An Honest Review of the Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit

Click to Learn More   It’s difficult to find anything to complain about while relaxing out by the fire pit underneath a starry sky. That is until the wind blows in a specific direction, and suddenly you’re being bombarded by smoke on all sides. Thanks to the latest trend, more and more companies are coming […]

Tuo Cutlery Review – Should You Buy Them?

Tuo Cutlery Review

Click to Learn More   It feels next to impossible to find a quality knife when navigating the endless options from online knife retailers. Trying to understand a knife review from various international manufacturers in Germany, Japan, China, and the US only adds to that complexity. That is why our review team decided to conduct […]

8 Best Thermal Phone Cases – Do They Work?

An excellent thermal or weatherproof phone case is an essential part of your phone, especially in this day and age. If you just got a new phone, you will likely want to keep it safe by getting a good case. From waterproof cases to thermal cases for heat management, there are all sorts of options […]

5 Easy Methods for DIY Blackout Windows

DIY Blackout Window

Homeowners who are looking for a way to block light from entering their homes frequently choose blackout window treatments. Blackout curtains are beneficial and well-liked by people who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day or for people who are woken up easily on bright mornings. You might be asking what further […]

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Doors From Slamming

how to prevent doors from slamming

There are few things better than an open window in the house for fresh air, that is, until the wind slams your door shut and ruins the tranquility. There’s a reason why someone slamming a door is seen as a sign of disrespect. The loud noise is almost certain to bother just about anyone. However, […]

Ridge Wallet Review: Is the Minimalist Wallet Worth It?

Click to Learn More   For generations, men and women have found way more convenience with a quality pocket wallet. It certainly beats the challenge of searching through a purse to find credit cards, money, and other items we rely upon. In recent years, more and more companies are offering minimalistic wallets that cut down […]

City Bonfires Review: Is the Portable Mini-Bonfire Worth It?

Click to Learn More   So many people live in areas where having an outdoor fire pit, campfire, or open flame has many restrictions. This could be because of an HOA or a local burn notice preventing you from enjoying the nostalgia of roasting marshmallows with your family. That is entirely different when you pick […]

Monos Luggage Review: The Ultimate Guide


Life is inconvenient, and neither travel nor events always turn out the way we intended. So even while carrying luggage may seem like a minor aspect of traveling, we’ve discovered that it affects how my trip goes. Major luxury retailer Monos specializes in high-end travel accessories. Its carry-ons and check-in luggage collection is functional to […]

Pair Eyewear Review: Getting Fashionable Without Paying The Price!

pair eyewear reviews

About one-third of the world’s population uses prescription glasses for any number of reasons. From reading the fine print on a business contract to a birthday card from that long-lost Aunt, you always hear funny stories about, needing a quality pair of eyewear to get by is crucial for adults and kids alike. If you’re […]