Terra Core Fitness Review (2021) – Is the Hype Real?

Basic body workouts have always been one of the most rewarding exercise routines. More and more people are embracing the power of HIIT training using muscle confusion and basic exercise routines at home for convenience and because it is a lot more economical than a gym membership. The only problem is that sometimes you need […]

Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit Review (2021) – Yukon, Bonfire, Ranger

Hundreds of thousands of weekend warriors escape to the great outdoors for some much-needed peace and relaxation every year. Now you can bring that same rustic joy and open-air experience to your own backyard with the quality Solo Stove smokeless fire pit. We sent our Solo Stove Review team home with these bonfire fire pits […]

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Review (2021) – Is It Worth It?

The mobility benefits of having a rolling office chair for your desk set up are overwhelmingly positive. The havoc that they can bring to your floors or carpets is quite a real problem, however. With so many people putting together a home office set-up in their home, protecting their hardwood floor and carpet might be […]

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review

Aquasana EQ-1000

Whether you are looking to change your current water filter system or need to install a new one that also performs softener functions, it is essential to do extensive research about the product to purchase and install. Likewise, the technicality of the heater installation is vital to know, which requires extensive research. Making the right […]

Review of Funterra by SMART – Educational Games for Kids

funterra review

(This post is sponsored by Funterra by SMART. Click here to read our disclosure policy)  This last year has been challenging for parents and kids. With so many schools closing due to the pandemic, we all scrambled to find educational content and social-emotional learning for our kids to digest. Enter Funterra.  Everyone should have a deeper […]

An Honest Review of Eufy Security Cameras

Eufy security cameras are a tech product designed by the electronics company Anker. They are straightforward to install and operate, which makes them popular with less technically savvy consumers. However, these home security cameras are not designed for intense building security and protection. Still, they come with a lot of the same features as major […]

The Ultimate Gotham Steel Cookware Review (2021)

Gotham Steel Review

Stocking a kitchen with cookware properly can be quite an undertaking. After all, the kitchen can be the most crucial room in a home. Because of this, there is an overabundance of products to choose from, especially when it comes to the types of quality pots and pans.Lately, the most popular of these cookware sets […]

An Honest Review of the Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker (2021)

Yonanas Review

Everyone loves a tasty frozen dessert. There is nothing like taking your spoon and digging into a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream after a home-cooked meal. The only problem is that we cannot afford to eat sugary frozen desserts whenever we want. What if there was a way to have complete control […]

Does a Ring Thermostat Exist? Integrating a Thermostat in your Smart Home

Ring Thermostat

Smart voice recognition services like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have drastically changed how we operate our home life. Now more than ever, we are creeping into the world of the Jetsons, where at home automation and connected technology can control almost everything we desire with nothing more than a simple voice command. If you’re […]

Teckin Smart Plug Review (2021) – Great Product or Waste of Time?


Smart home technology has drastically changed the way we lead our lives. It has become easier than ever to control all the devices you could imagine around your smart home with your phone or voice controls like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and a WiFi-enabled plug. One of the best ways to utilize smart home and […]