable steel frame.

There are five different height settings from 1.8” to 15.9” and workable surface space of 26.8” by 18.9”, which worked well for us.


FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converts M7B

Alcove Riser

What we liked most about this standing desk converter was the x-lift structure. The construction and design of these converters are well done so that you do not worry about stability or how much you are placing on the top during regular use.

There are two separate platforms that can be raised so you can have a separate keyboard or mouse from your laptop or monitor. The base is somewhat adjustable, so you can fit this converter into small corner desks. Starting price is $189. There is a hand adjustment feature and a 34.1” wide U-shaped desktop cutout for those that wish to place their laptops on the lower level.


FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3

FlexiSpot Classic Riser

If you are anything like our product review team, you prefer multiple monitors. This converter by FlexiSpot is 47” in width to cover the space needed for two monitors or multiple mobile devices. It also has a separate keyboard platform that can hold an ergonomic keyboard for those desktop users in the crowd.

This is on the premium side of FlexiSpot standing desk converters at $309. However, you get a lot more workable space and smooth height extension. This was the option of choice for our review team members who are over 6’ 1” because they could place the converter on a taller table and get all the benefits.


Pros and Cons of Standing Desk Converters

  • Incredibly easy to assemble, in some cases, they arrive fully put together out of the box
  • Fit onto most surfaces of your workspace at home or the office
  • Plenty of room for additional desk accessories besides a monitor
  • 30-day return policy
  • 3-year warranty
  • Student discount
  • Some are only manual operation instead of electronic
  • It can feel bulky if you already have a cluttered work area


Who is FlexiSpot Good For?

The primary buyer for a quality FlexiSpot standing desk is anyone who spends a lot of their workdays sitting down. The whole point of a standing desk is to increase circulation in the body, help reduce weight gain typical with office positions and help boost your mood and energy levels.

FlexiSpot hits all of these points very well and markets its different standing desks and converters to people working in an office setting, at home, at school, or need a customized solution for their workstation.

By being more active through your workday and standing, you reduce certain health effects and increase caloric burn, which helps manage weight a bit better.

We should also mention that FlexiSpot offers the sale of stationary bikes as part of their standing desk options. We didn’t get the chance to test these out as part of our FlexiSpot standing desk review, but we wanted to mention them because they can also boost the health of any participant wishing to multitask a mild workout with productivity.

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What Do Customers Think?

FlexiSpot standing desks enjoy 4.6 out of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, with 85% of consumers offering an excellent rating. In addition, the company is well known for its customer service. Most reviews written by verified customers show that FlexiSpot delivers on its promise of high quality and easy-to-use standing desks.

For example, if a customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, FlexiSpot is quick to initiate a replacement through the warranty program. In the case of one buyer:

I received spectacular customer service from FlexiSpot through Janna Mesia. I encountered a problem with my Electric Height-Adjustable Desk EN1 – 60” W office desk. The malfunction was that no button on the keypad responded except the “down” button – as a result, the desk became stuck at its lowest setting. The problem persisted after attempting the reset troubleshooting. Jana first arranged for a new leg and motor of the same design to be sent to me. After installation, it did not seem to correct the problem, so she arranged for a replacement with model EN1S-V2. This new model is working well. I greatly appreciated the generous help for a desk I had purchased several months prior. I will definitely think of FlexiSpot for my desk and office needs in the future.


Are the FlexiSpot Standing Desks Worth It?

FlexiSpot Overview

Purchasing one of the higher quality FlexiSpot standing desk options is going to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, you can find an excellent work area solution for under $500 that provides you with extra energy and increased productivity.

We found our moods were elevated as we tried out the FlexiSpot standing desks during our review. It made everyone a bit happier around the review office. Not that we were all depressed, to begin with, but having that extra smile on your face goes a long way to making the day easier.

We definitely suggest you invest in the additional USB ports whenever available on the model you choose. As for the castors, we love them, but they may not be the best for those on carpet or fixed desk positions.

Our team was extremely curious about the stationary bike options that FlexiSpot offered as well as the numerous gaming setups. If anyone purchases these, please let us know how they worked out for you. The idea of getting in a workout while doing our review work seems like an excellent way to save time.

With an excellent warranty, exceptional customer service, and a reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction, FlexiSpot is a great company to get your next standing desk from. We give them our official stamp of approval!

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Wrapping It Up

We know the idea of moving from a sitting position to a standing one may seem daunting for those in office jobs, but trust us, it is not as hard as you may think. We were all used to the standing position about halfway through the first day.

As a side note, it also made lunch more enjoyable because you get to stand for a while afterward for better digestion. We should also mention that each one of us happily took sitting breaks in our office chair throughout our days as well. Initially many testers couldn’t stand for a long time, but as the week went on, their tolerance grew using the adjustable standing desk.

The FlexiSpot electronic height adjustment made it easy to split up our day to whatever our work preference. If you are in the market for a new standing desk, you can’t go wrong with a great product like the FlexiSpot desk!

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